Swasan – The kidnapper 14


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There was a click on the door and a few people came in. Just as they enter all the lights in the room went off and we were in utter darkness. We couldn’t see them. But two large hands forced me to a standing position. I felt that the kidnapper was also forced to do so. They pushed us out of the room. I slightly turned back to look at them, but before I could see a disgusting hand which I was sure belonged to one of the persons following me turned my head my head back to it’s position just before I could see that face. We were again forced and they lead us to the deck.

But the scene is there was so horrible. They were pirates of course, they can be identified in just one sight. They were really violent and their looks were dangerous. They were wearing pants whose bottom were cut off. They wore a large cow boy hat on their head and also one eye covered which give them a killer look. They wore metallic shoes which makes sound when they are walking. They also had dagger and armour. All were perfectly dressed but I can say that they have not washed their clothes for one year.

The pirates on the deck were joined by the pirates who brought us to the deck. But before going near them , they had already ties us to a pillar so that we can’t even think of escaping.

It was not a new experience for me to be tied up. I was used to it. But I could see kidnapper struggling. He is really trapped. He was angrily looking at the pirates. I could explain correctly what’sgoing through his mind.

“ How dare you tie me up ? Me, Sanskar Malhotra. You don’t know who I am. If I was not injured I would have finished you all before you could imagine. I will not leave you all. “

When I turned my eyes from kidnapper to the pirates, I saw them giving nasty looks at me. Next second I saw kidnapper drawing closer to me, covering me. “ Oh god !! Are these pirates too interested in beautiful Indian women. They came towards making sound with their metallic shoes and kidnapper creeped to my front burning with anger.

They were passing comments on me and they ignored kidnapper. But I knew that until kidnapper is with me , I have nothing to fear.

But the whole situation was turmed when the sound of a special boot draw nearer. It mentioned it as special because it was different from the sound made by the other boots. I think the one coming must be their leader or may be the captain of this ship. But whoever it is they have a supreme control over others because they moved away the second the sound was heard.

At last that person entered the deck. The person was wearing a puffy shirt which was actually white but had turned into a beige colour. A small hoop earring was visible under the cowboy hat. He had the pirate gear completely visible. He had front armour and side also. He was standing with his back on us. I wondered for a minute that will he turn out to be Captain Jack sparrow. Next second I understood that his stood I was. Captain Jjavk sparrow is just a character in pirates of carribean movies. And Jonny depp is not a pirate, then how can I find him here ?

It took me a while to get off the stupid things , I was thinking. Then the person turned and I was shocked. It was neither Johny depp nor any face I imagined that I would see. A pair of smocking eyes looked at me. It was a girl. I was sure that she was really beautiful once but it was lost somewherw behind. But I was sure she could regain it with one real bath. But the face was familiar and only thing I did was that I muttered a single word without knowing


Credit to: Mona (ash)

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