Swasan ki love story (Part 4)


Hi guys I know I am late what yo do
My justification :
Reason 1 : Telly updates rejected my fan fiction 3 time saying that is not proper
Reason 2 : got busy with holidays as I have winter vacation from 18th dec
Reason 3 : really bothered bcz of TU they were not posting it
Reason 4 : my ff was deleted 1 time so had to write again

Here is mini part
Short summary
Drama , entry of Kunj , twinkle and meera
Here goes the episode
Swara enters the house and is shocked to see the scenery and was about to faint anytime
Swara fainted ( don’t think our hero will rescue her everytime ) Kunj got panicked
Kunj : Shona wake up dear and he sprinkled water
Swara (holding her head) what is all this my head is spinning . Who did all this , my whole house is scattered with thing everywhere.

Saying this she walked in the house and was about to slip bcz of a toy at the nick time she holdedthe sofa ( my room is always like this )
Meera (extra cutely ) Didi dad and mom did this
Twinkle : Shona she. Is lieing , ye Sab bap aur beti ka kartuth ka Natija hain
( this all dad and daughter ‘s work result )
Kunj : no no this all done by meera I was asking her to bring her clothes so that I will help twinkle in arranging the house but this girl removed everything in order to find her clothes
Meera : no di dad didn’t tell me which is my clothes box
They keep on arguing like this , (close ur ears first before reading ) bcz Swara shouted on top of her voice STOP IT , STOP ARGUING ! Like small children .

All three of them kept finger on lips
Meera : di di I am small only
Swara stared her with angry open eyes
Ragini : swara cool down. I will help u guys
Swara : it’s ok Ragini I will do it Myself staring at three of them
Twinkle : the lioness had woke up
Swara : I heard what u said
Laksh : hain Swara we will help u
Sanskar : there is no problem
Swara : no thanks
Ragini : swara !!!!!!
Swara : ok baba
Meera lucky u will help me
Ragini : than I will help Bhabhi
Sanskar : I will help Kunj
Swara : I will clean the hall as my clothes are kept

After 2 hours
The whole house is clean
Everyone came and sat in the sofa
Twinkle : I will go and bring food and no one will say nothing and that’s final
Ragini : so Swara now tell me y r u not staying with ma and baba in the house
Swara : Ragini I will tell when time come
Laksh : there is n time Swara tell us now only
Kunj assured her to tell with eyes
Swara : when I was coming home Dadi stopped me
Dadi : hey chorey , what r u doing , whT will society think about us that there daughter was rejected by their in laws , her husband disowned her and is doing 2nd marriage an she is the wedding planner . My ladoo got her sasural because she love Them and they loved her . I don’t want this girl in my house
Shumi : ma what r u doing
Dadi : Shomi u stay out of this if want ayush’s future safe , if u want ayush to live with out father like her or stay without mom like my ladoo it is better if u stay out of this .
Shomi stayed quite
Swara : wan wah clap ur hands , Dadi I accepted this from u , mama but u from when did u start showing partiality between us , from when ma say na
Shomi : swara listen beta
Swara : don’t call me ur beti Mrs Shekhear , u r a mom to Ragini and ayush for me u dead 6 months back only when u cared Ragini forgetting about me , I was the one who broke with sanskar for her sister , when I came her what everyone cared for Ragini did u even once came to console me all the nights when I cried for someone no one was there except my Dida , who was there. By my side everytime , when I was broken , she sold her house for me so that I can start my life she went to village not because she had work bcz she had no place to live in , she took the place of mom in my life better than u
Dadi : Bad bas bohat Boliya , get out of my house with ur belonging
Swara took her belongings with her and went out of the house.
Enough for today

Pre cap : drama again , meeting with twinkle and Kunj of Swara
Thanks guys

Sorry for not updating so many days as I also was having exams
He he he he
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I know non of u will be remembering me
To remind u I am tehreemfathima
Stay happh

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  1. Hlw… tehreem….how r u ?…. M twinj big fan and i love them to the infinity….
    M also like swaragini but never read any story of them…I only read my twinj story….
    And U posted ur ff tei Tu instead of sawaragini Tu…but no pblm issi bahane haame read karneko mil gaya…he he..lol..
    And wow m surprised because u guy’s also include our twinj in ur ff ……I never seen it b4…..thank u….and m 1st time cmnting in another serial’s ff and its ur ff….
    The epi was just amazing and awesome….. I love it very much dear….its too good…
    Keep writing and smiling…..
    Lodss of love….

    1. Tehreem28

      Dear I have posted on swaragini TU only but these TU people. Posted on TEI
      Thanks for ur comment
      I was such a big one
      Thanks again and keep commenting

  2. SidMin23

    this is beautiful but try to give more of twinj as in this is tei tu and hope u understand but Iam glade other members are including twinj into their story.

    1. Tehreem28

      Hi Sidmin.
      But I have posted on swaragini TU only these TU people posted on TEI page
      Thanks for u commenting

    2. Tehreem28

      Hi Sidmin.
      But I have posted on swaragini TU only these TU people posted on TEI page
      Thanks for u commenting
      Will try to include them also

      1. Tehreem28

        Sorry it. got posted 2 times

      2. SidMin23

        It okay and I glad that u add twinj and want to see their scene more if it possible ????

  3. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear…I am waiting for this from such a long time…post next part soon dear…

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