Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 20

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Recap: Sanskar Shares his past

Sanskar after sharing the past, he went and sat in the backyard, just gazing at the sky. He felt even lighter after sharing his past with this family of his.

Sanskar’s POV

I could see pride in the eyes of DP Uncle and Laksh as I shared this incident. I don’t know why but hey seemed contended probably because I opened up with more number of people. I don’t know all my friends supported me. Now I have got new relations. I am so happy. I have got a “Mom” in the form of Shomi Aunty. I have got sisters in the form Khushi and Nandini… I feel like a complete person with bunch of new relations that I have made today. Thank you God.

Sanskar came out of trance when he felt some movement beside him. So he looked towards his right and found Swara who was going to sit next to him.

(Swara) “May I intrude your lonely time Mr.Maheshwari”

(Sanskar) “Your House, your space why will I feel intruded Ms.Bose”

Both Swara and Sanskar laughed when they mentioned the names so formally. Swara then hugged him out of nowhere. Sanskar was shocked but he reciprocated the hug. Both of them felt new feelings in their body. Not a friendly one but something more. The hug from Swara was filled with Love, Friendship, Care but it had no sympathy for Sanskar. Breaking the hug, Swara said

(Swara) “You know Sanskar; you are one of the bravest man I have ever seen. It is not easy to tell this kind of past and moreover to tell in front of those people with whom you have just started your bonding. I have started respecting you even more. Before the respect was for your all round performance and for your determination but now its something different.”

(Sanskar) “Hold on your horses Swara, I have not done anything great.”

(Swara) “No Sanskar, you might not know the courage that it takes to tell all thus. Ask my father will he be able to tell people that his reason for divorce was because my mom had given birth to three daughters. He is a coward and will always be but you are nothing close to such men. You know Sanskar initially when I met you I thought you were one hell of a egoistic person but you proved me wrong Sanskar and I am grateful for that. You have changed my mindset that not all men are like my father.”

(Sanskar) “The same goes with you Swara, even I though the same about you. But look at you, you are hardworking, you take care of your family along with studies. Not everyone has so much capacity to work, study and sing. I must say Shomi Aunty has given the best upbringing to you daughters. I wish my mom was also the same and she wouldn’t just be involved in business. Though in Uttara I do notice changes and that is also because of Rajat but still she has few qualities like my mom and I certainly don’t like that. I do not want Uttara di to turn heartless like my mum. I just hope she changes.”

(Swara) “You know what Sanskar, time will teach them everything, do not worry.”

(Sanskar) “I hope they understand before its too late”

(Swara) “Why don’t you share your past with your mom and sister”

(Sanskar) “When a mom or a sister doesn’t feel anything wring for a week, how can I share my past Swara. I know they have the rights but they never bothered or took care of me. For me during that phase, my supporters were only Dad and DP uncle. Anyways Swara enough of this discussion let’s discuss something else”

(Swara) “Ok fine. But whenever you want any help, just remember one thing I am always there for you. I understand many people around you, but hopefully in that many I can find a place”

(Sanskar) “You know Swara, today I got confidence was partially because of you. Your eyes gave me the strength to face my past again. So thank you so much for that Swara”

(Swara) “Always”

(Sanskar) “So what do you think about tomorrow’s competition? Will we win?”

(Swara) “Winning or losing doesn’t matter, as long as we enjoy, I guess that should be all”

(Sanskar) “Swara the great is not thinking about competition isn’t it something new. You always compete with me”

(Swara) “Studies are different and music is different. Music is meant to be enjoyed. If music is felt from heart and then produced you will feel just like a bloomed rose else you feel like a dead rose from inside.”

(Sanskar) “Swara please enough of all this philosophical talks. But I really want to win tomorrow”

(Swara) “Let’s see what happens. It is sure that we will give our best. Results can be anything.”

Then they spoke for a little more time and left. On the other side, Nandini was busy with her studies and the others were talking amongst each other in the hall. As it was getting late, all the guys along with Khushi had left for the day

(Next Day – the Music Competition Day)

Swara reached college and then later Sanskar had picked her up and while Sahil and Khushi bade them farewell and wished them luck.

At the Venue

There were a total of ten teams participating in the group event. The group did not only have all post graduate students, the participants also had under graduate students. They were all from various fields. It was good interaction between the students. So the hall was filling up quickly to witness the best group or Band Competition.

(Host) “Hello to all the lovely students who have been seated here to witness the competition and all the best to the competing teams”

The host started announcing the team names and slowly the Band came and performed,

(Host) “The next team to perform has named their band as “VI’DESI’ Beat”. They are team representing ROTMAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT. They are pursuing Post Graduation in management. I wonder how these nerds are going to perform. It is going to be interesting, so let’s give it up for “VI’DESI’ Beat”guys.

Swasan and the gang came up on stage

They started singing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9EgDomrO_w

(Assume the hindi part is sang by Sanskar and English by Swara)

When their performance came to an end, the whole hall erupted with claps and roars. Swasan were happy with their performance and they all gave a group hug. The host came on stage

(Host) “Oh My God. It was a performance that would be remembered for ages. What a fusion guys, Hindi and English. I must say you are not only nerds but rock-stars too. So let me ask one question who named this band and why did this name come up.”

(Sanskar) “This band name was suggested by female lead of our bank Ms.Swara Bose. The reason behind this name was because we as a band try to fuse two different languages mostly being English and one language that represent India. We have separated VI from DESI because we wanted to mix songs that of two different languages and moreover our band is also same as the name where both Swara and I are Indian and James, Kyle and Leila are Canadians. So this our reason behind the name of our group”

(Host) “I am impressed, whatever may the result but you guys have stolen all our hearts. So guys all the best for your results”

Swasan and gang left from the stage. They again hugged each other and felt relieved.

Then other colleges too performed. The host came up on stage

(Host) “So guys, I hope you are all having fun. Now there is one more team and left and they are young and energetic. They are First Year Mechanical Engineering students studying at George Brown College. They have named their group as FAB 5. So guys let’s put our hands up for the final team FAB 5”

Their Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT2_F-1esPk

So guys now I am introducing FAB 5, remember them as they are also going to be a part in the near future, they are mechanical engineering students and they are in their first term. They are childhood buddies. Alia and Dhruv are in relation. Cabir and Navya are in relation and Abhimanyu and Mukti are in relationship. They all study together

Manik Malhotra – Guitarist and Male Lead in the band, Dhruv Vedant – Guitarist , Cabir Dhawan  Drums, Aliya – Pianist and sings the female part of song along with Mukti who is also a Guitarist and a flute player.

(Host) “Mind blowing performance FAB 5. How does it feel to be the youngest group in this competition?”

(Cabir) “Being youngest or oldest doesn’t matter what matters is music and we just focus on that”

(Host) “Why the name FAB 5”

(Manik) “We have been fabulous in music since our school days and that is when our principal gave us this name and from then on we have carried this name with pride”

(Host) “Ok Guys, I will have to tell you to move towards backstage and wait till the results are announced. All the best FAB 5”

FAB 5 had left the stage. While the FAB 5 were waiting, they started speaking to VI”DESI” Beats. Swasan were highly impressed by their intelligence as well as their passion for music. FAB 5 started calling them Didi and Bhaiya. All the seven exchanged their numbers. Later during the results,

(Host) “Hello Everyone, I am back but this time I have the results with me.”

Everyone in the crowd hooted and at the backstage all stood nervous.

(Host) “Ok Guys, the third place Waterloo band who represented University of Waterloo. I request them to come on stage and collect their medals”

The team and collected their medals.

(Host) “The second place goes to the team from Queen’s University which called them as the Rock Band”

The team came and collected their medals.

(Host) “Now the team who have got the highest number and are the ultimate winners are FAB 5 from George Brown College (Swasan were disappointed but they were happy to participate) and one more surprise guys, there are two teams who have got first place and the band that is going to share the first place along with FAB 5 is the team from ROTMAN School of Management, VI”DESI” Beat. Give it up for both the teams”

Swasan and group were happy and they also came on stage and shared their first place. Later all started dispersing and VI”DESI” Beat were talking to FAB 5

(Manik) “Bhai and Di, congrats”

(Swara) “Thank you Manik”

(Cabir) “You Know Bhai, we never thought of winning against you guys we thought that we would get second or third place but I am so happy that we are sharing the first place”

(Sanskar) “We are also very happy. We thought we wouldn’t win but this is amazing. I guess this calls for celebration, what say guys”

(Swara) “I am in for sure. Sanskar let’s pick up Sahil and Khushi and if Kavita wants she can also join us. What say?”

(Sanskar) “Done. Inform Shomi Aunty that you will be late and Sahil and I will drop you back.”

(Swara) “I will do that, what say FAB 5, Party?”

(Aliya and Muktiin unison) “Always ready

(Sanskar) “I guess, Manik, Cabir and Dhruv aren’t ready they have no excitement at all”

(Boys) “No Bhai, we are definitely “IN””

FAB 5 along with Swasan had first left to ROTMAN and then from there they picked up Sahil and Khushi. Kavita didn’t want to join as she was angry and frustrated seeing Swara with Sanskar.

FAB 5 had made a special relationship with Sahil and Khushi too. They had a lot of fun. The day had got over with all happy faces. A new bond gives rise to new beginnings and lets see where the beginning go from here.

Leap of Few Months (Uttara’s Marriage)

The Entire Maheshwari clan was busy with Uttara and Rajat’s wedding. In these few months, Sharmishtha got a job in Swara’s college. Nandini’s exams were over and she was waiting for her results. Ragini had fun doing her teacher job near her home. DP and Sharmishtha have become closer as they had few things in common like love for teaching and loving students. Sharmishtha never had taken any classes for Swara due to conflict of interest. Sanskar, Swara, Sahil and Khushi always spent their lunch with Sharmishtha and DP. Kavita made her own gang of girls who wanted to be fashionistas in entire college. Kavita was dead jealous of Swara. Kavita had told all the developments about Swara to Sujata as she knew that only she could support her in getting Sanskar. Meanwhile from Sujata’s side she always tried bringing Sanskar and Kavita together but she failed miserably and that pissed her a lot. Here Sujata and Kavita were adamant and on other side Sanskar’s bond grew stronger with the Bose. Ragini still meets Laksh but now it’s different. They have started liking each other and Laksh had openly proposed Ragini in front of Bose Family. Ragini was hesitant at the beginning and she said she needed time to think but pure conviction of Laksh made her confess her feelings. All the close friends and family were happy. Laksh’s parents had no problem with it. Now Ragini has also become part of Maheshwari, so she also helped in Uttara’s marriage. Swara and Nandini had also helped the Maheshwaris equally as their sister was going to be part of their house. This irked Sujata and Kavita all the more. The happiest people among them were Sahil and Family, DP, Sanskar and RP. Uttara initially didn’t like the Bose but as Rajat had pointed out earlier that Swara is a nice girl, she started liking her and Uttara also accepted the Bose Family. She enjoyed their company and slowly Uttara started talking to Swara more than Kavita. Swara always explained her how relations are important. This made Uttara feel that she never took into consideration feelings of Rajat or Sanskar. She always was focused on career and less on family. Being around Ragini, Swara and Nandini she understood the siblings bond. Now Uttara also made sure to respect relationship along with work. She was happy that she got the Bose Family to help her out. Apart from Sujata and Kavita, there was one person who didn’t like happiness in the life of Bose Family and the fact was unknown to others


Precap : Continuation of further leap.


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