Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi : Character Sketch & Chapter 2

Please do not get bored… I want you all to understand my characters in depth. That’s why one more Character Sketch. If you all have wattpad id, u can also follow me there. My wattpad ID is @crystalff and the same story would be published in different name and the characters are international.

The previous chapter’s link Chapter 1

Recap : Story Outline and Introduction of Maheshwaris

Meet the Bose

The Bose Family Stays in Dundas near Hamilton, Canada.(1 hour drive in car from Toronto). Later she gets posting in Ottawa, Canada and from then on she moves to Montreal, Canada.

Swara Bose – The Female Lead. A very independent woman. She supports her family by taking tuitions (later she will try to earn more so she will change her profession). She wants to stand with her head high in a man’s world or to say without the help of a man. She is a topper in her college and she doesn’t make many friends. She wants to be an IAS Officer (but will she be able to make it with so much of family pressure being the eldest). Her Life is her Mom and her younger sisters. She hates her father a lot who has married someone else but still wants to interfere in their matter. She doesn’t want to fall in love because of the way her estranged father had left her mom and the siblings behind. She is 21 years when she enrolls in the MBA University

Sharmishtha Bose – Mother of Swara. A government school teacher and after coming back home she takes tuitions for neighborhood children to earn extra cash to survive. A very hardworking woman. Her Family is poor but she makes sure that her daughters are well educated and she spends less on herself. She treats them like sons and she is very proud of it. She still takes few decisions in consultation with her ex-husband which is disliked by her daughters. She is loyal and faithful and is a lady with golden heart.

Ragini Bose – Younger to Swara. She has discontinued her studies after 12th and she has taken up taking tuitions along with her mother and sisters. She has completed many diploma courses through correspondence. Sharmishtha is very unhappy by her decision but Ragini manipulates her sisters and mother. She has done this so that she can support her family. She feels that she is a burden because after Swara she was the second daughter and her dad disliked every bit as he always wanted a son. She is a very good cook and loves her mother as well as her sisters a lot.

Nandini Bose – the youngest of her sisters. She is studying in Class 11th(Senior School). She also takes tuitions alongside her studies. She is also dedicated person just like her sisters. Though she knows that her dad left her mother soon after she was born, she still holds her head high just like Swara. She back answers if she feels something wrong.

Shekhar Gadodia – Father of the Bose Sisters and ex-husband of Sharmishtha Bose. At present he is married to Sakshi and they have a son together named Aditya Gadodia. Shekhar is a middle class person but always fulfills the demand of Sakshi as she has given him a son.

Sakshi Gadodia – Second wife of Shekhar and is always interested in the Bose Family because she wants how Sharmishtha and her family survives inspite of money problems. She is a wicked woman and she wants all the properties in the name of Aditya Gadodia.

Aditya Gadodia – A stupid and a pampered child of Gadodias. He always visits the Bose Family just to tease them. He knows that all her step sisters hate him but still he pokes his nose and gives all information to his mother. He is a complete failure and is a man with no brains. Aditya and Nandini are of the same age and in the same school and class.

There are two more Important Characters.. Swara’s Diary and Sanskar’s Laptop

Note : Again I am reminding Please do not expect lengthy updates as I would be busy in my work. I will write as and when I will be free and I would not be updating regularly. I do have a little health issues plus work pressure. I am not able to handle everything together. Thanks in advance for understanding

I would update every Tuesday because i am kind of free then.

Love you All

Precap : Family Drama 😛

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  1. Well nice CS but reading it just got a doubt is your ff based on zindagi Gulzar hai serial of Pakistan???? Coz till now everything in a way resembles the series

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    Plz dont mind
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    But its on swasan so its awesome

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      It is kind off but not totally 😀 😀 It is inspired from that Story No Doubt about it

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    Don’t mind for my words but i couldn’t help out,controlling myself from expressing my views..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Crystal

      You can always express Kakali, no harm in that. There would be swasan but as individual not together… But in all updates you would find their glimpse

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    interesting …do continuing take ur own time ….waiting for next part….

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  10. Its same like zindagi gulzaar hai

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