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So here is the story ,

Swara POV
I was made to sit in a car with him .
I was having tears and was about to cry but I didn’t .
What if he takes advantage of that situation ,
He was on the opposite side of the car .
I was on one side ,
I didnt dare to go close to him or let him near me !
After an hour hour I just dozed off …because of tiredness .
The leader of the gang (the middle one ) POV
I am sanskar .
Sanskar kapoor .this is my name
I know what I have done is unexpected , but I want this to happen .
When I like something I take it no matter what the thing is ,
The first I saw Swara before 2 years , in the mall when I gone to murder the supervisor of mall
I was memerised seeing her . I wanted to have her that time only ,
But something stopped me
“I don’t want her in force ” my inner voice said that time .,with out my knowledge .
I really tired to control myself .
I was her secret admirer for 2 years .
I used always send her roses .
With which she used smile .
But when I got to know that she is getting married . I couldn’t control . I couldn’t wait
I lost my control .
I immediately went there and my plan worked out !
She might be in a shock .
I know I can feel .
She is just next to me
I am not able to control my hormones .
Even when she is sleeping , she looks beautiful, who doesn’t want a beautiful wife .
A sudden brake came .
In which she fall on my shoulder
She was sleeping peacefully
First time she is in my shoulder . I am lucky .

Swara POV

I woke up . I was in his shoulder .
I jerked
I couldn’t believe what is happening .
It was a long drive .
The car stopped in front of a big mansion (really big)
The front side many mens in black suit were standing .
A men came forward and opened the door …
Before I could step out .
Sanskar came and asked for my hand
By stretching his hand .
But I refused his hand .I came myself out .
But he didn’t get convinced .
As soon as I came out . He held my waist and pulled me closer .
“What the hell r u doing ” I said with much anger
“I like this . I love ur boldness that’s y I love u ” he said it with a smile and held my waist more tight
I tried to push him but all went in vain .
He held to inside the the mansion .
The mansion was so beautiful . That my heart felt light but my thought didn’t !
“Take her to the room and tell her to change the clothes ” he ordered a lady who is a maid I guess .
She took me to his room .
@sanskar room
His room was neat and clean
It had a professional look but I was shocked to see many photos of me in the walls .
What does he thinks of himself !
There were photos of my 20th birthday ,my graduation , my haldi (but only mine not Laksh )
My engagement , my sangeeth etc .
Even I didn’t have most of the pics here .
The lady gave a dress .
its sleeve less pink top and half white trousers above knee,with a white jacket
But how I will come in front of me !
But I went to washroom to change from this heavy bridal dress .
Sanskar POV .
I entered the room .
It was full of her scent . I saw her jewelleries on the vanity
I took her earings and kissed it ..
I kept it down
She came out of washroom .
I was stunned seeing her .
Her beauty is increasing every minute , her white delicate skin and her rosy lips . I couldn’t control
She was eyeing me angrily ,
I love her boldness . That’s her first plus point .
She came towards the vanity and was about to take a white half jacket .
I grabbed it .
“Give it to me ” she said it with a grin
“I can’t ” I aid it with attitude
“Why the hell u always torture me . Can’t u let me live peacefully ” . She said in a rage
“U r mine . And whatever is urs is mine also sweet . ” I said with a chuckle
” who said I am urs . I am only laksh’s .” She said it with an attitude
I was angry list winning that she is only laksh’s
I pull led her and pinned her to a wall .
“Leave me ” she said with pleading eyes
” u r only mine . Not that duffer Laksh , do u get it ” I said in a rage
She got scared I can see in her eyes .
“It hurts leave me ” she said
I left her hand the next second .
“I truely love him and he loves me truly . Love should come automatically not force fully .” She said with a bold type .
I got mad and angry
I gone closer to her neck and kissed it and bit a little .

Swara POV
Ahh it hurts . I want to shout but I couldn’t .
I pushed him on bed .
“So u want me only want my body right . Not full heartily . U like my body not me , u r a womanizer , u r a killer . So what should I do so that u will leave me from ur madness . Haan I got it . I want my body right ! I am ready come ! Come .” With a rage I said
I opened my jacket and throwed it on ground .
Sanskar POV
God ! she is really mad
Now only she is wearing the pink sleeveless top
She was going to remove it
I gone and caught her hand .
“What the hell u r doing ” I asked in anger
“Leave me . U want my body not me ” she said with the same anger
“Just shut up . I love u not ur body .like that Laksh Do u get it . ” I said in much furious
” u shut up , how dare u talk about my Laksh like that ” she yelled
“Stop calling Laksh urs ” I said with anger
And tightened her waists grip .
“See still u want my body only . I hate u , I hate u to my core ” she said avoiding eye contact .
“I don’t want anything from u . I only want ur love . When u say I love u too me . Then only I will come closer to u ” i said in frustation
“U can’t . U want my body only ” she said in a anger teasing manner .
“R u challenging me ” I dpsaid in attitude .
“Its up to u ” she said with a flat tone
“I challenge . That till u say me I love u . I wont get intimate with u ” I said in a victorious smile
“That’s like impossible . I will never love u ” she said in a victorious tone
“I will make u love me . Miss swara be ready to become mine but wait if I am going this much to stay away from u what will I get return from ” I said naughtily
“Listen u r wasting time by challenging me . I won’t love u . Maybe for ur convince . If I u will make me love u .
I will become urs and Mrs sanskar kapoor , challenge ” she said in a victorious smile
“Double OK . Be ready to npbecome mine . Mrs sanskar kapoor ” I said with a victory smile .
Both share an eye lock

Hope u all like this part and plz comment …this Alia posting dolly story

Credit to: Dolly

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