Swasan – The kidnapper 9 ” Friend or Foe “

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Kidnapper starts to avoid me from that day. He stopped bringing me food . A servant brings me food now. Before he never let any other person to come to my room. But suddenly what happened. He was always protective of me, but now what happened ? He does not even come in front of me. Is purposefully avoiding me or is he unwell ?

I am feeling really weak nowadays. My body is not responding to the brain’s instructions. All the energy is drained out of my body. I first thought that it’s because of my reluctance for having food and I started to concentrate on having food regularly. But it does help. I still continued becoming weak

Most of the time I feel sleepy and I found myself sleeping like being unconscious. I began to not understand what’s happening around me.

And I started to become much weak that I was not even able to have food. I started to hide the food somewhere ( with much difficulty of course ) and tried to pretend I had it. But my trick was found by the servant after two attempts and now he started to stand in the doorway until I finished it. It was really the most difficult thing I have ever done, to gulp it.

I wanted to shout, scream out loud so that kidnapper may lost his control and will come to scold me. I wanted him to become angry at me. I wanted him to know that I am not well. I wanted him to take care of me. Only if I had that energy to call him.

I lied on the bed without being sure that will I be able to get up from it. I got that nightmare again after so many days. But suddenly the scenes changed . I saw kidnapper creeping inside my room. He came near me did something. He thought that I was asleep . I couldn’t see what he did, but I found him going out after 5 or 6 minutes and clicking of the door. I again felt that dizziness.

I opened my eyes next day and got up of the bed suddenly. I felt a sudden energy had entered me. I was not feeling much tired. I was able walk around the room without much difficulty. But of course I was not fully alright. The servant came as usually with the food. He was surprised seeing me well. He looked like being happy but I had no idea why!!

I tried to enquire about the kidnapper but he tried to ignore and after much insistence he just told me that he is unwell. I was not sure he is saying the truth. Is he hiding something? He left the room much fastly than usual.

I was again confused. What mystery is happening in this ship ? Where is the kidnapper? If he is unwell how did creep inside my room? Will I ever be able to leave this ship ?

I was feeling completely well the whole day. Servant looked happy when he brought me lunch and dinner also. Why is he happy?

But to my surprise I felt extremely tired after that. My eyesight went blur. I couldn’t hear anything. I couldn’t open my mouth. I found the bed and I fall on it. I lay on it gazing at the ceiling. I couldn’t move an inch. I felt like somebody is choking me to death. I knew from that I will never be able to get up from that bed.

There was a sudden quite opening of the door. Someone came inside hurryingly.
Who is the person coming?

Is he a FRIEND or FOE ??

What happened to the kidnapper? What’s the reason being servant’s happiness? Why is Swara feeling weak ? Why the kidnapper creep inside the room?

For knowing stay tuned to Swasan -The kidnapper

Thank you for reading?☺☺

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  6. hi dear…update soon and long…plz tell in which class r u?….

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