Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 21

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Recap: Swasan’s band wins along with FAB 5

Leap Continuation

Almost every weekend, the Bose family would go to the Maheshwaris (Sanskar’s house) to help them with whatever they could. RP was very much impressed with the Bose Family and moreover he liked the spirit that the ladies of the house had shown. He liked the way they supported each other and they all were man in themselves and that’s why they didn’t need a male to take care of them. Uttara had started considering them as sister and she understood why Rajat had told that Swara is a gem. She was smart, witty and at the same time down to earth and hard working. Sharmishtha though was happy with Raglak’s relationship; she wanted that her elder daughter aka Swara should have been the first one to get engaged. She was sad and happy both.

Sharmishtha is enjoying her university life. There was something budding between DP and Sharmishtha they got closer. They shared same wavelength and were very comfortable in each other’s company. This closeness never diverted their mind for work. They both were totally into teaching. Meeting on regular basis, Swasan became stronger friends as ever. Even Sahil and Khushi had confessed their love and both the families were very happy with their decision. The worst affected was Kavita as she lost her friends. She was jealous of both Bose Family and Khushi. She decided to ruin Swara somehow for which she was going to take Sujata’s help. There were was one more family who wanted to destroy the Bose and Maheshwari Family. They had been keeping an eye on their movements since the Café where Laksh and Ragini had met.

(Maheshwari House – Sanskar)

(Sanskar) “Good Morning, Mom, Dad and Uttara”


(Sujata) “So how is all the work going on for Uttara’s marriage?”

(Sanskar) “It is just going on in good speed. Especially with addition of Bose Family and Mittal Family, we will complete all the work well in advance”

(Sujata) “Oh please, even without them we would have done better”

(Uttara) “I don’t know what problem you have with them especially the Bose Family but let me tell you mom, if they were not here I would have never understood what a family is.”

(RP) “Uttara is right, the Bose family are so organized that we know what the next step is and where we are lagging behind. They have been exceptionally helpful.”

(Sujatha) “Whatever. Even Kavita would have done that”

(Sanskar) “Kavita would have helped only if she will be free from her makeup and stuffs. Even in the preparation of Uttara’s wedding, she is always late and you expect her to be as organized as the Bose Family (Sanskar chuckles)”

(Sujatha) “Why do you never say anything positive about her after all she is your friend?”

(Sanskar) “I know Kavita is my childhood friend. But do you know the reason why I still have maintained friendship with her. It is just because of you mom. I was never interested in her friendship it was you who forced me to. I was happy having Sahil as my friend but I didn’t want to break her heart and that is why I am still maintaining the friendship. She always annoys me, sticks to me. It is as if I have lost my freedom, I don’t like girls who stick around me and she is one of them.”

(Sujatha) “You never had problem for so long, why all of a sudden you are having problem with her. Is it because of Swara? She is one middle class girl and her family is also like leech. She is your friend only for money and nothing else.”

(RP shouted at Sujatha) “Have you lost it Sujatha. Just because they are middle class, you cannot call them leech. They have earned everyone’s respect by being hardworking and nothing else. So don’t point fingers at them. Don’t forget Sujatha that even you were middle class girl, if my mom wouldn’t have liked you, you wouldn’t have been selected as my bride. So you better shut your mouth and I want no arguments from your side till Uttara’s wedding and please you and Kavita do not create any drama.”

RP left from the table, Sanskar and Uttara were shocked seeing RP’s outburst and Sujatha was fuming in anger as this has all happened because of Swara and her family.

Later that day, everyone gathered for starting the work for Uttara and Rajat’s wedding. Everything was perfect as usual Kavita and Sujata were miffed. It was decided that the day of Uttara’s wedding, Raglak’s engagement would also take place. Sharmishtha was shocked by the announcement but Swara had told her to be cool and she would manage everything. Sharmishtha felt sad as she had to put burden on Swara, though they had enough savings, she was scared that how will she manage but Swara showed her confidence along with Nandini. The Bose family other than Ragini went in corner,

(Shomi) “How the hell are we going to manage all the gifts and ring for Laksh? In so much less time, will it possible to keep everything ready. It is just a week away”

(Swara) “Mom, don’t worry. Nandini and I along with Laksh, would leave today and purchase a ring later on Nandini and I would go and purchase the gifts required. Just make a list of what has to be given and all.”

(Nandini) “Exactly mom and anyways as my exams are also over, I am free at home, so I will sit and pack all the gifts tomorrow, so everything would be ready. Why fear when your daughters are here”

(Shomi) “Ok then, once the work here gets over, you and Nandini leave for all the work, Laksh should not know about the gift and he should only know about purchase of rings.”

Sanskar and Sahil came from behind and told in unison “No tension when we are also here”

The Bose Family stood shocked and embarrassed as they didn’t realize that both the boys were listening to their talks.

(Sanskar) “Why are you all shocked? Don’t worry we will help you guys”

(Sahil) “Yup and also listen to the plan. All six of us that is Swara, Nandini, Sanskar, Laksh, Ragini and I would go to the mall for purchase of rings and then from there we will send of Ragini and Laksh alone and we can do rest of the shopping, this way it would be quick and Laksh will not have any doubt too”

(Nandini) “Super plan Sahil bhaiya, let’s do it”

Shomi listening to their talks was so happy as the boys were just like her family. She was happy. Shomi then patted the heads of both boys and then gave a motherly peck on their foreheads.

In the afternoon as planned all six had left for shopping. Laksh and Ragini both had purchased their rings and later on Ragini and Laksh had gone for a date and others had purchased all the gifts needed to be given to relatives for Raglak’s engagement. There were two people who were following each and every move of those six people.

The days were passing by fast and Shomi was in dilemma whether to inform Shekhar about his daughter’s engagement or not. She didn’t want to ask her daughters because she knew the answers to it. She thought of asking DP.

(Shomi) “Hello”

(DP) “Hello, Sharmishtha”

(Shomi) “I wanted to ask for an advice”

(DP) “Please tell me”

(Shomi) “Actually I am in my two minds whether I should call my ex-Husband or not for Ragini’s engagement, I know my daughters would tell so I am confused”

(DP) “Do you want him to come?”

(Shomi) “I do not want him to come it is just since Ragini is his daughter whether he likes it or not, so I thought of calling him as a father and nothing more”

(DP) “You have already told you don’t want him to come and also you have told your daughters too do not want him then what is the point of calling him and creating situations at a joyous event.”

(Shomi) “I think you are right DPji. Thank you for clearing the confusion”

(DP) “You are always welcome Sharmishtha. And also any trouble please you can always look forward to my help. Ragini, Swara and Nandini are like my own kids and I would always stand by their and also your side.”

(Shomi) “Thank you so much for your love and support”

(DP) “Anytime Sharmishtha. Ok then I have a little work to catch up for the new term so see you on Saturday when the functions start at Maheshwari house”

(Shomi) “Sure DPji. Take care and Bye”

(DP) “Bye Sharmishtha and Take Care”

Both hung up the phone. They were getting very comfortable to each other and they started developing feeling a like towards each other.

Like that the days went by and it was the time of Sangeet.

Everyone had come to the venue and it was time for the crowd to enjoy.

The Sangeet started and the first all the oldies of the house danced on


Then next came RagLak and Khushi and Sahil they danced on


Then came the Uttara and Rajat they danced on


Then came the grand finale where Nandini, Sanskar and Swara gave a magical singing performance. They sang on the songs



The Sangeet was a hit and everyone had fun,

Swasan took out some lonely time and decided to chat

(Sanskar) “It was one hell of a performance that we gave, don’t you think so”

(Swara) “Totally Sanskar”

(Sanskar) “You are looking very beautiful, I never knew a girl with Jeans and T-shirt can look this gorgeous in an Indian Attire”

(Swara) “Thank you Sanskar. By the way you are looking no less. A lady killer”

(Sanskar) “Is it so, then did I kill you?”

(Swara) “I was almost killed then I saw there were more handsome boys so I was saved (and Swara started laughing)”

(Sanskar sarcastically) “Oh my my, you hurt my feelings”

(Swara with a smirk) “Oh I am glad I did”

(Sanskar) “You are a meanest friend Swara”

(Swara) “I am happy to be that”

(Sanskar) “Talking to you is a waste of time”

(Swara) “Ok then I will leave”

When she turned around Sanskar grabbed her hand and didn’t allow her to go

(Sanskar) “Please don’t leave Swara, I get my peace when I am with you. Just for another five minutes Swara”

(Swara) “You don’t have to ask me anything Sanskar just order”

(Sanskar) “Ok, so when did Nandini learn singing?”

(Swara) “I actually don’t know. I just saw her rehearsing once and found out that apart from me in our house we have one more rising star”

(Sanskar) “She is indeed a great singer”

(Swara) “That she is”

(Sanskar) “You know Swara, tomorrow is Uttara’s marriage and I don’t know why I have a feeling something bad is going to happen”

(Swara) “Don’t worry Sanskar, nothing wrong will happen and if it happens, I am always there with you. I will stand by you in case of any problems or difficulties”

(Sanskar) “Promise me Swara that if anything bad happens you will not leave me”

(Swara) “Why are you being so emotional today? Anyways I promise that whatever happens I will not leave you.”

Both made promises but will the promise be broken or will it sustain all the difficulties.

Recap : Planning and Plotting

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