Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 4

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Recap : Introduction of two lifestyles of the leads and how they think about their life.

After few days, in the morning

Sharmishtha was bringing tea for a man and that man is none other than Mr. Shekhar Gadodia. He always keeps coming in spite of the divorce, just to check on them. He still wants them to be under his control. He thinks that all the four woman of the house are worthless and nothing more. Sharmishtha also being a very good person by heart always listens to him. Even few financial decisions are still taken by Shekhar. There are few circumstances where he still helps them through finance only for the purpose of keeping the Family under his total control. Sharmishtha being good, she never understood his politics (I hate these kind of women who are blinded in love, she should have understood that he is just using her innocence.. Phewwwwww)

(Sharmishtha) “Actually I have to do some repairs for the house.”

(Shekhar) “Everything looks just fine. I don’t think you need to spend”

(Sharmishtha) “From top everything looks just fine but the repairs are to be done internally. We stay in this house we know more than you do. See the walls how damp have they become. The washroom taps have to be fixed and the list is never ending”

(Shekhar) “Its all small problems just get it fixed.”

(Sharmishtha) “If it was some small work I would have got it done. But this requires a lot of working that’s the reason why I am asking for financial help.”

(Shekhar) “Do you think I have money tree to help you. Just do it by yourself.”

(Sharmishtha) “I just have around Five Thousand Dollars and that won’t be enough to get all the repairs done in this house.”

(Shekhar) “I do not have money because I had recently done repairs in my house also. I have loan for that repairs also. So I cannot take care of any more stupid repair expenses of yours. I just came here to check on you guys. SO right now I am leaving.”

(Nandini came from inside to the hall where they were sitting) “Just stop right there is Mr.Shekhar”
Shekhar and Sharmishtha were shocked by the way Nandini raged in anger. Ragini was quietly standing next to Nandini trying to control her.

(Shekhar) “Is this the way you speak to your Dad, Nandini)

(Nandini again spoke) “Mr.Shekhar you are no more our father. If you remember you have already divorced my mom 17 years back, so you are no one to me for sure. And what have you done for us my “SO CALLED FATHER. We never ask for money, it’s always you who give us a little. Have we ever begged in front of you no right, then why do you come and say take this money for the house? I know you give us some money which cannot be used for the entire month also; you just give to keep your hold on this house and on our lives. But my sincere request please stop coming to our house and create this entire scene. When now we really need you say you don’t have money. Don’t make me open my mouth Mr.Shekhar, I know you have money and how you are spending it but you………. huh”

(Shekhar didn’t know what to say turned towards Sharmishtha) “Have you taught all this to your daughter Sharmishtha? Look at Adi he always respects me and look at Nandu”

(Nandini) “Mr.Shekhar, talk to me and not to my mom do you get and what about Adi? He is one blo*dy lousy boy who just knows how to spend your money. He is fit for nothing. He is characterless who flirts with all girls in the school and who comes now and then to our house just to get money from my mom. Why this is what you have taught your “SON” to beg for money”

(Shekhar was raged and he was going to raise his hands when Ragini came and stopped) “So now even Ragini has become bold. Don’t you know that you should not take all this tension or else you will again get back to your so called depression and again I have to waste my money on you?”

(Ragini now angered) “You have not spent single penny on my treatment. So don’t make us feel ashamed that we live on your money, you have no rights to always insult us and create a scene. You don’t even know the reason behind my depression so please don’t talk anything. Seeing you coming here I get more depressed so you stop coming and I will stop my treatment also Mr.Shekhar.”

(Shekhar) “So I guess not your mom but Swara has taught you all this hatredness. blo*dy b*t*h”

(Ragini) “Don’t you dare call Swara that. It is only because of Swara that we have learnt to stand for what is right. As you are elder to us we respect you, else I would have punched you right on your face for insulting us”

(Nandini) “Don’t you dare Mr.Shekhar, I respect you but you have no rights to shout at my mom or my elder sisters. The way we have become is also because of you my so called FATHER. Anyways you were about to leave right then just get out of our house, Mr.Shekhar”

(Shekhar turning towards Sharmishtha) “Next time I am not stepping inside your house and never going to give you any allowance, Sharmishtha”
Shekhar just walked out. He was just a miser. But Sharmishtha being madly and deeply in love with him always gave him priority even though he had re-married. Sharmishtha was just left disheartened seeing the quarrel. She just sat down with a thump on the Sofa, keeping her face on the Palm

(Nandini) “Why are you crying Ma?”

(Sharmishtha) “What was the need to talk to your father in that manner Nandu?”

(Nandini) “It’s okay if he treats us and dustbins? Ma, You have taught us that one’s self respect and pride is more important than anything. Then why do you always bear his insults. Luckily Swara Di was not there else she would have definitely thrown him out of our house.”

(Ragini) “What was the use of begging in front of him? You know that he never regards us daughters as his own. Why do you like getting insulted in front of him?”

(Sharmishtha ignoring what Ragini said) “Just keep the tray of cups in the kitchen and then later go and iron the clothes”

(Ragini) “As you say” (Ragini quietly left as she never argues that much but Nandini)

(Nandini) “You can always make Ragini her mouth shut because you do not want to give her much tension. But Ma, Ragini Di has become better as well as stronger and don’t worry once we get a little more money, we will take her to a better doctor and complete her balance treatment.”

(Sharmishtha did not bother what Nandini told as she was angry for her behavior towards Shekhar, so in anger she shouted) “Nandini, you should apologize to your dad later for your behavior.”

(Nandini angered by the way Sharmishtha was speaking.) “Are you out of your mind, I am not going to apologize to him be it whatever.”

Ragini entered back in the hall,

(Ragini) “He hasn’t done anything for us that Nandu has to apologize to him. As you say respect elders, we do, but that doesn’t mean I tolerate it all. I know you are bothered that he won’t turn back to our house, you should be happy but no you will still want him to come back. I don’t understand why?”

(Sharmishtha) “Because I still love him and respect him”

(Ragini) “Ma, how can you respect such heartless man who has love only for his second wife and son. He is not even bothered about us. He spends all money on them and when we are in need he ignores us. How can you respect him Ma? Moreover you should know, he is just like a slippery vessel, how much ever you taunt him, he will come back as if nothing has happened. Now Nandu just come with me you have to study and later tuition kids would also come.”
Saying this both Ragini and Nandini left from that place leaving Sharmishtha all alone in the room.

On the other side,

A girl enters Maheshwari house and Sujatha is seen talking on the phone. As soon as Sujatha kept her phone down,

(Girl) “Hello Aunty. How have you been?”

(Sujatha) “I am good my child. How are you?”

(Girl “I am very well aunty. By the way where is Sanskar?”

(Sujatha) “He must be in his bedroom , because a few minutes earlier I heard the sound of guitar”

(Girl) “Ok Aunty. I will go and meet him.”

(Sujatha) “Very well dear, I will ask the servants to bring some coffee and snacks for you guys. I got to leave as I have an important meeting to attend. So bye Kavita”

(Kavita) “Bye, Aunty and have a good business meeting”

Kavita left towards Sanskar’s room. In Sanskar’s room, Sanskar was playing guitar with concentration when Kavita entered his room and shouted

(Kavita) “What’s keeping you so busy that you did not even pick up my call?”

(Sanskar) “At least tell a hello before starting of any conversation. Anyways Hello Kavita, I was busy writing a song for the upcoming concert and being my friend you know that
being into music I am least bothered about the world or even phones for that matter.”

(Kavita) “I agree but you promised me that we would go to the Café at 4.30 and now the time is 5.00. I waited like nuts there.”

(Sanskar) “I am sorry. Lets go now.”

Kavita smiled.

(Sanskar ) “So now the princess is happy I guess”

(Kavita) “Yes, I am super happy. Now lets go”

On the other side
Swara had come back from the Library as that’s the only place where she feels contended. She hates the commotion that takes place at her home. Then after coming back she drank her evening tea as she has to take up her set of tuitions. Before starting for the tuitions, she sat with her wonderful diary and Ragini was drying all the clothes in their backyard. Swara was trying to write when her pen gets stuck and she gets irritated.

(Swara) “Why is it that whatever work I do it gets stuck? My life is full of speed breakers only”

(Ragini) “What is the problem Swara, why are you cursing your life again?”

(Swara) “I sat down for writing diary and now look the pen is not working. I think the ink is over.”

(Ragini) “If the ink is over, take another pen from the study. For that why are you cursing your life.”

(Swara) “I am just having one. I have to buy pens.”

(Ragini) “Take from my bag, I just had got the stock of pens”

(Swara) “My fate is the worst. Whatever I do I find a dead end or a speed breaker.”

(Ragini) “Wow what a comparison dear sister. You are just cursing your life because ink of your pen got over. Mind blowing Swara, wait here I will get pens for you.”

Then later on all the three daughters that is Swara,, Ragini and Nandini along with Sharmishtha started taking tuitions. This was the only other alternate source through which they could survive and take out the monthly expenses somehow apart from Sharmishtha’s salary. Swara used to get the most number of students as she used to each even Engineering students because she had completed her UG in science. Ragini and Nandini took up school students while Sharmishtha took up students who have taken their higher education course related to Finance and Accounts.

The next day in the evening, three friends were sitting in the café and having fun. They were none other than Sanskar, Kavita and Sahil.

(Sahil stopped his laughs and asked Kavita) “Why didn’t you tell him about that matter?”

(Kavita) “Why should I tell him, even he is a male chauvinist. Isn’t he?”

(Sanskar) “Oh please Kavita. I am nowhere close to that Abhishek. I don’t keep telling all my friends who are girls as my fiancée. I like roaming around girls but as friend. Why should I tell each friend who is a girl as fiancée.

(Kavita) “Not everyone is like you who says, hey meet my girl friend and I am taking her here and there and the like”

(Sanskar) “Seriously Kavita, just grow up. First of all I don’t have a girl friend and even you guys know that.”
Somewhere down the line Kavita was hurt because she has feelings for Sanskar and Sanskar is ignorant of her feelings.

(Sahil breaking Kavita’s thoughts) “See this is called simplicity. He treats each girl just as friend and nothing more”

(Kavita arrogantly) “Good Sahil. Just keep supporting him for whatever he says.”

(Sanskar) “Why are you getting irked Kavita? You should be happy that apart from you I am not close to any girls because I just hate girls.”

(Kavita) “Oh Really. Thanks for the compliment. Thank you so much that you have chosen me “A GIRL” as your friend.”

(Sanskar) “You are always Welcome”

The three kept on chatting and dispersed later after random talks.

At the Maheshwari house

(Ram) “Sujatha”

(Sujatha) “Hmmm”

(Ram)”Where is Uttara?”

(Sujatha) “She has gone to meet Rajat”

(Ram) “So late? It’s already 11.30pm”

(Sujatha) “Oh, Common Ram. You know she is with her fiancé. So what’s the problem I don’t understand.”

(Ram) “I have no problem she being with Rajat but it’s damn late and she should at the least inform us. She has not got married yet and till then she is our responsibility.”

(Sujatha) “So what do you expect that I keep tab on my kids? They would think me as a Hitler. I am so sorry I will not do that. They are adults and they can go wherever they want.”

(Ram) “Sujatha, we should teach our kids what is right and what is wrong. This is our responsibility to teach them. They don’t talk to me much because they think that I am strict but as they talk to you, you should teach them.”

(Sujatha) “Uttara and Sanskar are responsible. Anyways Uttara is with Rajat and I am not going to bothered and the same should hold for you. Just sleep on it Ram and go and take rest its already night.”

In the Café
(Rajat) “Uttara I guess we should leave it’s already getting late”

(Uttara) “Please wait for some more time I have just started having my juice. It’s only 11.30pm, give me 15 minutes and then by 12.30am I guess both of us will reach back or do you have any other work at home?”

(Rajat) “Even if I don’t have work, it doesn’t mean that we should not leave for home. As such it’s super late. I should have dropped you earlier but you wanted to stay for long, now I feel we are super duper late.”

(Uttara) “Oh God, you are just like Dad, come home on time and all. What’s wrong Rajat. You were not like this before. You were so cool during colleges.”

(Rajat) “That time I had no responsibility but now I have TWO responsibilities. One, to take care of my family and the other, to take care of you. Anyways did you tell your mom that you were with me?”

(Uttara) “Oh Please Rajat. Probably in your house you have to tell everything to your mom. But that’s not the case in my house. My parents are very liberal.”

(Rajat) “Even I have full freedom at my home, but I feel it is one’s responsibility to inform about your whereabouts to one’s parents. I certainly believe in this concept”

(Uttara) “Okay. But I promise after marriage I will not ask you where you were or are going. I would give you full freedom. The same should apply to me also.”

(Rajat) “No, Thank You. I am happy with this lifestyle of mine and I would never change this habit for anyone. I would be rather happy if you would be bothered about me after marriage. I would want even you to do the same by telling where you want to go and where you are.”

(Uttara) “Rajat, I will not be a wife who would be waiting at the doorsteps for her husband. I can never act to be one of the typical housewives.”

(Rajat) “Why is there anything wrong?”

(Uttara) “In my house, my mom has always been independent. She has never asked permission from my dad for anything. I am sorry I would want the same lifestyle. Moreover I want to continue working even after marriage.”

(Rajat) “Do you think that much freedom is right? I have no problem in you working. But I still want you to tell me where you are. In this case I cannot be like your dad and I am sorry about it.”

(Uttara) “I think what my dad is doing is totally right”

(Rajat) “Waiter, Could you please get the check?”

That was the end of their conversation and they left.

Precap : University Results to be out

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