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Hi guys , I hope that you all liked the mystery. Those who missed the last part pls you must read it, before reading this one.

Sorry for not updating yesterday. We were visiting mookambika temple and I went in the whole corners of the lodge we were staying for finding network but I failed.


Hope – I like to read mystery and ghost stories more than love stories. And because of that, I get some nice ideas. Di, Now there’s no guest in my house, I mean there’s no one in my house. I am travelling back from mookambika now. Pinne Nandana chechi new f thodangindu. Inn ghost house inn. Angottokkeyonnu chellan paranjittundu.

Rosey – Thanks di. I am happy that you liked the mystery. Read this part to know, what happened to Sanskar.

Sameera – Thank you dr.

Ritu – I don’t understand what do you mean di!!

Aeisha – Thank you so much Dr Keep reading.

Angel – you really are great writer di. I have read blossoming love but I lost track of love forever but both of them were really beautiful. R u writing any swaragini ff now ?

“ Mr Laksh mahe… No no. I don’t think, that is your actual surname. Do u remember what’s your surname? I don’t think so. You are used to fake surnames na ? “

There was moment’s silence when everyone stood still shocked. I tightened my grip on his shirt. I still doesn’t understand why Laksh wanted to kill me and why kidnapper is doing all this. But the thing that shocked me mostly was the revealation of his name. Sanskar Malhotra is officially my ex-boss. The owner of Karma group if companies. It was the top most company in Kolkata. But it faced a sudden loss. And the whole business fell down.

“ What happened to you ? Shocked. I am the same one with whom you made that 100 crore deal. I did that deal for just one purpose, to bring you in front of me. But you didn’t came. Then I searched and searched for you in all corners and I found you. You were going to take another innocent soul. Swara….
From that day ,when I saw you both together I was keeping an eye on Swara. I know everything about her now. I understood that you wanted to take her away from here. From what I knew about Swara, I was sure she will not leave this place and go with you to anywhere. So I understood that the only way in front of you is KIDNAPPING.
That is how I ended up in this . I made an impression in front of one of your men. And after that you know. You contacted me and I accepted your offer. I have waiting a lot days to seek revenge from you. For all the innocent lives you took. I don’t want to kill you. I want to destroy you. “ , kidnapper said.

Laksh or whoever he is , his face was somewhat expression less. But the next second his face was changed and he evilly laughed loudly.

“ So, Mr Sanskar Malhotra, you consider yourself as really brave isn’t it. But now you have no way out. Now your life is in my hands “ Laksh said.

He was saying right. There was no way me and kidnapper could escape. But he was not bothered by it.

“ Do you trust me ? “ , he whispered at me. I could see that confidence on his face.

“ More than myself “ , I replied without taking his eyes off from his.

He nodded and hold me more tightly. I felt avswift movement of his left hand, which I think nobody could see. From the corner of my eyes I saw him taking something from his back pocket. A GUN.

“ I told you, Sanskar Malhotra will never lose. Wait and watch “ Kidnapper said .

He took the gun from his back. He started shooting all around, covering me.

“ Duck “ , I heard him say and without wasting any moment I ducked and I saw bullet pass through the place where I was standing. I looked around and saw that everyone was shooting blindly. We stayed in the same position until their bullets were over. The kidnapper takes advantage of the time they were taking for reloading. He pushed one person and kicked his ***. He fall down on the ground. Then another one approaches leaving his gun and taking a dagger. Kidnapper dodged it just it in time and he hold that hand. The dagger fall down and kidnapper twisted his hand and he screamed in pain. He also fighter many others. Then I saw a person coming from his back to attack. A sudden guts came into me. I looked around and saw a wooden piece lying nearby. I took it without any second thoughts and rushed past many people and hit directly at his head. Blood flowed from his head and I felt a ray of satisfaction. It fells really good by attacking bad people.

But the next movement there was a sudden force acts on my hand and I was pulled hardly. Something hits my head hardly and I felt dizzy. But I felt something touching my head. I turned my head slightly and saw Laksh pointing a gun at me. I saw a blurred image kidnapper getting shocked.

“ Drop that gun. I say drop that or I will blow off her head. “ Laksh said.

I saw kidnapper dropping it and putting his hands up. Laksh made a rapid movement and I heard the sound of gun. But the one who.was shooted was not me, it was the kidnapper.

I saw kidnapper sliding to the ground. No, this can’t happen. He can’t die. This all will be dream , I don’twant this t o happen. I pinched myself but nothing happened. I struggled in Laksh’s hands.

“ Boss, there’ssomething you need to know “ a hurrying voice said.

“ What is it ? “ Laksh asked.

“ We are surrounded by pirates “ , said the other voice.

That word made hard effect on Laksh. His grip loosens. I struggled out and ran towards kidnapper with blood flowing from my head. But I was not bothering about it. The only thing now that’s in my concern was him. He was lying on the floor. I know he is not dead, he is just unconscious. But I don’t know if I reached him or not. I fainted before that.

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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  1. Hai…njan nandanede ff kandu…cmnt cheythillaannullu..nandu if u r reading dis plz update “the journey of love started from books”
    my dear lil sis..suresh gopi de movie aano atho James Bond movie kaanumbozhano ee epi ezhuthiyath?! Actually it was gud..and even i love watching mysteries n horror. Have u read “goose bumps”? Pretty gud book…I also like romantics and feel gud movies. Who is ur fav actor? Mine is Prithviraj
    waiting 4 nxt… Hw was d journey?

  2. Mona di sorry for not commenting because i lost track of episode but now i have read the remainig epis and ya the twist was amazing and today’s ep was also spellbound plz dont call me di as i m younger than u cuz i m in class 8
    Sorry for long comment

  3. what a suspence loved it yar
    u suprised me i must say u r really good in mystries dear
    keep it up n continue soon

  4. Awesome as usual dear

  5. awesome epi mona…thnk u so much…yes i m writing…its swaragini hate to love musical emotions and swaragini miserable to happy life?

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