Swasan – The kidnapper 5 ” He cares for me “

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Chapter 4

The kidnapper took an armchair that was positioned at the right most corner of the room and stationed it just in front of me. He sat on it. I gave a confused type of look at him. Then he started to feed me food. I was surprised by seeing this act but gets stubborn and refused to have food from his hand. I hold my mouth so tightly he could not make me open it. I was really hungry but I was determined not to have it unless he untied me. For a moment I thought he accepted the defeat but I was wrong. He forced on me and he was so strong so he managed to open it. He stuffed a big piece of roti in my mouth. But I had already decided that I will not give up today and I went on to spit it out of my mouth. But as usual he did read my mind and he put his hand over my mouth so I could not spit it out. The piece of roti was much large that I could store it inmy mouth for so long. I was having no other option than having it. I took the whole energy I had left in my body and Im swallowed it with much difficulty.

He gave a I have won look. I ignored it and he start giving me food. This time i didn’t resist and had the whole food really fastly. I ate it completely and i saw him satisfied. He got up from the chair and went to the desk and took one more thing from there.

I saw what was that. I gets really shocked. It was the worst thing in the word. He brought it to me. It was something dark brown in colour. I felt much disgusting by seeing it, then how the hell I am gonna have it, such a disgusting looking tonic. I HATE MEDICINES.

He looked at me like that he knew that I hate them. But how? I have been noticing it from my first day in here. He knew everything about me. He knew about more than I knew about myself. He looked like he knew that I will never have it but then he took something in his left hand.

The kidnapper stood in front with two things. In right hand the worst thing thing in the world and in the left hand my most favourite thing in the world. CHOCOLATE. I understood his plan in a mere second. He will give chocolate only when I have that tonic. Again I was trapped in his plan because I have never got a chocolate since he kidnapped me and I couldn’t resist my wish to get it. I gave him an approving look and he again gave me that I have won look. Still I ignorede it. As he drew nearer I could smell that potion. I wrinkled my nose. He was ready for it and I give a long deep sigh. He raised my face and hold my nose so I couldn’t spit it out. He could see my reluctant face but it couldn’t stop him. I closed my eyes and I felt that disgusting thing touching my tongue. I gulped it fully with face fully wrinkled. When it was over I opened my eyes slowly and before anything came to my view he put a piece of chocolate in my mouth. I felt like I have been in heaven. That chocolate was so sweet and I fully enjoyed eating it. He left the room without putting the cloth in my mouth and giving me that cold look and again wondered “ Is there something hidden deep behind that hatred”

The next few days was the same. He will come into my room with food three times a day and will feed me. He will untie my just for freshening up but only after a clear inspection in thw washroom. All other times I will be on that chair itself. I tried not to show him the reluctant face . I tried to impress him hoping that he will free me from this punishment.

Two weeks passed and one day i excused from taking the food by saying I am not hungry and he did a very unusual thing. He swept the whole with his eyes and started looking random things from that room. He continued it until only a few things were left in the room. He saw my confused face. “ You think I thought you were trying to escape by jumping from the ship that day ? I knew what you were trying to do and I really didn’t want to take a chance. That was the reason I tied you here. Now I am going to untie it so I am removing all things in the room which may help you to harm yourself” , he said. But this time his voice more softer. He looked atr me coldly but this time hidden thing was more clear. I stared at his eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. A drop of tear fall from my eyes but he didn’t notice and took all the things and put it out of the room. He untied me and started to go out. “ Why did you save me ? “ , I asked him. He didn’t reply but only looked at me trying hardly to hide something. Hw went out of the room without another word. I fall back into the chair completely shocked .



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