Swasan – The kidnapper 3 ” The unknown bond”


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The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Stupidity is as same as the evil if we judge by the results.

Stupidity, especially in its nastiest forms of racism and superstition is something that I dislike most. I acts really stupidly in some important matters annd there are thousands of occasions in which I turned out looking really stupid. Because of it many people call me dumb head.

But stupidity is not a crime, so we are free to go. And there’s one more thing , without stupid people others would have no one to laugh at.

Although they call me dumb head, it dos not mean that I am not intelligent. I was class topper and was extremely good in chess. But chess was really like a madness to me. When I was in 9th std I was completely addicted to chess. I didn’t care about my studies or any other thing. I completely abandoned my studies.

But like any other student I was really anxious on the result declaration day.On that day, I reached school well before time. As soon as the results were put on the board, I hunted for my roll number. I had passed everything but just scraped through it. I could not believe it. How could I get such low marks? I couldn’t control the tears when I saw my mathematics marks. It was my fav subjectand it was the first time I am getting this much low marks in it.

At first I cried a lot, but I got angry. Angry on myself. It was all because of my addiction on chess. I felt shy facing my friends. I could still remember how angry the mother of our orphanage was I told her about my results. But the orphanage have only given me positive feeling.

After that I was careful on chess and I put specific time limit on it. But I could never leave it completely and now I am missing it so much.

I have no clear picture of my parents in my mind. According to what I know they passed away when I was just 2 and from that day I lived in that orphanage until I found a job. I got jobs in many mutinational companies but I keep on jumping from one to another.

One day I was doing a late night shift when I heard a radio jockey announce that she was leaving. I marched straight to the radio station and told them i could do better. For some reason they gave me a go. I was appointed and from that i remained there loyal. It was completely different from everything i had done before.

The team was awesome and so was the Station Head. My show producer was also my best friend. It just made my show a little better than the others who had fights with their producers! There was freedom and it was quite breathable creatively in comparison to what i hear from others in other stations. The studio was awesome… It overlooked one of the businest junctions of the city and had a glass wall on one side. My show that was on relationships would get beautiful because the rainsrops on the glasses would just set the mood for the best! We also made music when we weren’t working. I have fond memories of making jingles, songs and loved the environment.

I was a introduced to Laksh by one of my friend. We became good friends fastly and one day he proposed me. I accepted it but not because I loved him. I never believed in love.


This was my slogan when someone tells me about love. I am a practical person and I thought laksh would be a nice match for me. Laksh’s parents were abroad and he gets permission from them and we were all set to get married. But it never happened because i was kidnapped on the precious day of my wedding.

I went for a late night shopping for my wedding. Laksh told me that he would accompany me but I declined that offer. I preffered walking from there to my house. It was really late and the roads were deserted and I dearly wanted to get home. I arrived a ta fork. I usually use the road to the left but I knew that the second one was a short cut . I thought to use that one for now. That road looks loike no one uses it. I walked very fastly looking all around me even when I knew well about my solitude. I was getting scared because of the strange silence. I walked listening to my own foot steps without knowing it willl be my first and last walk through that road.

I don”t remember how much I had walked before i had fot the smell of the chloroform. I woke up in this ship with kidnappers face in front of mine. I remember myself crying, shouting and yelling at him. I think he had much more patience at that time because he only reacted after a lot of time. But I still yelled at him asking why he kidnapped me and what did I do to him to do this with me. Then he mentioned about his boss and how much money he is getting for kidnapping me. That waqs the first time I heard him spoke and the second time heard which was today.

I again wondered do I hate him or not and at last i arrived at one conclusion.
“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference”


Apologising for my mistakes.

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Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. Wow Dr ..u wrote awesome. ..

    1. Thanks Sujata di , keep reading

  2. Awesome yaar.

    1. Thanks needhi di

  3. Ohh wow…i read all 3 parts today….its dammm INTERESTING…… 🙂

    Swara is unknowing drooling over sanskar…. 😉 she saw care in his eyes… sanskar is mysterious arrogant man here….is he really goon ?? 😮 what’s the motive behind this kidnapping..? what about laksh …?

    ahhh…lot many questions are there running in my minds… 😮

    Can’t wait much dear…plz update next part soooon…. 😉 i just loved it… 🙂 superb… awesome…

    1. Keep reading you will get your answer ??

  4. wow please show why sanskaar kidnap swara

    1. He kidnapped her for money

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