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I know that you will not knowing about this festival because it’s only celebrated in Kerala and that’s were I belong.

I really have no idea where the story line is going. I am typing what’s coming in my mind. It’s also a practice for me as next year I will be in 10th and I really don’t want to have grammar mistakes in exams. Also tell me my faults, so I could improve on that part.

Keep reading and you may find something unexpected

Memories are like chocolate boxes. If we open it once we can’t close it by taking just one piece.

I have just taken tour through my sweet memories but no matter how much I tried but it still ends in the bitter.

I heard the sound of the door knob and I turned to face the door. It is then I noticed that how uneasy I was feeling. I was having a vomiting sensation which was getting stronger with each second. The door opened and the kidnapper was standing in the door way. He was having something in his hand. He walked forward and put the thing on his hand on the desk. Then he turned and came towards me. He stopped right in front of me. I stared at him with my heart beat count increasing tremendously , wondering what he is up to. But to my surprise he again turned and went to the fire place. He lightened it up ( I have no idea when it extinguished because I was fully concentrated in some other things).

It was only now I could see his face clearly. He looks rather tired than usual. I think he had a hard day out there. His dress as usual shabby. I have always wondered why all goons wear this type of clothes. Did anyone gave this dress code to all the goons in the world. But I could say that whoever it is he have a very bad dressing sense. I think that kidnapper only have 5 or 6 things to wear. But my case in here was completely different because I found my entire wardrobe. He have not only kidnapped me , he also kidnapped my clothes.

He took that thing in his hand which he had put on the desk. Now I could see that it was food. It was not for him it was for me. He took that cloth out of my mouth and before I could feel relaxed I vomited that too directly on his foot. Oh god!! What have I done ? I had got myself into a big trouble. I had got myself a big punishment. He stared at it for a few seconds. Then he gave me same cold look. I tried to look innocent as much as I could. It was very difficult to look so because somewhere in deep I was not innocent. I am not sure but partly I did it purposefully. But I was shell shocked by his reaction. He neither looked angry nor he told me anything.

I decided to take advantage of this situation and I gathered all my courage. I looked straight into his eyes and asked him to untie me so that I could have that food. He shook his head. I asked him a little more louder how could I have it then and he put his finger on his lips which meant that I should shut up and çlosed my mouth.

Sorry for the short update friends . There are guests in my house I am nt getting time to write. Next time I will give long one.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. Hello mona….
    Great update…love you so much I enjoyed it
    Please check new fan fiction “roommates (nesam)” and “breakdown (swaragini)”
    They are by misha.
    Hope you will.

    1. where i shall find this ff “roommates(nesam)” plzz can uhh tell me…

      1. You can just type roommates (nesam) in the upper right search box of telly updates ?

    2. Thanks dr.
      I will check it.

    1. Thanks rosey di

  2. Hi Mona…I just read all ur part of ff amazing…and yeah u said about grammar correction then I would love to tell that “after DID 1st form is used.and secondly Kidnapper is singular so HAS should be used instead of have…i hope u dnt mind…?
    All the best dear

    1. Of course I don’t mind angel di because I really wanted to know and I will try to correct it next time.
      I am really happy that you liked my ff ?

  3. Good dear

  4. I am a keralite….frm alpy…happy vishu

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