Swasan ki love story (Part 5)


Hi guys , I am back with part 5
I don’t know it got posted TEI TU but I have posted on swaragini only as swasan are only my main leads will try giving others also lead
Please comment Karo and silent readers enjoy I know how much fun it is to be silent but please comment ( if u don’t comment ur stars I mean ur inspiration will not like u ? an toh comment Karo na please let’s stop it here

Here we go
Recap: end of the flash back
Twinkle came kitchen having food in her hands
Kunj : drama queen what took u so long to bring the food
Twinkle : mr . Imperfect I was talking to ma and I am not drama queen
Kunj : oh hello I am not mr. Imperfect and mr.perfect (raising up his collar )
Twinkle : ha ha ha joke of the year u and mr.perfect impossible
Kunj and twinkle keep on arguing like this others all have their food silently as they were hungry
After finishing the food
Swara : Bhai and Bhabhi eat ur food we have finished and Bhabhi It was really yummy
Twinj look at each other’s and grab their plates and eat
Sanskar : we will take a leave . Come let’s go Ragini and Laksh
Ragini : ha coming
Swara : wait wait
Laksh : swara no thanks we can’t eat ice cream and sleep here as we have to go
( don’t get confused , continue reading )
Swara : I am not inviting u also to eat and sleep , let’s complete the work u have come for , I will bring the dresses of mr.sanskar and lucky
Swara goes to bring the clothes
Link for sanskar dress
sanskar dress (this dress for sanskar as he is very sanskari)
Link for Laksh’s dress and ya imagine in it greenish blue color as it is our coded wedding
Laksh’s dresss

Laksh and sanskar : thanks Swara/miss . Swara
Swara : welcome
Meera : Shona di come with me as I have to say something and show also
Both of them go. Into the room after sometime
Time for some drama as said in the precap
Ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh bhaiya , Bhabhi come fast
They rush in as they hear the noise
They see Swara on the ground Kunj picks up Swara and made her lay on the bed and asked
Kunj : swara and meera what is this , what’s happening here ( in a strict voice with His famous knew eye brow look )
Here the drama starts
Swara : Bhai my back is broken and u want answers ahh my back ( crying like a baby
Meera : Shona di wait I will bring ice cubes
She was about to go when twinkle caught her

Meera : mama : please Leave me see Shona di is having back pain
Kunj : now come on let me y u both came here and his she fall
Meera : papa vo we wanted chocolates so we came here as I found it in the morning itself and di fall from chair
Swara : phal Gaya raitha . Meera ki Bachi Kya zaroorat thi bolna ki I would have managed and she bangs her fore hand with bangle
Swara : ahhhhhhhh uhh this bangle
Kunj : now no chocolates for 2 days this is ur punishment meera
Swara : thanks Bhai but please give me na
Kunj : no way for u no chocolate for 4days
Swara : but Bhai
Ragini : ok Swara take care we will go now
Laksh : ok bye princess and drama queen
All bid bye and went back yo home

Guys enough for today
Bye bye see u soon
Wait wait at least read the precap
Precap : new and shocking entry

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Questions for today
1. Who will be the new entry

Ya guys aniket will be back after some episode as someone asked me
So bye bye happy life
Tehreem Fathima

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  1. Adishu

    I have a request…. please don’t mind… but when I feel this story… there is no emotion… I really love this story… but don’t know why it feels emotionless…. like no characters have emotions… I just feel it so said… u see what u feel…
    nice story… update next soon….

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    Nice dear…

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