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I lied on the bed awaiting death. I could see it standing, only a few feets away from me.

It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up. And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know. It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try and readjust the way you thought of things.

But experiencing it myself is really a different feeling. I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

But then I half saw someone struggling through the door. He hurried towards me. I identified that it as the kidnapper. He looked tired and worried.

“ Close your eyes and lie as you are sleeping. He is coming. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you . Just do as I say. “ , Kidnapper said with a trembling voice. He was constantly looking backwards at the door. He put something in my mouth and I instantly swallowed it. “ Oh no, he is here . “ , he went behind my bed saying this.

I hadn’t made a head and tail of what he said. What did he meant by nothing will happen to me. I am dying and he is saying that I am going to be alright and who he said is coming. He always act as he is really brave and now he is hiding ?

I didn’t get more time to think because the door was again opened. I closed my eyes just as kidnapper had said. Whoever he is have now reached near my bed. I tried to open my eyes slightly, so that I could see who he is.

I saw that face again. The same devilish beastly face of Laksh.?? I closed my eyes tightly. I can’t see that face. But suddenly it occurred to me, why I am scared ? He may have came to rescue me. I should open my eyes. But when I did it, what I saw was Laksh holding a syringe in his hand. He was having an evil smile on his face which was oddly familiar.

I was sure that he had no idea that I am not asleep. Then I heard him talking.

“ You are really innocent Swara but I don’t have a choice. It was I who did all things to you. I was the one who paid to kidnapped you. I am the one who give you this luxurious life at least for few days. I will have to kill you. Your time is up aaah……” , kidnapper had launched himself onto Laksh before he could complete.

I sat up straight and later wondered how did I did that when I was not even able move my fingers. The kidnapper was beating Laksh as hard as he could but I was not recovered from that shock. He was my fiance but more than that he was my friend and he cheated me. Kidnapper had tied Laksh to the chair onto which once he had tied me and then he came towards me.

“ I know you’re confused, but now there no time to explain. We have to find a place to hide. Come on.” , he said and turned and started to walk. He learned that I was not behind him and he turned back. I have not got back the energy to walk. He made a sound as he remembered it.

The kidnapper put his hands on my back. I hold him tightly and he lifted me in his arms. I slowly weeped hugging him. He always save me. He always care for me and now he have put his own life in danger for me. Why does he care for me ? What’s there in a stupid girl like me ? Why does he always protects me?

We went from the room to a place in the ship which I have never visited. He leaned down and opening came into my view. It was trap door. He took me inside and closed that trap door. It was completely dark . He switches on a bulb and that small place glittered in that light. He placed me on the floor and he himself sat in front me.

I was weeping hardly as ever. I hugged him so tightly and I didn’t allow him to loosen that grip. I cried as much as I could but the grief inside was not finishing. I leave him but he still hold me. He cupped my face with his both hands and looked at me with the whole care in the world.

“ Please don’t cry. No one will harm until I am here. After all it’s mistake you are here and I myself will get you out of here. It’s my promise “ , he whispered in my ears.

I stared at him for a moment. I wanted to ask him many things but all I managed to ask was “ Who are you ? “ . He slightly opened his mouth as he was going to answer but the sound came from our top.

“ Am I interrupting something ? “ , Laksh asked on top of us, the trap door hold opened with his one hand and with the other hand pointing a gun at us.

He ordered us to move and we get out of it slowly. I stood just behind kidnapper clutching his shirt tightly. I was never a brave girl. Then I found that it was not only Laksh ,we were surrounded by the whole crew of the ship pointing a gun at us. Kidnapper was also shocked seeing this but he did as Laksh said.

We moved out to the deck of the ship still surrounded. Laksh was really angry at the kidnapper.

“ So are you going to explain yourself Sanskar or whatever your name is “ He asked at the kidnapper still shivering with anger.

The kidnapper stood calm.and then he started to laugh which was really unexpected by me. For a moment I thought that it’s laksh’s and kidnapper’s plan and now he is going give me Laksh. But that was confusion when I saw all others too looking as confused as I am.

“ I thought that you would have known everything by now but you are a lot more stupid than I thought. The game is not clear to you. The fact is that I played the same game with you that you played with me. I will just go to a little flashback so that Swara will also be clear of the whole facts. Swara Everything happened in your life in the last one year was a plan. You got job as an RJ because Laksh wanted you to become. All your crew was in his pockets. All those bastards fell for the money he offered and they tricked you, Swara. Don’t you remember one of your friend from there introduced yup to him. The truth is that all that was his plan. Then he made me kidnap you but I didn’t know that he was there in this ship until you mentioned him. From that day I knew that you were in grave danger. I didn’t know where he is , so I needed to wait to find him. I found that the servant who was bringing you food was his loyal servant. But I didn’t act because I wanted him but I was puuting you in danger. From that I started to add some drugs in your food which will make you feel really tired and dizzy without anyone’s knowledge. I thought he will come to check when he came to know that she is unwell because he needed you completely healthy. But he didn’t. He may have thought that you have got some sea sickness. So yesterday I didn’t gave it to you and today you were so healthy. But I was surprised when you were given poison. Don’t worry I have already given you antidote and he came as I expected. But the crew turned out to be in his side.
Swara , I know telling sorry is enough for what I have done. If you could please forgive me. I know I used you for my objectives but please..
But don’t worry Laksh, this is not over yet, I know Iam outnumbered but Sanskar Malhotra kabhi haar nahi manega. “

Precap :- Laksh shoots the kidnapper

Credit to: Mona (ash)

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