Swasan – The kidnapper 15


I’m really sorry guys . I can’t continue this ff. Pls Don’t ask me the reason, it’s some personal issues. I am really sorry for dosappointing you all. I am not doing it intentionally. But I have no choice left. I really want to continue this…….

I can’t say how sry I am. I know that it will be like cheating you all but if you can pls forgive me.

I don’t know when will I be able to come back in time. But I will really miss you all guys .

I will reveal the plot summary.

Laksh is something 250 years old. There are some rare people ( one or two in a centuary) who have some speciality in their blood which if treated rightly could make one immortal. Laksh who was a big scientist found this. His urge for living made him kill such a person. He used that blood and and become immortal but he found that it only lasts for some 20 years and after that he will need other persons. Such a person was Sanskar’s mother and he killed her. That is the reason by which sanskar is seeking revenge from laksh.

Sanskar will reveal these all things to swara. Swara is also such a person. Laksh will also be captured by the pirates. They will face many difficulties.

At last the dream mystery will be revealed. Swaragini were sisters in their previous life and they both loved laksh. They fighted on that matter and laksh killed them both.

In climax swara ragini and sanskar together will kill laksh. Swasan will escape from the pirate ship and will touch land after a long time. Swara will make sanskar confess his love and they both will go far away from India and will live in a place where no one knows them. A life in which there’s no one except them.

I know all the confusion will not be clear and that’s all I can do now.

Once again I am apologizing . Bye all. I think we will meet again once……


Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. I got clear thanx for telling

  2. It was a gr8 plot dear…I wished u could have continued writing ..This would have been a superb series of episodes. …never mind it’s k. If u r not able to continue…hope so u ll come soon with another superb ff……
    If possible u can also continue with this story if u come back….its was very interesting n unique
    Byeee n tc

  3. U broke my heart…lil sis…what hpd?
    It was a super duper “harry potter – twilight”lyk plot and wud have rocked as an ff…… I’M GONNA MISS U MY MYSTERY GIRL….
    U know wat..
    i was w8ing 4 ur ff to tell u dat i met my drm man.. No mu.. I just meant..a movie is filming in my clg..hero is Dhyaan Sreenivasan..n..Aju Varghese ..and yday My drm boy Neeraj Madhav visited my clg..yippeee..maybe by luck if Nivin visits…oh..my.. Dat wud b d my drm cm true..
    But I AM REALLY SAD DAT U WON’T WRITE DIS FF…AND A LIL ANGRY..BUT I KNOW OUR FAMILY IS IMPrtant THAN A FF…SO I 4GIVE U..tc..mmuah..hope u come wid another ff soon or continue dis one….

  4. Hiii Mona,prashnangl ellm teernn nye anyatikutty peetten tirich vaa…..Story is superb dear.
    Njn ann prnjath satyama,ninte prayatil enk English polm nere arillarunnu.Ipozm nere arillia????
    Ni vann ith continue chytalm kuzapamila kata pole ninte writing style ishtama
    Ath vayikkn oru kothi……

  5. Sorry Mona molil Aaliya enn prnj cmmnt chytath njn aane.
    Perum emailum matial emblem maruo enn nokkn chytata????

    1. Ath vannilann tonnunnu.Pettenn tirich vaa prasnangl ellm teerth ni ff continue chyynm enna ente agrahm.Ninte writing style enk ishtama. Ellm pettenn saryavm dear

  6. Really will miss it lyk hell sissy

  7. If possible then plz continue this lovely ff after you return
    I can understand ur situation
    Don’t feel guilty
    Bye bye!!

  8. Hey dear what happened. U took this decision suddenly……. I hope everything is OK ….and btw ur ff is really very nice ….m sad that it’s ending but I understand hope u will be back with a bang ……….and thanks a lot for revealing the plot ……..otherwise I would not have gotten over this…….ur ff is really fabulous???????

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