Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 14

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Recap : Bonding of Swasan

The next day had risen and there was a lot of commotion at the Bose House.

(Shomi) “Swara, get up you have to go for your college rehearsals. Please wake up my dear”

(Swara got up with a jerk) “Oh my, I completely forgot about rehearsals. Mom I will get ready till then please keep my breakfast ready. I will eat in bus.”

(Shomi) “Ok, now get up and run”

Shomi went towards the kitchen where Ragini was preparing breakfast.

(Shomi) “Ragu please make sandwiches for Swara and pack it in a foil paper. She will eat her breakfast in the bus as she is getting late.”

(Ragini) “But mom I have made pancakes for her as it is Nandu and Swara’s favourite.”

(Shomi) “My dear that’s good but how will she eat it in bus?”

(Ragini thought for some time and said) “Mom, I will make it as pancake sandwich. I will cut them in small slices and pack it for her just like sandwich along with that I will also pack
some fruits.”

(Shomi) “That’s a good idea Ragu. Then quickly pack it for her, once Swara is ready she would just take this home on her hear. So make it quick till then I will wake up Nandu”

Ragini packs Swara’s breakfast. Here Swara is in a hurry and is getting ready whereas Nandu is just torturing her mom by not waking up easily though she is awake. Ragini comes near Swara and hands her breakfast tightly sealed so that her food doesn’t get spoiled. Swara takes it in her hand and places the same in her hand bag along with a bottle of water. Swara then runs to Nandu’s room and asks her to wake up as she wants to tell her something important. Listening important Nandu gets up leaving an astonished Shomi mouth shut.

(Swara) “Listen my cutie, wake up fast. Remember that Ragu is having her appointment today?”

(Nandini) “Yes Swara Di, I remember.”

(Swara) “So my young naughty sister you have to bring Ragini to my college sharp by 1.30 and from there we will go to Khushi’s house for lunch and from there we will visit the doc. So I want you to be there on time, please. Even if Ragini says “NO” bring her by hook or by crook. So can I trust you?”

(Nandini) “Don’t worry Swara Di, I will bring her on time. Instead of coming to your college I will go directly to Khushi Di’s house. I will tell Ragini that we are going to go and visit the Mittals and I will bring Maa along too. So that Ragini cannot say NO”

(Swara turned her face towards her Mom) “What do you suggest?”

(Shomi) “I can do anything for my Ragu. So I guess I will go with what Nandu has suggested.”

(Swara) “Ok then see you guys later and be on time.”

Swara then leaves for her practice and here everyone convinces Ragini to go to the Mittals house for lunch. Meanwhile Shomi has also informed Shweta that they all were coming for lunch and she also apologized for self inviting themselves. Shweta immediately dismissed the apology and said her that they are family.
Swara had reached her bus stop and meanwhile Sanskar was crossing so he stopped his car in front of her. Swara didn’t know that the driver of the car was Sanskar and she was marching towards the car in full anger. As soon as she knocked, the window shades came down and she was surprised and she said

(Swara) “Sanskar what are you doing here and is this the way you drive the car?”

(Sanskar) “Relax Swara. I saw you were walking so I thought I will scare you but instead you have become a devil in anger”

(Swara) “Why would I get scared and if it would have been someone else also I would have given a nice whacking, don’t forget I am a black belt in Karate”

(Sanskar) “Ok fine but now please enter the car as we have to go to college for practice.”

Swara realized that they were getting late and so she sat in the passenger seat next to him. On the way

(Swara) “So tell me about yourself. Since we have started talking so much and you know pretty much everything about me, so now your turn”

(Sanskar) “Ok. From where do I start?”

(Swara) “From the very start that is from your childhood”

(Sanskar) “Hmm. I was a very naughty kid in the start. I never got good grades. My mom was always upset about it and my elder sis always nagged about her good grades. Then slowly I started working hard and started getting good grades. My family is always about studies but still I managed keeping my passion for music intact. I started learning music just to (he paused, this is his bad phase that we will discover or unravel later), I mean just so that I be a little different. Sahil is like my best friend, we have been together since our childhood. Then Kavita joined Sahil and I when we were in third grade. She had just shifted from India. She was daughter of one of our business clients and slowly we all became one thick gang. Kavita is very possessive about me which I hate and Sahil is one understanding dude. Kavita never understands any of our view point and we cannot understand hers (Sanskar chuckled). She is full of fashion. Sahil knows me in and out. He was our neighbor and that’s how we became friends. I was a topper but after joining university, you know what has happened (Giving a sarcastic smile towards Swara). Then what else hmmm ya… My mom is always busy in office work and has less time for her kids. My dad manages keeping personal and professional life intact. We own Karma Industries along with Kapoors. My Sis Uttara is engaged to Rajat Kapoor the heir of Karma along with Uttara and me. My sister will get married by end of June when we have our first semester holidays. I also want to enter into Government Department, so after this I would definitely prepare of civil exams. So yes this is about me.”

Swara was listening to him very eagerly and she understood that he didn’t get his mother’s love and there was also something that he is hiding because when he mentioned music, there was a long pause but she didn’t want to spoil his mood so she shifted the topic.

(Swara) “Oh my my.. Sanskar you are a man of many talents and vision. Even I might give you a competition in Civil exams because that is also my dream. So Sanskar, all the best even in that field (she smiled smirking at him).”

Sanskar felt relieved as she didn’t question about his pause. He thought that she would have simply thought he had taken a break from speaking but he didn’t know that Swara understood everything.

(Sanskar) “So Swara tell me more about your family and life”

(Swara) “Well you know that I am from a middle class background. I love music. I never had friends. I always loved books and I always topped class. I am eldest in my family. My mom is correspondent in Government School in our area. We are a family of three sisters and mom. We love each other. We are close to the Mittals and Anurag Mittal treats my mom as his sister and since……… college is come we would discuss this topic later.”

(Sanskar) “This is not fair Swara. You have to tell me.”

(Swara) “I will but some other time”

Saying this, the car came to halt at the University parking and both of them left together for their practice.

Their practice had gone amazing and they practiced on the song Shape of You mixed with Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast


(something like the above video.. Imagine that Shape of You is sang by Sanskar and Tu Cheez Badi hai Mast Mast by Swara….. The above video is given just for the fusion music)

They had amazing four hours of practice and by the time they dispersed for the day it was already 1.30. Swara left the place to catch a bus to Khushi’s place when again Sanskar had told that he would drop. She agreed to him as she was getting late. Both of them kept chatting and once Khushi’s house arrived, they both said their pleasantries and left.

Khushi’s house
Swara entered and she saw that all were already sitting in the Living Room. Swara went and hugged Anurag and said

(Swara) “I guess all of you have forgotten about me.”

(Anurag) “Arrey my dear Swaru, how can I forget you. So tell me beta how was your practice”

(Swara) “Amazing Uncle. I thoroughly enjoyed and our competition is in another two weeks with project submission coming up next week. I am super duper excited about university.”

(Khushi) “Why wouldn’t she be excited in both places she has Sanskar obviously she will feel excited.”

(Nandini) “Correct Khushi Di. I second you on this”

Meanwhile Shomi and Shweta entered bringing juices for them

(Shweta) “Don’t irritate my daughter. See how much hard work she does and you both naughty girls always irritate her”

Swara went near Shweta and hugged her

(Shweta) “So my bacha how are you?”

Ragini had taken the tray from Shweta’s hands and served the drinks to everyone

(Swara) “I am good Aunty and how are you doing?”

(Shweta) “I am super duper fine beta”

They all chatted for few more time and then Shweta had asked servants to prepare the dining room for lunch. Then all marched towards the dining room and sat. They all were having fun while eating but only one person was aloof and that was Ragini. Ragini knew that she was being brought to meet the doctor and she was scared about the same. More than scared she was hell nervous. She didn’t want to share her past with third person. All the encounters with her previous psychiatrist was a nightmare as she had to relieve the same past again and again. The doctors gave her medicines and from then on she tried her best to forget her past. She also avoided going after few months and she told her family that she felt better. She still was not over her nightmares but she hid all her fears and tried to be old. This time also she was scared because she had to relieve the memory again and she didn’t want to relive her past. No one noticed her mood. After sometime when the lunch was over,

(Khushi) “Ok my lovely parents and aunty, we girls are leaving and you oldies keep chatting. We are going to meet Laksh today. So we might get late.”

(Anurag) “Not a problem. Have fun and let me tell you everyone’s dinner is also here. So if Laksh wants he can also join in.”

(Swara) “Uncle but we will have to leave to home else we all will get super duper late.”

(Shweta) “I had already told Sharmishtha that you all are holding a night here. So your mom has already got all your clothes. So no more arguments, go and have fun. See you in the evening.”

(Shomi) “Ya Shweta Bhabhi had already told me to bring clothes. So take a chill and enjoy”

Sharmishtha aka Shomi went close to Ragini and said very softly

(Shomi) “I saw you nervous and scared in the dining room. You would have hid emotions from everyone but not from me. I am your mom and I understand you. So please stop fidgeting and today when you come back, I don’t expect 100% old Ragini but I do want to see a change in you. I will not ask why you changed all of a sudden but I will always love and support you. So stay calm and give your best.”

Saying this she left Ragini to the place where all girls waited. They left in their car and reached a garden where Laksh was already waiting with someone.
So the girls moved towards him (Laksh and that other person were facing backside and did not see the girls coming. They were sitting in a gazebo as it was sunny and waiting for the girls to come.

(Khushi tapped Laksh’s shoulder and said) “Hi Laksh, how are you?” Along with Laksh, Sanskar also turned. Seeing him, both Swara and Khushi were shocked but composed themselves.

(Laksh turned and said) “Hi my cutie, how are you? I have been waiting for so long and you come now. Not fair. This is not the way you treat me. Luckily Sanskar was there with me, in spite of having college he came and you. hmph”

(Khushi) “I am so sorry for being late. How do you know Sanskar? I know he was in college as he has music practice. Let me tell you one more thing we are classmates and moreover (pointing towards Swara) she was also in the same practice session in which Sanskar had gone. Coz they are bandmates”

(Laksh) “Oh okay acha please would you mind giving everyone’s introduction”

(Khushi) “Okay Guys. He is Laksh my friend and school senior by one year. He is a psychologist and he has flourished in just one year’s time. This is my best friend Swara , next to her is Ragini and …..”

(Before Khushi could say, Nandini spoke) “Hi Laksh Bro and Sanskar Bro, I am the youngest among them. I am Nandini and I am in High School. I will complete it by this year with good grades hopefully and then join an engineering college”

Both Sanskar and Laksh greeted her and spoke to her as if they know her for long. They all had fun. But Ragini was hell nervous and this was noticed by Laksh. Laksh knew that she was his patient from the start even before Ragini could tell but he did not want to push Ragini to a tense situation. He was attracted by Ragini’s beauty and the only thing that disturbed him was her nervousness and fear. So to start treatment, he simply and casually asked Swara to come aside and asked her about Ragini and he repeated the same procedure with Nandini. He took clues from both and put it all together but his ultimate aim was to get Ragini out of her fear. So he made a plan and informed them through text. Since Ragini was nervous, she didn’t notice anything, which made it easy for everyone to execute.

(Nandini) “Khushi Di, I am getting bored, can we go for boating.. Please”

(Khushi) “Why not Nandu, come let’s go and have fun”

(Nandini) “Okay Di, let’s go.”

Nandu and Khushi had left from that place and hid behind a bush as they were waiting for Swasan’s exit from the scene.”

(Sanskar told with a cool attitude) “Swara since we have met again, can we discuss about our project, so that we can submit our first draft to DP sir in two days. I have my laptop, so we can complete it too. What say?”

(Swara) “Perfect. Let’s do it. Let’s sit near the lake. It’s always easy to get ideas.”

When Swara was about to leave,

(Ragini) “Swara don’t leave me alone, please.”

(Swara) “Ragu don’t worry, nothing is going to happen. Just chill. You enjoy with Laksh till then I will complete my work. You know that I am working hard for the project as I want good grades so pleased don’t stop me now. In few minutes Khushi and Nandini will be back so don’t worry.”
Saying this both Swasan left, they reached the place where Khushi and Nandini were hiding and then all the four walked towards the lake. Meanwhile Raglak were left alone.

(Laksh) “So Ragini… why don’t you take a seat.”

Ragini just nodded her head and sat down silently.

(Laksh) “So let me introduce myself. Hi I am Laksh Maheshwari. I am cousin of Sanskar and elder to him by a year. I am a psychologist by profession and I have been named in the list of Young Successful Psychologists. Khushi was my neighbor and school mate that’s how we know each other. So now tell me a little about yourself”

(Ragini) “H…Hi. I a…am Rag…. Ragini. I have ju….just completed m….my hi….high sch….school”

(Laksh) “Do you always stutter or today is some kind of special occasion?”

She didn’t respond to him and silent tears started flowing from her eyes due to nervousness. Laksh saw this and immediately went a little closer, cupped her face and wiped her tears off and spoke.

(Laksh) “I am sorry if I hurt you. I am here just to heal you and not to make it worse. We have enough time to discuss your matter. Don’t worry I am here and I will not leave you in between I promise. So now stop crying and say a good bye to your tears.”
Ragini sighed and gave him a meek smile. Laksh was happy seeing her half hearted smile and he promised that he would make her smile whole heartedly one day.

(Laksh) “So Ragini, just loosen up a bit and let’s continue. Now try to tell me about yourself without stuttering”

(Ragini took a deep breath and started) “I am second child to my parents. I love my mother and my sisters. I adore my mom and Swara the most as they are a role model. They never give up and they never fall weak no matter what situation they are put into. Nandini is my doll. We fight a lot, nag a lot and we enjoy a lot. We tease Swara together and have a lot of fun. I completed my high school and didn’t continue my studies because…….(she paused)”

(Laksh) “I just want to hear about those things that make you happy so for once just forget the bad part of your life.”

(Ragini again with all her might continued) “Along with my mom and sisters, I take tuitions just to meet our daily expenses. We have a father who just abandoned us and I know you must be thinking why I am telling this, it is purely because this memory is something we sisters will totally like to CTRL+ALT+DEL (Ragini smiled a little). He left my mom and us because Nandini was the third daughter and he wanted a son. So he married another lady who was already pregnant with his child. He cheated on my mom for money and son but when my mom fought for us and finally asked him to leave our life, it was happiest moment for us. I love teaching kids and I love cooking. I do not regret a single minute of quitting my higher education. I am happy with my life.”

(Laksh) “Hmm so Ragini don’t you feel jealous of Swara because she is studying and you haven’t even gotten a degree for yourself.”

(Ragini) “Swara has always been my support and she had always fought for us when others kept quiet. She was the one who told me to start living my life after that incident. Though she has no idea about what exactly happened as I had told her only half truth. She has been taking me to doctors so that I get better. Seeing her work hard for me, I decided to lie saying that I was feeling better for her good because I wanted her to become successful though she managed everything well. Though she understood I was lying, she had to bow down in front of my stubbornness. Being the eldest, at a very young age she has seen a lot and she along with mom have always been our protective shield. It was later when Nandini and I had realized the truth. So tell me doctor how can I feel of jealous of a selfless girl like her. You know the reason why she is studying so much so that she can earn well and no one pin points any finger towards our family. So I can never be like her and match her. To me, she is my guarding angel though I hid the truth that I still have night mares but to see her getting success makes me happy because I am also a part of her success. Swara has proved to be Son of our house and we have supported her in whatever way we could. Leaving studies was my choice, so there is no reason I will be jealous of my elder sister.

Laksh was lost in her smile because he could see happiness in her eyes when she spoke about her family especially Swara. (doctors are not supposed to have any kind of relationship with patients but with Ragini the scenario is different. He is meeting her as a friend though his main motive is to treat her.)

Recap : Raglak along with some scenes of Swasan, Khushi and Nandini.

Sorry for a very late update and love you guys

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