Swasan – The kidnapper { Spoiler }


Hi guys ✋, how are you all ? Hope you all are fine. ?

Please, please don’t be angry with me ?. Please don’t throw eggs and tomatoes for not revealing the mystery ??. I know you

I know you all are eagerly waitingg for the mystery to be revealed . So there’s a good news for you all ??.

Half of the mystery will be revealed in the next chapters. There’s also a chance that part being really long. Some of your questions will be answered but some new questions also may arise.

I hope next chapter will be really an interesting one. So don’t miss it.

There’s also another twist coming in the ff. The ‘. Great white ‘ will be seen attacked by the pirates. So you can also have tour with the pirates.

Further information can’t be revealed now. If I tell then what’s the suspense ??.

So stay tuned for the next chapter.

Thank you !!!!

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. Waiting for iiiiit………?

  2. My curiosity is reaching its height. Updatr soon.

  3. wow waiting for it eeagerly

  4. Update fast!!!

    Please 🙂

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