Swasan – The kidnapper 12 ” The three magical words “


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Hope – Njan trainil irunnonda ezhuthiyathu , Suresh gopiueyum James bondineyum kandittonnumalla ?. I don’t like goose bumps. I have tried to read but it looks like a comedy book. My fav actor is Nivin Pauly. But I also like Prithviraj very much. New films vellathum kanduvo ??

Don’t say sorry dr , I like long comments and I can understand why you lost track of episodes because it happens to me a lot and I will have search for it a lot. I am glad that still you found it and read it. Where are you from Shagun ?

Rosey – Thank you di. Actually when I planned some of these was not there but when I start typing it new new ideas came and I started to include. So the mystery increased. I am really happy that you liked it.

Anu Ann – Thank you di. I am really glad that I could keep up to your expectations. Are u from Kerala ?

Angel – Thanks di and I will try to read those. What are you doing, I mean r u studying?

Once again thanks to the silent readers.

Here it is the 12th chapter

The great elm-trees in the gold-green meadows were fast asleep above, and the cows fast asleep beneath them; nay, the few clouds which were about were fast asleep likewise, and so tired that they had lain down on the earth to rest, in long white flakes and bars, among the stems of the elm-trees, and along the tops of the alders by the stream.

Two girls appeared from nowhere. They happened to be enjoying the beauty of meadow. One was a little shorter than the other. The shorter girl was cute, bubbly with curls on her hair. She was a joyful girl .She was enjoying the fresh air and also having a small cat fight with the other girl. Other one was a stunning beauty but a little serious than the other. She was having straight hair.

It was clear the fact that they were sisters or more, TWINS. They were barely 11 years old. “ Shona, please come back. We are not supposed to go there. Mom dad will be angry” , the second one said with a tensed face. “ Lado , don’t worry. Look at the place it’s so beautiful. Let’s enjoy. The first one that is Shona convinced her sister Lado and they both played there. But suddenly the place went dark and lightning was heard. The sisters hold each other’s hand but suddenly they started fighting with eachother. They leave each other’s hands and went in opposite directions. But a hooded figure came towards them and killed……

The same dream once again. I hate it. After seeing it for a long time also I couldn’t understand what does it mean. But when I came to sense of my surrounding , I was shocked. It was nowhere I know. It was dimly lit closed room. It was moving and I understood it’s a ship itself. But it’s in the Great white. This one is different. It looks more dangerous.

I understood that it’s only been a few min I was brought here. But something caught m attention suddenly. Kidnapper. He was shot. Where is he? But finding. him was not a difficult job because he was lying next me. Blood was flowing from his wound as a river. One half of my mind asked me check his pulse so that I could relax, I could be sure that he is alive. But other part was saying not to do it. What if he is not? No, I don’t want to know that. But if he is alive, then he surely needs treatment otherwise he may slide down to the second option. No , I can’t allow that to happen.

I ran towards the door and tried to open it. It was locked from outside. I banged the door as hardly as I could and I screamed loudly for help. But no response came. I tried to break the door but I was not stronger enough for that. I went back towards the kidnapper muttering him to hold on even though I know that he was not hearing me.

Then an idea flashed across my mind. It was not an idea ,it was the only way to save him and I should do it.

The room we were in looked like a basement and I was confident that I could find a knife or at least a blade from here. I searched all around and a found an axo blade from under on table. That was all I could find. I took an old lantern that was hanged in that room. I managed to find a match box after a lonlong search.

There was only three match sticks in that box but I was not bothered about it because I only needed one to just light the lantern. I lighted one and it was extinguished before I could reach it up to the lantern. I took the next one and moved much more closer to the lantern. I lighted it but even before I could move my hand it extinguished. Now there was only one left and it is important that I should light it. I took deep breath and lighted it and reached it out to the lantern. I closed my eyes and until I could feel the heat greeting near my fingers. I opened eyes and found that it was a success. A small smile flashed on my lips. But it was only a start, the main task lay untouched in front of me.

I tore kidnapper’s shirt and I saw the wound. It was airacle that I didn’t faint. I think the determination to save him gave me strength. I heated the blade and gripped it tightly in my hand. I moved closer to him took a deep breath. Tears flowed from my eyes but I didn’t bothered to wipe it. Let it flow as much as it want. I will not stop it.

“ You came into my life without knocking like a forced entry or that is what I thought. I had cursed you a lot for doing it. I tried convinced myself that you as the biggest failureof my ifr, that you are responsible for my ruined and you deserve my hatred. But I couldn’t. It will be hardest thing for me in the world. I could tell that I hate you but I can never ever hate you.

Then I did a really stupid thing and you saved me without thinking about your life. But I always make myself think negative about you. You slapped me and I convinced that it was because I trued to ran away. But it was not. Now I know that you slapped me because you can’t lose me.

But I always knew that you were hiding something from me. I know you cared for me and I liked that care. I liked your attention and I always shouted at you so that you may at least come near me to make me silent.

But I was hurt when you stopped coming in front of me. I wanted to see you. I wanted to look into your eyes. I missed you so much.

You have always saved my life, you have always taken care of me. From what all happened today I can clearly understand one thing. I can’t manage myself. I can’ttake care of myself. I need you. I need you to support me. I need you to live. I can’t live without you.

So you should come back. By going away from me you are killing me. I know you can’t see me hurt so pls come back. Come back for me.

I want to live . I want to live with you. I want to enjoy this life. I want to see this
Because I Swara gadodia love you
I love you Sanskar Malhotra. No it’s a lie. I don’t love Sanskar Malhotra. I don’teven know Sanskar Malhotra but I know my kidnapper and


And my life will be like a body without soul if you are not there. “

I knew that it was not the right time for a confession but I wanted him to know. I looked down and saw that the floor was full wet of my tears. I suddenly looked up feeling a touch on my hand. His hands were moving and it gripped on mine. His eyes half open. His urge to live. It was biggest energy I could ever and I am going to bring him back.

I bring the blade close to his wound and put it inside and I felt it touch the bullet. He wailed with pain. My insides burned with the same pain. But it was not the time for me to become weak and I removed that bullet and he stopped wailing at once.

I did it at last. I saved my love. I cleaned the blood. I teared a piece of my skirt and binded it over his wound. He is alright now and after sometime he will wake up. I am the happiest person in the world now.

I think that I made Swara’s confession too long. But words were coming in a flow as a river so I didn’t want to stop. I’m sorry if u get bored by it. I hope you liked it.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. Awesome as usual dear… Yes I’m from Kerala (kasaragod)

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    Well..i lyk nivin too..DQ is gud too.. Have u ever read d book “ONE HIT WONDER” BY Lisa Jewel..try it..its a feel gud type story..tc..update nxt..nd i wanna know sanskar’s reaction.

    1. Hmm.
      Wait until next part
      No I have not read that book di, I will read it if I ever came to lay my hands on it☺

  6. it was awesom yar unexpected shocks

    1. Thanks di. I will try to add a little more masala. wait until next chapter is updated

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  7. Wow Dr. . U nailed it… confession was superb…just loved it

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  8. Loved it monu dear… Yes I m studying…i m a medical student in class 11 and next month are my exams and I will be promoted to 12 ? and thnk u for ur lovely comment on my ff

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  10. Mona di i am from Kolkata , the city of joy
    Awesome ep

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