Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 17

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Recap: Shifting of House and Some new Bondings

Bose House
Next Day
The Bose house had mentally prepared to start their life a fresh. With getting themselves a new house, it brought them a new sense of confidence. The Bose Family was ready to face the world and they were happy with their new beginnings.
At the Dining

(Shomi) “Girls, Nandini and I are leaving for school. So we have to start a little early. Ragini and Swara, please make sure you girls eat your breakfast and then leave for respective works.
Ragini, all the best, for your interview at the crèche. I know you will get selected and be confident. Swara, Anurag Bhaisaab will send the car, so you can go in the car.

(Ragini and Swara in unison) “Yes Mom.”

Saying this both Shomi and Nandini had left the house.

(Swara) “So Ragini, Laksh had called me to tell that you need to go for your appointment. So do you want me to schedule for this Saturday?”

(Ragini) “Why Saturday?. I can even go anytime during this week.”

(Swara) “I want to accompany you Ragini and I can only do that during weekends as balance days I have my classes at the University.”

(Ragini) “Swara, I can manage. I want to do this alone and I want to face all my insecurities by myself. I want to be strong for you all. I do not want to be the person who is weak.”

(Swara) “It is about weak or strong. I just want to be with you.”

(Ragini) “I promise Swara, that I will take care of myself and you will see a change in me. Let me do this alone, just this time. If I will not be able to handle myself then from next sitting onwards I will take you. Just for once, let me do this alone.”

(Swara) “But any problem, you will have to give me a call immediately.”

(Ragini) “It’s a done deal. So can you fix an appointment at Laksh’ clinic for tomorrow or so. I have an interview to attend today and moreover even if I get selected I would like to join from next week, so I can complete at the least one sitting by tomorrow. What do you say?”

(Swara) “I will get your appointment scheduled with his clinic and moreover you can also have his number, just in case you need it.”

(Ragini) “Done, just write it down and leave it near my mobile. You also have to leave now, as the car is going to come anytime soon and your lunch is also packed so please take that before you leave, I will head to my room, to freshen up.”

(Swara) “Ya ok. Now stop nagging like a mother, I am the elder one here, so stop fussing around and get ready.”

(Ragini) “You might be elder, but just by a year. Now do what I say and if the car comes before I come out, just lock the door and leave, I have a spare key with me.”

(Swara) “Ok fine. All the Best Ragini, go kill it in the interview”

Saying this both sisters bade Bye to each other and left for their routines.

Nandini’s School
Nandini had reached school on time and she was glad that her school was going to get over in another three months and she didn’t have to travel to this place that holds horrible memory in her life. While she was walking towards her class, a boy stopped her way and spoke

(Boy) “So where have you all shifted?”

(Nandini) “That’s none of your concern Mr.Aditya Gadodia. This time you have stopped my way but next time don’t you dare.”

(Aditya) “Chill. I am just asking and I can stop you whenever I want, remember I am your brother my darling sister.”

(Nandini) “Never ever tell me who you are to me because I never consider you as my brother. So bye, I am getting late for the class and when I say never don’t cross my path because I will not be responsible for the aftermath.”

Aditya for once didn’t tell anything but something was definitely cooking in his brains and he was not going to give up so easily as he was obviously son of Shekhar and Sakshi.

Like that the day in school had passed, while Nandini was waiting for Shomi, Aditya was hiding to see where they stay. As soon both mother and daughter duo started moving, Aditya followed them and saw the place where they were staying. He was in awe with that place and was very eager to tell his parents as to where the Bose Family reside.

At University
Swara and Khushi had entered together as the driver had first picked Swara and on the way he had picked Khushi too. They both have developed a very unbreakable bond. As soon as they entered, they spotted Sanskar and Sahil along with Kavita. But since both of them were with Kavita, they didn’t want to go to them as both the girls knew how much Kavita hates them. Meanwhile Swara had dropped a message to Ragini saying that she had to meet Laksh at 12.30pm in the afternoon and she also sent the address to Ragini, just in case she forgets to tell Ragini later.

As usual in the day went and now it was time for DP’s class therefore all sat along with their partners that were assigned by DP

(Sahil) “So Khushi, is Swara’s house set?”

(Khushi) “Yup. Thanks a lot for helping us and also thanks for dropping yesterday.”

(Sahil) “Don’t be so formal Khushi. We are friends and we can do at least this much.”

(Khushi) “But Still thanks a ton”

(Sahil) “Ok, enough of being so formal, let’s go through the project once, so that we are mentally prepared if our turns come today”

Khushi nodded and they started discussing the project.

In Swasan’s Side
(Swara) “Hi”

(Sanskar) “Hi”

(Swara) “Thanks once again.”

(Sanskar) “For What?”

(Swara) “For coming and stopping by our new house and helping my family in setting up that house. Most importantly for sending us the details of the house that was vacant.”

(Sanskar) “I will not accept your thanks, instead call us for a lunch or dinner sometime sooner. Then I will gladly accept the same.”

(Swara) “That is anyways On, remember we had discussed it yesterday.”

(Sanskar) “Then I do not need any thanks. Just food. You see Sahil, Laksh and I, all of us are big time foodie and we have a big appetite.”

(Swara)”The way you sound it is like I have to ask mom and Ragini to cook for an army”

(Sanskar) “Whatever, but I have one condition”

(Swara thoughtfully spoke) “That is?”

(Sanskar) “You need to prepare one dish apart from what aunty and Ragini prepare for us.”

(Swara) “Accepted. I thought you were going to say something that would be impossible. Thanks God it is just cooking.”

(Sanskar) “I am a very tough judge to please. So pull up your socks whenever you invite all three over lunch.”

(Swara) “Aye Aye Sir.”

Both of them laughed and played with each other but someone was very unhappy and that was Kavita. She was burning in jealousy and she didn’t like the way Sanskar was talking to Swara.
She could clearly see that sooner or later Sanskar would fall in love with Swara and she had to stop Sanskar. She was least interested what her partner for the presentation was explaining her. Her eyes only threw daggers at Swara.

DP entered the class and the class came to silence.

(DP) “Hello Guys, I hope we can begin with our presentations.”

All the students in Unison, “Yes,Sir”

(DP) “I have some news for you guys, I have decided all of you at once would complete the presentations as I do not want to extend the time limit. So I have requested the subject teachers to kindly lend their periods too. Also all your teachers are going to be the judges along with me. So are you all up for the challenge guys.”

(Students) “Yes Sir.”

(DP) “So let’s move to the mini auditorium, all the teachers are waiting for you guys there. Make all the teachers there and me proud. So come on my dearies let’s move and begin the presentations at the earliest.”

All the students walked towards the Mini Auditorium and got settled. The presenters were called one by one. Before the presenters would start a topic, DP would give an introduction of the topic and the presenters would start. Everyone one by one presented their topics. Kavita had fumbled as she was not interested in the presentation because of her personal reasons. But Kavita’s partner had managed it pretty well. Sahil and Khushi had also presented a very good paper. On Swasan’s side, they both were very confident. They had the strongest presentation. Now since everyone’s turn had got over, they all waited patiently to start with their next round.

(DP) “So my dearies, I have the result with me. We have selected 5 pairs to the next round. And they have to present the same right now. This will be an extension to your previous topic wherein you will give the solution for the problem that would be posed. The 5 pairs will be given a question and the teams will get 5 minutes to come with a solution and present the same. We need at least three slides for your presentation along with the explanations. So let me start by telling the name of the finalists.”

All were tensed and they didn’t know what to expect.

(DP) So the teams or the pairs that have been selected are Sahil and Khushi, Sam and Paul, Sean and Grace, Victor and Preet and last but not least Swara and Sanskar. So guys please come here and collect your problems, once you are ready, we will start the timer and as soon as 5 minutes are up, all of you will be on stage together and then randomly we will ask you to explain your project.”

Kavita hated the moment they had announced Swara and Sanskar, she was jealous to the core and she was not able to tolerate a bit. The students had collected their problems and as soon as they were all in comfortable position, the timer started and all were already in a rush. The calmest people in this situation were Sahil, Sanskar and Swara. Sahil because he had already thought about the solution and he started explaining Khushi, seeing this Khushi also gained a little confidence and she made the three slides based on the background what Sahill gave. Both were satisfied with their outcome and they had completed it almost 30 seconds before their time was up. Swasan had already come with various alternatives while preparing the original presentation and thereby they just had to select the best and incorporate in the final slide, so they did the same and were just discussing on how to present in front of the judges.
The time was up and slowly one by one were called and this time it was very difficult for the judges to announce the winners.

(DP) “Oh my God. You all have been pretty awesome. It is a very tough decision for us to tell you guys. So we will take another ten minutes and then the results would be announced.”

All were super scared as what would happen. All were looking at each other and trying to understand the emotions running in them.

(DP) “Guys, results are out. As we all know the prize of winning this competition is to be able to visit the Prime Minister of Canada and you also have a chance of winning $20,000. So hope the winners will be able to win and make this University proud. Now we are having a tie and the winners are Sean and Grace and Sanskar and Swara.”

The auditorium roared with applauds. Victor, Grace, Swara and Sanskar congratulated each other. Sanskar and Swara hugged each other and congratulated. Swara didn’t why she hugged Sanskar, the same was the case with Sanskar, but both of them felt contended and happy. Sahil and Khushi, came forward and congratulated their best buddies. Kavita came forward and said

(Kavita) “Congrats Sanskar, I knew that you would get selected. You worked hard on this project.”

(Sanskar) “It was a joint effort between Swara and I. More than me she was the one who worked hard, so you should congratulate her too”

(Kavita) “(Turned towards Swara by giving her a whatever look) Congrats (Swara acknowledged by shaking her head in response). (Turning towards Sanskar) Sanskar we need a party.”

(Sanskar) “Once we win the overall competition, then I will give a party, right now I have no time to think about all this as Swara and I have to prepare a better paper in front of our Prime
Minister by next week. So Sahil, I am leaving with Swara, as we have to discuss on our project.”

(Swara) “But Sanskar, I have to go to library as my shift is going to start and moreover Khushi would drop me. Don’t worry. About the project, I will prepare my notes and come a little early so that we can discuss. Don’t worry.(She said with a smile)”

(Kavita interrupted) “Ya Sanskar, Swara is right. Why would you waste your time, you should go home and start preparing and moreover you have to drop me too, remember?”

(Sanskar) “Kavita please do not interfere. Sahil will drop you and on the he will drop Khushi too. I will wait for Swara in the library till like earlier and I have no problem with it.”

Kavita huffed and she knew she wouldn’t be able to tell anything to Sanskar, so she just walked angrily towards the parking area.

(Sahil) “Don’t worry about anything Swara, now you guys have to prepare for nationals and just concentrate on that, Khushi is my responsibility so just don’t worry.”

(Khushi) “Swara I guess both Sanskar and Sahil are right, so just chill. If you guys get late, Swara you can stay back with me for this entire week, I will get your clothes from your house. What say?”

(Swara) “Your idea is very appealing Khushi, let me talk to mom and confirm.”

(Khushi) “Don’t stress, I will call her. You just concentrate on your work and presentation. Congrats and all the best to the two of you.”

(Sahil) “Bye guys and take care. We have to leave else the make-up beauty will eat me by saying that I have made her wait for long, so bye.”

Sahil and Khushi had left. Now Swasan were left alone both of them started walking towards the library and Swara spoke

(Swara) “There is no use of waiting Sanskar, you will only be wasting your time, rather you can use the time productively by going home and starting your research.”

(Sanskar) “Ms.Bose, I haven’t asked your permission. I will sit in the library and use the Wi-fi that is provided in the library for which I have paid during admission and sit quietly and do research. You can as usual do your work and give me the references when you are free. So Ms. Bose please zip your mouth and let me do what I have to. No more arguments.”

(Swara sighed and spoke) “Aye Aye Captain.”

Both of them laughed and left towards the library. Sanskar sat at his regular spot and started gathering data and true to their words, Swara was coming and giving her inputs. They were amazing as partners and now they were also very comfortable in each other’s presence. While they were starting back home, after Swara’s shift, Swara suddenly spoke

(Swara) “Oops Sanskar, I completely forgot, Ragini had prepared lunch and we were so busy that I forgot to have.”

(Sanskar) “What’s there to take tension, I am such feeling hungry, I was anyways going to offer you to accompany me to a café, anyways come let’s go to my car we can sit and have a little and then we can go to a café because I am actually starving.

(Swara) “Done Deal, come then let’s go”

Both of them started walking towards his car and sat in the car, Swara opened her lunch box and offered it to Sanskar. Sanskar was over the moon when he saw that lunch was his favorite

(Sanskar) “Swara do you know something, I love Indian food and do you know something, I Love Rajma Rice. It’s been ages since I had this. My mom and sister do not have time to make it and the cooks at our home are useless. It’s like I am eating after two years last it was made by one of our old cook who left the work and then Dad and I had tried making it but we were utter failures and after that we never made.

(Swara) “I never knew you liked all this. I thought you all will like healthy, less oily food and the like”

(Sanskar) “Since we do not have option we survive with whatever we get. But when we get a chance to eat Indian, we all just go for it. You know Swara, only because of Mom and my sister, we have shifted to continental and the like. But Dil Se (from heart) Dad and I still crave for Indian Food.”

(Swara) “Sanskar can I suggest something, if you don’t mind, I can bring a box for you or whenever you feel like having Indian food, you can always drop in my house or give a call the previous day and I can get a box of food.”

(Sanskar) “Thank you so much Swara. I don’t want you to bring the food daily. Whenever I want, I will give you a call and you can bring me the next day or as you said I will come down to your house.”

(Swara) “It’s a done deal Mr.maheshwari”

After that both of them had food and they left to a café wherein they drank coffee and discussed more on their project. Later, Sanskar had dropped Swara to Khushi’s house and left from there to his house. At Khushi’s house Anurag and Shweta were very welcoming and congratulated Swara for her success. Then they chatted for a little, ate their dinner and left for their respective rooms. Swara got to know that Ragini got the job and thereby she congratulated her. She also reminded her to for her sitting tomorrow with Laksh. They said their pleasantries and slept.

Ragini’s Day
She was quite nervous as this was the first time she had to give interview for a job, she didn’t know how to give a interview, she didn’t know how to behave. She was extremely scared and nervous. She was fidgeting with her hand. She was called for the interview and the panelists had greeted her with a smile, this eased her tension a little bit. She was answering to all the questions they were asking and they were quite impressed by her. Ragini was happy with the way things turned out to be. The panelists told that they would inform the results after sometime, so they told her to drop her phone number and leave. Ragini went from there and walked towards her house. She was happy that she answered everything with confidence and positivity. She was happy that she was able to be that Ragini that she always wanted to be, the confident Ragini that was lost. Then she checked her phone where Swara had messaged about her appointment with Laksh for tomorrow. She was hopeful that tomorrow would bring out more betterment in her. She continued doing her household work and then she had decided to go and purchase some groceries for home as they didn’t have much of stock. So Ragini had left to the supermarket to get all the stuffs needed for the house. While she was returning after her shopping, she got a call from the play home that she would be inducted in their play home. She was elated and happy that finally things were falling in place and she agreed to join from next week.

When Shomi and Nandini returned back, Ragini shared this news, both were very happy. Meanwhile Khushi called Shomi to inform about Swara, then Shomi also informed about Ragini to Khushi. Khushi was very happy and she told that she would inform Swara about the same as soon as she returns home. When Swara got to know she called Ragini and congratulated her. Later that night all the Bose Members had the best sleep.

Recap : Raglak for sure and balance no idea.

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