Guys its Alia here …but this is not my story ..its my sis dolly …she is having quiz so isn’t updating ..so I am posting in favour of her …its her story and the pairs r swasan and raglak …this ff is fully of swasan …raglak comes in supporting attire …..

So here is their prem kahani ,

I am Swara , Swara gadodia ……in few minutes I am gonna Mrs Swara Laksh maheshwari …..yay …I am really happy , excited and nervous ,
I was waiting for this moment for past 1 year …
And finally its gonna happen today …
My love , my life is sitting next to me with a smile in his face ….and a blush in my face .
I love u Laksh ……

Laksh POV
So here I am in my dream sorry reality …this is what I dream everyday , every minute , every second .
Our whole family is gathered ….with laugh fun and excitement …
I am proud of marrying Swara .
A logical , bold , brave and straight forward Swara …this is her character
I called for her smile .
Which sparkles like an twinkle star in night and in rhymes .
Just in few minutes she will be mine .she was ,she is and she will .
The priest saying the mantras .
The priest gave me sindoor ….which I have been waiting impatiently
I was about to apply ..
“STOP ” someone shouted from behind …..
I dropped the sindoor .

Swara POV ,
We all turned to see .
I saw some men’s in black suit with glass and gun pointing us
And in middle a man who was wearing pink blazer and white shirt with blue jeans ..holding a gun .
Wait ! What r they doing in my marriage .
My dad went to ask
The middle one ……
He shot my father ….
Where I stood and whole guest got frightnned ……
Laksh and I stood .
My mother cried .
I also started crying .
The middle one ordered a men from his gang to take my dad to hospital .
My sister ragini came behind the men’s .
I signaled to go back .
But she got confused .
The middle saw .
One of his men dragged her ..and the middle one pointed gun at her .
I was scared .
Literally ..

I couldn’t control
I went down to him from mandap .
How dare u ! Leave her !
Laksh came and stood with me .
Ragini started crying
“DI PLZ SAVE ME ” I got tears …loaded with anger .
“COME WITH ME . I WILL LEAVE HER OTHERWISE “. the middle said with furious .
I was numb and scared .
“HOW DARE U . SECURITY , SECURITY ! Laksh yelled at him .
The middle one chuckled .
The middle one clapped .one time .
One of his men shot Laksh .
Laksh called down
I started crying and made him on my lap …..
“BEFORE I SHOOT UR SIS . COME WITH ME ” the middle one said .
I am sure he will shoot my sister ……
He tigtheened the grip of my sister
“DI , DI ” ragini started crying .
I don’t have option
“OK .OK ..I WILL COME WITH U “I said .
My family me members said don’t go Swara .
But if I don’t …..I know I will have to see many dead bodies now .
“THATS LIKE AN GOOD GIRL . ” he said to me and left ragini
She ran and hugged ma .
“U TAKE HIM AND HER FATHER TO HOSPITAL ” he ordered one of his men .
The middle one dragged my hand and I was seeing everyone helplessly ..

Hope u like this episode ….and comment …..
Its dolly new ff which will be uploaded in ff ….also ….hope u all support her

Credit to: Dolly


  1. mitti

    Nice…happy to see dolly again but sorry if I may wrong isn’t it some what similar to swasan. .u r mine ff?

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