Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 3

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Guys, yes it will be similar to Zindagi Gulzar Hai but there would definitely be changes and secrets. If you want you could read else you can leave it.. I have no problems with it

It is the night time when everyone sleeps, there is a girl shown who is busy in writing her diary. She writes in her diary about LIFE

“LIFE is a pathetic. It is not pathetic but certainly Bullshit. You want to do something and you turn out to do something else. We lower middle class people already have money problem but in spite of that we need to struggle to get everything. It is as if that God has cursed us. Why does he always give all the problems to us? We middle class people struggle for everything, be it success, money, food and so on but when it comes to problems, we are the first one to suffer. God shouldn’t have created us lower middle class people and poor people. God is just so mean. But I should Thank God for the beautiful family he has given me. My mom and my younger sisters, I love them. I guess I wouldn’t have been able to survive this birth of mine without them. Mom is hardworking whereas Ragini is a sweetheart (she sacrificed her career her studies just because of some health issues and still she helps the family by taking tuitions. I want to just help her out and cure her once for all. I know its treatable disease but problem is money) and Nandini is the naughtiest and the life of this house. I have too many complains but none able to express. I just wish I had a magic wand and I could remove all the insecurities that I had within myself.”

On the other hand there was a guy who was playing a guitar in the night while sitting on his bed. For him music was his pass time through which he could relieve his tension. After playing some music, he walked back to his computer desk and opened his laptop. He was also a diary writer but he was a techno freak. He always typed his personal diary on his laptop. He started typing

“Life is something that is worth living and fighting for. Life is freshness. Life is like a garden where people are like colorful flowers. The only thing I hate are the WOMEN who try to be in par with the guys. Don’t they understand that they must listen to what MEN say. I know I am behaving like a Typical Male Chauvinist Pig but I cannot handle this fact. Though my mom and my sister are of the same category, it’s hard for me to digest the fact. I hate girls who back answer men. Again I am a chauvinist. Eeks I don’t understand why I think so low of all females. Might be because, I want to have control in their as well as my life. Might be. Though I am not sure either (chuckles at his thoughts). It’s not that I am not surrounded by these kind of head weight girls because even my childhood friend Kavita is the same. She is bold, independent and wants to live life the fullest. My another best friend Sahil always tells me that why do I think about girls in this way but I have no answer for that. It’s not that I hate my Mom, Uttara or Kavita it’s just, I really don’t know. Probably the reason can be the traumatic past that I had, which I haven’t shared with anyone. Might Be. But I am scared to disclose the same. Anyways I don’t hate girls but I don’t like career oriented girls”

Again coming back to the Girl, she continues to write

“One tension never gets over and in the meanwhile the other is already on the way to its destination or has already overlapped with the first tension. I just hope I can earn enough to help Ragini get better apart from taking care of Ma and Nandu” She stops writing for the day and starts thinking when she gets disturbed by listening to her sibling talk:

(Girl) “Ragini Di, the water is over. Didn’t you save any water? You should have taken care of it and should have at least filled the buckets in the washrooms. Do you know how difficult it is for me now?”

(Ragini) “Nandini, What could have I done? Do I have less work already in the day that now I have to take care of this also. I know I have just completed my 12th but that doesn’t mean that I am free. Do you even know I was out with mom in the market for almost 6 hours just to find reasonable clothes for a person’s wedding. Both of us have just been hopping from one market to the other and you think I am sitting freely with no work? God knows why MOM is doing like this in spite of the knowing that we cannot afford. But no she is a mom and the marriage is of our relative who are least bothered about us but still she believes in giving. The weddings of relatives are just like suicide on our stomachs, because we have to cut short on our food to buy a gift for them. The worst is that it is during the end of the month where we always have shortage of money because of this, the entire budget shifts.

(Nandini) “But because of this I am in problem. Now how do I take a shower? I have just got back from school and I need to take bath but without water how will I manage?

Nandini just turns around and leaves the room. The girl who was writing the diary is just annoyed and keeps quiet as she doesn’t know what can be done.
On the other side, the guy is looking at the laptop and moves towards the lawn of his house, where someone calls him

(Girl) “Sanskar” The girl again shouted and found him sitting in the lawn. “Sanskar, I have been searching you in the entire house and you are sitting here.”

(Sanskar) “Hmmm”

(Girl) “Come and eat your food and then you have to drop me somewhere”

Sanskar looked at the girl with an annoying face

(Sanskar) “What did you just say Uttara?”

(Uttara) “You have to drop me”

(Sanskar) “I am bored and tired of being your personal chauffeur please go and find someone else.”

(Uttara in an irritated tone) “Please just stop annoying me. I just hate these kind of men who always keep complaining like woman and one among them is you Mr.Sanskar”

Uttara was about to leave when

(Sanskar) “Is this the way you talk to your brother?”

(Uttara) “Do you want to eat your food or not? If you don’t want to eat just keep sitting in the lawn”

Uttara again walks back to the gate that connects the lawn and again turns back and shouts

(Uttara) “Do you want to eat your food or not?”

(Sanskar irritatingly) “I am coming, just give me a minute”

(Uttara) “Come fast and eat else I will get late”

On the other hand the girl again starts writing her diary,

“In Life whatever has to be done, has to be done by one self. Every mountain has to be moved by one self, all the seas have to be crossed by one self. If I have to do all this, then why didn’t God make me a man? Why did he make me a Woman? Even if he would have made me a MAN, what would have I done.I just hate men especially my father. All the men have been the same like him. This is the world of male chauvinism and I totally want to prove everyone wrong, who think women are only fit for kitchen and not the corporate world or the Civil Service World. Hopefully I just get 100% scholarship at Rotman and prove my dad that i infact all of (Ma, Ragini and Nandini) can achieve great height without his financial and male support.” As she was writing her diary, her mother crossed by and said

(Sharmishtha) “Again the Electricity Bill is high. This Government person, God knows how they calculate the Electricity Charges. I take so much of care and precautions still the
Electricity Bill comes too high every month. If these authorities have power, they will send bill along with a shock also. So that we can land in heaven even before the time comes.”
Looking towards Ragini,

(Sharmishtha) “Please take care of all this, Rago. When I was crossing the room, light and fan was just running simply when no one was around.”

(Ragini) “Mom, this is all the mistake of Nandini. It has become her habit to keep everything switched on whether it is required or not. She goes to the bathroom switching on the light and she never switches off the same.”

(The Girl who was writing diary spoke) “Mom how much should even we take care? Even if we switch off all the lights of the house, the bill will still come. “

(Sharmishtha) “Swara, only you can understand what you speak. I don’t understand what you say? Anyways whatever it is, we still have to make payment for the Electricity Bill”

On the other side

Maheshwaris were having dinner and

(Ram) “From where did your concert come in between your studies?”

(Sanskar) “Actually I was not interested but one of my good friends, insisted me on performing at Lions Club event, that’s how I performed.”

(Sujatha) “I think that you should keep all your concerts and all aside and you must prioritize your studies more”

(Sanskar) “Mom, I have been listening to your dialogues since God knows when. I have always topped my class in spite of performing in concerts. I don’t think your so called high society reputation has any time been affected.”

Cutting their talks,

(Uttara) “Now you guys continue your talks later, Sanskar please eat fast and drop me. Rajat must be waiting for me at the concert venue”

(Sanskar) “Go and sit in the car, I am coming. God knows how your fiancé Rajat is managing you”

Uttara huffs and leaves the dining table and goes sits in the car.

On the other side, Sharmishtha and her daughter were having dinner and she was saying,

(Sharmishtha) “Today in our school there was inspection that was done by Government officials. We were all so busy that we did not eat anything. We even forgot to drink water at school because of the questions that were raised by the officials. Even in the morning, I just drank one cup of tea and ate one piece of bread and left for work”

(Ragini) “Mom, how many times have I told you to carry your lunch, but you never listen to what I say. Why do you always prioritize school over your health”

(Sharmishtha) “It’s not like that my daughter. I believe that a person who does any work should respect his/ work. The work big or small should be done with same sincerity and responsibility. I know that I take my health for granted when I am involved in work but this is the work that I love and I can do anything for my work, for my students and for my school. Being a principal is tedious job but I would die to continue this work or teaching. ”

(Nandini) “Mom, I have decided one thing for sure, I will study but I would not do any job. Just tell me one thing is there any other way where I can enjoy my life without earning?”

(Ragini) “Yes, my dear there is one way, you better get married”

(Swara) “And how do you know that once you are married you will only enjoy your life? Marriage is just like slavery.”

(Sharmishtha) “It is nothing like you are portraying my child.”

(Swara) “Marriage is exactly what I am saying. Marriage is nothing but being slave to your husband and nothing else.”

(Sharmishtha) “Why did you speak like this? It is not necessary that what has happened with me will also be happening with you. You just take tension for stupid reasons”

(Swara) “I am not talking this for giving you or anyone tension. I am just saying.”

Ragini to divert the topic said:

(Ragini) “When your results coming out in the university that you had applied for your higher studies?”

(Swara) “It is coming out on 15th of this month.”

(Sharmishtha) “That’s good, at least one tension will get less because I know you will clear and get admission”

(Swara) “Don’t keep high hopes on me Mom. I know how people get admissions there”

(Sharmishtha) “And how is that would you care to explain.”

(Swara) “Only people who are having money in their bank accounts get admission. People like me or us would not even dare to think getting admissions. I wrote the entrance only because you and Ragini forced me into this. Else I knew it was a waste of buying a form Rs.500/- and wasting time in travelling.”

(Ragini) “Why are you always filled with so much Negative thoughts Swara. Don’t worry you will get admission there. The university that you have applied is a reputed college and there are both status students. So you stop thinking that because you don’t have money you wouldn’t get admission.”

Then after a nice lecture from Ragini, Swara had a smile and all of them again started having their foods and enjoying the moment.

In the Car

(Sanskar) “I am just waiting for you to get married to Rajat and relieve of being your personal chauffeur.”

(Uttara) “Why do you always like bringing Rajat in our conversation?”

(Sanskar) “Possessive… Wow… Even before marriage so much of side taking and all. What will happen once you get married”

(Uttara) “Oh just stop it Sanskar. I guess you are obsessed with him”

(Sanskar) “And why do you think I am obsessed over Rajat? From when your marriage dates are fixed with Rajat, you are not ready to listen to anything. Why would anyone be
obsessed with Rajat, fatso”

(Uttara) “Fatso? Oh please he is not fat. He is just perfect. He has a little tummy that’s it. He is just perfect for me. You will not believe he is cutting out on his food so that he becomes perfect for me. So stop bullying him”

(Sanskar) “Oh Really. He gives you daily statistics of how much weight he has lost? That’s impressive I must say.”

(Uttara) “Now just shut up baby brother. That’s more than enough”

(Sanskar) “I swear sis, I don’t understand how a person before marriage can be so unassisted and poor. Especially Rajat, he is so scared of you. Just imagine before marriage he is acting like this then what will happen after marriage sisso. Don’t tell me you are going to dominate him? I pity him”

(Uttara) “Oh please. Even when you get married, your situation is also going to be the same”

(Sanskar) “I would never get a wife like you. Who keeps bossing around and never listens to what I say.”

(Uttara) “Ok, don’t get a bossy wife rather you get a wife like a cow. Who will always keep quiet in front of you and just “moooooooooooo” for whatever you say.”

(Sanskar) “Oh Please Uttara “moooooooo” is much better than “bossy””

(Uttara) “Oh my baby brother after marriage even the “mooooooo” will irritate you. You all guys are the same.”

(Sanskar) “Oh so all of us are same but your Rajat is a gem”

(Uttara) “Of course. There is no doubt in that”

Sanskar drops Uttara at the venue and drives off.

Precap : Heated arguments…Lets see its between whom

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