Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi : Character Sketch & Chapter 1

Character Sketch and little about their life … I am taking it as part of my update… I am posting Character Sketches earlier so you will have an idea about everything before that the Link to the Story Outline

Story Outline : Click here

Meet the Maheshwaris

The Maheshwaris stay in Toronto, Canada. Later he gets posting in Montreal, Canada.

Sanskar Maheshwari – The Male Lead. A rich spoilt brat and an arrogant male. Music is his passion. A very bright student in college and also one of the top students in his college. He has no interest in his family business and wants to become an IAS officer. He wants an obedient wife. He believes that Life is like a garden. He believes that each person is like a flower with different nature and feelings. He lives life like there is no next day. A happy go lucky but a very competitive person born with a silver spoon. He is 21 years of age when he enrolled himself in MBA University

Ram Prasad (RP) Maheshwari – A polite businessman and a simple person by heart. He doesn’t want to keep any rules and regulations for his family. This is the reason why his wife has taken full advantage and now no one listens to what he says. He does taunts his wife and kids but they seem to be least bothered. Whereas Sanskar likes his opinion because he is also a little traditional like his father.

Sujatha Maheshwari – A proud woman and works with her husband. She travels more for business purposes than her husband. In short the business is majorly handled by her as her husband has given her full freedom. She gives her children equal freedom and she values money a lot.

Uttara Maheshwari – Again a proudy woman just like her mother. But her proud and confidence shatters after the one mistake that she commits in her life and she blames her mother for all.

Kavita Kumar –Sanskar Maheshwari’s one of the best friend and ex-fiancé (You will get to know later why they breakup as and one the story proceeds)

Sahil Arora – Sanskar’s best friend (not negative in my story). He is polite and down to earth.

Durga Prasad (DP) Sharma – Professor of Sanskar and Swara. He is a close friend of RP and he is being treated like an elder brother by RP. Sanskar and Uttara call him Bade
Papa. His wife Annapurna Sharma passed away and hence he treats Sanskar and Uttara as his own children

Precap : Introduction of the Bose Family

Note : Please do not expect lengthy updates as I would be busy in my work. I will write as and when I will be free and I would not be updating regularly. I do have a little health issues plus work pressure. I am not able to handle everything together. Thanks in advance for understanding

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