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Sujata – Thanks di. Actually I thought to write a little more yesterday because yesterday I got much free time. So I updates 2 chapters yesterday but I wanted to stop in that part because that only can give that suspense and shock and I am happy that you like it.

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Hope – Actually, I only said happy vishu but this year we didn’t celebrate it because of a death in family. But I hope that you had a good one dr. And I am really happy of what you said. You consider as a little sister . it’s really means a lot to me being a single child. And you said I am improving, yeah it’s only because your all support. Thank you so much dr. So you are from tsr , I am from pkd. Where exactly it tsr? And tomorrow is pooram na ? Enjoy it dr . What are you studying?

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Mishi – I can understand di and thanks for liking it. I know I am not such a good writer. Sorry that you felt it is dragging. But I don’t feel bad di. Don’t worry. As a writer I really didn’t know it. It had started to drag because I never looked at it in a reader’s point if view. And I am really thankful to you for pointing that out because I am never know about if you didn’t tell. I will try maximum not to drag and one more thing please di don’t expect a great story because I am not a person with great imagination.

Anu Ann – Thanks Any di for reading it regularly and commenting every time. It really encourages me a lot.

So here it is the 7th chapter

I was shell shocked seeing laksh in front of me. But that face was really different. It was scary with scars and wrinkles all over it and patches of blood over the whole face. It looked like devil. He stared at me and keen towards with the name in his hand.

I screamed in the top of my voice closing my eyes. Looking at his face was really unbearable. A few seconds later I could find comforting hands around me. I hugged him and cried. I cried like I has seen a grim. His hard hands were trying to comfort me but I was still crying loudly.

It was a lot time until I came into my senses. I leave kidnapper but I was still in that shock. Kidnapper’s face looked worried and I slowly muttered Laksh.

Kidnapper heard it even though I said it in low voice. I saw expressions changing over his face. At last he stopped in anger but this was not his usual one but it was hard as it was when I tried to jump off the ship.

Then he laughed as a mad person but it was evil,really evil.

“ You are really underestimating me. Do you think a silly girl like you could fool me? Are you trying to scare me by taking your fiancee’s name. I could kill him one click of my hand. And do you reckon that he is in here in this ship? And do you think that we will keep him alive then!!! You are really a fool to think that. “ , He said turning towards me with full harshness in his voice.

I gets scared with this sudden change. For a lot of days he was behaving much calmly with me . This sudden change terrified me. Already I was half out of mind by seeing Laksh and now he is seen nowhere. I don’t of I imagined him or not but I could say that it was not the Laksh I knew. His face was the most terrifying one I have ever seen. But whole thing have affected me so much that I lose my consciousness. I fainted all fall I the floor.

When I opened my eyes I was feeling much relaxed. Kidnapper was there itself but his anger was not extinguished.

“ I don’t know I imagined him or not but he was standing here in the same where you are now. You will not have blamed me if you had thought about why I had screamed. He was not in a way he usually was. He was changed and he had a knife. I screamed being afraid, I needed help. “ , I said.

“ I came here hearing your scream and as far as I know there was no one in here. And if he is here , then why? If for saving you, then what is he waiting. If course he can’tsave you but he haven’t made any attempt. He is not in here. “ , he said but his voice was as hard as last time.

I was in verge of tears. I was having no idea on what was going on. Is Laksh in here, then what had happened to him? And what about the kidnapper ? Why he is behaving like this?


Is there something going fishy in this ‘great white’


I’m sorry I couldn’t write the chapter properly. My mother came telling me that guests are coming when I was half way through it. I don’t why my house is always filled with guests. So I am really that I wrote it really fastly.

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  1. wow nice 1 sanky’s care towards swara
    And ya i m a student of MSC Physics Part 2 and tahnx for appreciation

    1. k di and u r welcome

  2. U write really well Dr. .. keep going… I habe also started a ff… If you have tym thn read it too… name – ” stay away…. I m nt ur husband “…

    1. Thank u so much di but I am nothing compared to u. I have read ur all parts and the mystery is making me overwhelmed. I am not sure but really have a guess on ur mystery in it. I’m waiting for ur next chapter and sorry I didn’t comment there. From next chapter onwards you can guarantee my comment..

  3. Hai my lil sis…i’m from thriprayar. u sure had heard abt THRIPRAYAR SREERAMA TEMPLE..ITS PRETTY FAMOUS IN KERALA ND INDIA…
    I’m doing BA ENG AT A VERY famous Clg in tsr..i have many frnds in pkd.
    U r going to write SSLC..next.. ryt? My mother scared me to death when i was in 10th grade..but dat was the year me nd my buddies njoyed(uzhapp, vaayanottam,pnne grp study nnu paranj frnds aayi company adikka,guide vangikkaananennu paranj veruthe karangi nadakka) a lot..nd my mom was scared dan me in the day of result..but surprisingly i had 7 A+ nd 2A WID 1B+…my mom still doesn’t know how i passed..me too..lol..
    So don’t worry too much..njoy ur school lyf nd don’t study for ur parents or teachers..study 4 urself..
    Tsr pooram is gonna be quite dull due to d blast hpd in Kollam..praying 4 every soul who died in d blast#RIP
    i don’t celebrate much but i do njoyed vishu a lot wid my lil cousins nd big brothers.. Where in pkd u live?
    Is laksh really in d ship? Why swara is kidnapped? Reveal d mystery soon my cutie pie…nd update fast..how is ur vacation going?njoying or wasting it in any tution centres!! Enjoy every moment..be cheering…celebrate ur lyf..wid d loved ones..

    1. I have once came to triprayar temple but I don’t remember much of it because I was small at that time.

      I am in CBSE school dr. And I have already made my parents clear that 10th is more tougher than 9th. Even someone are saying that 10th is easier than 9th. And I got full A1 in 9th, so I don’t think they will come scaring me much and even if they come I have good reason to shoot at them.

      Mattee paripadikalokke kazhinja kollavum undaayirunnu. Annual examinum friendsittuppoyi dialogue adichirikkayirunnu Ente paripadu. Vayanotramokke valare natural, aarayalum cheythupovum :)..

      Vacation full vittil guests thanneya. Njananengil pettennoralodu friendly aavatha alum. Njan aganeyadhikam samsaarikkukayonnumillatha aala. Friendliyayal pidicha kittilla athu vere kaaryam .pakshe palareyum aadyayittu kanukayokkeyanu athinteyoru prashnam kaaranam korachu boring aavunnundu vacation. Alkenkil alright. Tutiononnumilla .

      Keep reading Dr u will see the mystery getting unfolded.

      R u there in fb? Then send me fend request my id Mona Ash. U message then so I can understand it’s u dr.. 🙂

  4. Awesome yaar…..ik i’m new here so u might not know me…………i read all the epis just now…….idk why but i was attracted to ur tittle………….i really luv ur ff……,idk how i missed the first chappy……….but ur ff is just fabulous…………?????

    1. Thank u so much dr

  5. Awwwww…..that was cute, and u r a very good writer…..seriously that was just amazing…….keep going and post amazing episodes??

    1. Yeah I will post soon..

      Did u finished 9th or R u going to be in 9th??

      I really don’t like giving much long updates because I will that reader may get bored reading so much but if u really want it I will try 🙂

  6. And please don’t call me dii cause I’m in year 9………and do not discourage yourself

  7. And plzzzzz post long epi can’t wait at all……..

  8. Superb I just loved it I read all ur episodes in one go u portray the emotions so beautifully and the story line is also superb

    1. Thank you so much Harshita di. I’m happy that you liked the storyline.

  9. Hi dear, it’s amazing as usual and ya i will surely keep reading as your writing skill has hooked me to you ff.

    1. I can’t really explain how happy I am reading ur comment. I t’s something I tried without a hope(this ff), I am happy that it’s accepted

  10. Nice dear…waiting for next chap

    1. Thank you Angel di.
      Are you the same Angel who had written Swaragini blossoming love and love forever? If you are not sorry for the inconvenience!!

  11. Awesome dear….. U r a good writer… And u r a malayali??

    1. Thanks again di.
      Yes I am a malayali. R u too? Frm wch dst?

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