Swasan – I killed my love two shots part – 1

Hello friends sinin here. Thank you all for liking my previous os. This one i tried to make more emotional. Hope you all like it.

At Delhi
Singh mansion
A boy is walking in his room restlessly. He is going to be 18 tonight. As usual he is waiting for his parent.
Parents enters
Dad : happy birth day Sarthak
Sarthak : thanks dad
Dad : my son is 18 tody…a perfect gift for you…a brand new mercidis..
Sarthak : wow…its soo cool i love you dad
Mom : happy birthday and i have something better than this…
Sarthak : what mom?
Mom : i am ready to accept Sarah… But only after 5 years !
Sarthak jumps in happiness and kissed his mom on cheeks.
Dad : and take this it’s. For you
Sarthak : soo long letter…. For me ?
Mom : yes… Read. Carefully..
Sarthak sits on study table and starts reading the letter……..
(I am the narrator)

A boy and girl are running through the narrow roads of slums. Some goons are chasing them. The boy hides behind a pilar and drags the girl. The goons go ahead.
Boy : swara…why you did it..it was soo risky
Swara : so what should i do…marry that idiot or…stay as prison of dad…tell me Sanskar ?
Sanskar : i didn’t mean.. That but how will you live with me..i am just a taxidriver and you a billionaires’ girl..and moreover your dad can harm us….
Swara : i don’t care… I just know that i love you i can’t stay without you…. You love me and shy to admit it…
Sanskar : no but …
Swara : sash.. We both will get marry now!
Sanskar : yes…

So guys these are the love birds of our story… Swara a billionaire girl and Sanskar a taxidriver. Both love each other madly from five months. But like every story our villain is swara’s dad shekhar… Who can do anything for money and fame…he will accept a taxidriver as son in law… Never…so he threatened Sanskar and locked swara in a room…but the blood is same….swara fooled the guards , broke the security system and came back to her love.

They both get married. Partners of life and death… They were very happy. But swara was triple excited about her married life. Sanskar was tensed.
Atif : Sanskar Kolkata is not safe for you guys.
Sanskar : you’re right atif.. But where will i go…?
Atif : wait yaar…i have a friend in Mumbai you both can stay there…
Sanskar : thanks yaar.
Swara : what you guys are talking ?
Sanskar : he is giving me tip… How to save from you !..
Swara :hawww..Sanskar !

They both came into the dream city Mumbai. They started their new life. They lived in a chawl . Sanskar get job as a personal driver. He worked day and night so that swara won’t feel any discomfort.
Swara was happy in her new life. She get friendly with neighborhood start learning cooking… Sanskar used it those and say “incredible ” as always. It’s not like this they never had poverty…. Or swara didn’t faced any problems… But she forgot everything seeing Sanskar working hard for her.
But Poverty….
One night
Sanskar : swara ! Come we both will eat together… You didn’t eat with me for some days…
Swara :, im so sorry Sanskar… Actually i was Hungry so i ate with rani didi…
Sanskar : very bad..you have totally forget me…
Swara pouts innocently
Rani : swara !
Swara : rani didi
Rani : its your money… Take it
Swara takes the money and hides it before Sanskar came.
Sanskar : rani didi ! Come join us…
Rani : no Sanskar.. You make your wife eat…she was working with me…
Swara looks tensed
Rani : i mean…i was ill…and she didn’t eat anything from morning…
Sanskar was shocked. Rani goes away.
He entered into the kitchen followed by swara. He looked everywhere there was no food or any grocery….
Sanskar eyes swara while she looks down.
Sanskar : you lied… You didn’t eat anything… Infact you’re saving food for me…
Swara holds her ears and murmurs “sorry”
Sanskar holds her palm and said ” no…im so sorry.. I cloudnt keep you happy… Im so incapable.. I cant even take care of my wife
..you suffer so much for me ?”
Swara nods in no while crying
Sanskar: why you did this mustake swara your father was right… I dont deserve you… You deserve gold…you shouldn’t have chosed me over sharad…
He was cut of by swara. She smashed her lips into his rough ones. Her hands went on his hair . Sanskar holds her waist tightly and brings her more closer. He careressed her waist. He entered into her mouth and tastes every bit of it and bites lower lip. Swara moans in pleasure.. They both departed for lack of air.
Swara said ” don’t you dare… Im very happy with you… You even don’t know i have got a diamond… I can face any situation when you are with me… I love you..
Sanskar : i love you more
Swara : i love you most…any thing else ?
Sanskar nods in no like a child.
He feeds swara with his hands.
Swara admires him lovingly.
Sanskar (monologue) she loves me soo much…i am blessed to have her…please God make her always happy…

Time passes it was 2 months of their wedding. Everything was going perfect.. Swara had everything… A dream home..her love beside her and loving and caring people surrounding.
Sanskar too was damm happy.. He had got everything except a little wish…to be a father… To play with his baby…to became the best father of world…
They both wanted nothing else in their life.
But…God wanted something else….a disaster appeared in their life…

Precap – last shot

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Credit to: Sinin


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    Haha….. Sarah’S marriage after 5 Years…. invite me too…..
    jokes apart …….

    Wow what a story….. really u “S”sisters r really awsome yaar….. please if u can post soon….. ?

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