Swasan – The kidnapper 13 ” The first kiss “


Sorry for doing a something naughty in the previous chapter. I should have write that dream sequence again but I just copy pasted the same thing I used before. Sorry for being lazy ?.

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I sat beside him waiting to see him opening the eyes. But the pain on my head doesn’t allow me to do that. I fainted beside him.

When I opened my eyes, I saw kidnapper standing. Blood was no more flowing from my head, it was dressed. I smiled at him but he avoided me and went. I hold his hand but he freed it and went. I went behind him and again hold his hand. Without turning back he freed his hand.

But he doesn’t know that he is playing with wrong person. I ran fastly gets in front of him blocking his way. I spread my hands so that he can’t escape. He stared at me.

“ You can’t ignore me “ , I said without taking my eyes off him.

“ Look, may I make one hthingclear. I am bad, really bad. You better don’t come closer to me. It’s for your own best. You and I will never happen. I always saved you because of the guilt that you are in this state because of me. There is nothing more than that. “ , He said coldly.

“ Is it over. Then I also want to make something clear. I LOVE YOU. Noting can change this fact. But that doesn’t mean that I am asking you to love me. I didn’task you to reciprocate. That’s your choice. But you can’t stop me from loving you because it is the best feeling I ever had. “ . I said. Every word of it was truth. Now the only thing in this world that matters to me is him. I will do anything for his happiness.

( Just used the same thing in show, just interchanged ?? )

“ So be it. “ He said coldly.

As he stood looking coldly at me , I moved decreasing the distance between us. We were just cm’s away. Now I could see the change on his face. He was getting aware of our closeness. He moved back but that was no use as I again moved forward. He continued to move back until he reached the wall in the back. I was cm’s away from him. My lips wanted to entwingle with his’s. But I should control it. I know. But I want to scare him. I really likes him sweating like this.

But next second he reacted, he hold me and whirled around. He locked me between himself and the wall. He brought his lips near my ears.

“ You don’t know me. I can do things to you that you could never imagine. You are playing with wrong person. If you don’t want to be hurt, stay away from me. “ He muttered with a tight grip on my hand.

“ I am not afraid of you. “ I said.

“ You should be. “ He said.

“ I know you can’t hurt and I know deep inside you too loves me. I can see that in your eyes even if you don’t accept it. “ I said without a trace of fear.

I saw him staring at him. Next second he holds my face hardly and joined his lips on mine and started to suck it. He bites my lips hardly and I felt the pain. But I was not going to give up. I knew why he is doing this. He wanted me fear him. He wanted me stay away from him. But he is doing that because he doesn’t want to hurt me. So he is hurting me now so that I may stay away. But he us wrong. I am ready to feel any pain for him. I saw blood flowing from my lips. But I didn’t struggled.

At last he stopped and left me looking shocked seeing my still determinant face. He slide down to the bed with an expression that he just want to leave from this awkward situation. He thought that I will resist. But I didn’t.

There was a few minutes silence. I didn’t talked. I was waiting for him to speak but I was sure that he will change the topic.

“ What happened ? How we are here ? “ He asked in an unusual tone.

“ I don’t know. You were shot and I fainted. When I woke up we are here. But I remember hearing them saying pirates” I said casually.

“ PIRATES ?? Are you sure ? “ He asked anxiously .

“ Yes, I am.” I said.

He opened his mouth to ask something but before he could start the door opened.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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