Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 11

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Recap : Three months leap

At the University

(DP) “Good Morning class”

Students in Unison, “Good Morning Sir”

(DP) “I have an interesting assignment for you guys. I want you guys to really put in your best. The assignment would be done in pairs. As this is a class of 40 students, a total of 20 pairs would be made. The pairs have been made based on the consultation of balance professors who teach you. This assignment has to be prepared and presented within a month. The best assignment would be selected and then that pair would be sent to present the topic in front of our Interim Prime Minister Bob Rae (he was the prime minister before Justin Trudeau). This is a competition that is going take place all over Canada. So if you want to be selected then be the best. The overall winners would be awarded a price of $20,000/- each. The project must contain the introduction of your topic followed by in depth discussion of the topic then its affect on modern economy and last how to overcome if we face the same situation in present scenario. So students are you all excited for this competition.”

Students in Unison, “Yes Sir”

DP started announcing the names of the pairs. To the shock, Swasan were paired together, Khushi was paired with Sahil and Kavita was paired with some random person (I know its cliché).

Swasan were given topic – Asian Financial Crisis – 1997

Sahil and Khushi were given the topic – Chilean Crisis 1982

Kavita and the random person were given the topic – Dot-com Bubble

And likewise the rest of the pairs were given topics.

(DP) “As the pairs are announced, I would request all the students to sit in the same pair and I would hear no arguments on that”

Khushi happily sat with Sahil whereas Kavita was angry that Swasan were made pair and not Kavsan. Swasan had no expression. Their reaction was unmoved. Their face never gave their feelings about this whole pairing up thing.

(DP) “So guys I would be your mentor, so whenever you guys have doubts or you need clarity, you can always contact me. You can use all my classes for making of your projects.
This way it is easy for me to complete all the topics as I do not have teach them and when you present to your class, your fellow batch mates would learn.”
All looked questioningly towards DP

(DP smiling) “Oh I forgot to say, every pair needs to present the topic in this class and others have to take the notes on the same. So at the end of the project submission, you need to make sure that you are sure about all the 20 topics. These topics would tested in your first semester. So guys be ready for your challenge. Along with that the other professors will also take class. So there is no ignoring of any subjects or topics. I will be eagerly waiting for your first semester results because I do not want any of your grades to go down. Am I clear”

“Yes Sir”

The day went on and now it was their Activity classes. So the students had gone to their respective rooms.

In the Activity Class,
Both the groups were thrown challenges, in short there was going to be a music battle between the groups because many college fests were coming up and Mr.Henry was confused as to which team to be sent to which college. So he decided to keep a battle between the two teams so that it would be easy for him to decide as he could test their capability.

Team 1 – James, Kyle, Swara, Sanskar and Leila (Name of the Band – Vi”Desi” Beats)

Team 2 – Akira, James, Ellie, John and Farheen (Name of the Band – Heartbeats)

So the battle had started Team 1 sang – I am in love with the shape of you as soon as it was over, Team 2 sang – If Ain’t Love, the battle had gone for almost 30 minutes wherein they sang one paragraph, Henry had inform they had less time to convince him so they had last chance to give their best. For the last chance Team 2 sang the song – Love Me Like You Do, Team 1 were just spellbound with the sing and they went completely bang as which song they had to sing, they had only a minute to come up with a mind blowing song and they were all just blank, as soon as Henry started his countdown, Swara informed something in his ears and Swara started,


Henry like their combination or say the fusion of two languages and he gave Team 1 to go to XYZ College for competition and Team 2 to ABC College. The inter-college fest was going to happen in a span of two months simultaneously and hence Henry decided that Team 1 would practice on Saturdays at the University Music Room and Team 2 would practice every Sundays at his home. They were all happy. Then everyone dispersed and when Swara was walking out,

(Sanskar) “Swara, do you have a minute?”

(Swara’s POV) He called out my name and it felt so musical. Why am I having such feeling towards him? He has a certain charm that no one has, it is mesmerizing. Get hold yourself Swara.

(Swara) “Sanskar, actually I have to start with my job at Library,so…..”

Before she could complete, Sanskar said

(Sanskar) “That’s not a problem, we can walk and talk till the Library, if that is not a problem.”

(Swara) “Ok, then let’s get our bags and then we could do all the talking”

While Walking,

(Sanskar) “So Swara I was thinking about the project.”

(Swara) “Yes, I guess it is an easy topic on Asian Financial Crisis. I do have some research on that topic, so that should be a piece of cake” (she said all this with a smile)

(Sanskar) “Okay. You have got me tight lipped on that. So we will DP sir’s time when we can discuss our project and I can stay back post college and be in the library. So whenever you are free we could discuss our project and get it approved by DP sir.”

(Swara) “No Sanskar, you don’t have to wait in the library. We can do during DP sir’s class and every Saturdays when we are going to have practice, post practice we could sit in the college cafeteria. I do not want to burden you much.”

(Sanskar) “Swara, it’s really not a problem.”

(Swara) “Sanskar please, just listen to what I say. Don’t worry I will make sure we do our project on time. There is just one problem Sanskar”

(Sanskar) “May I know what that would be?”

(Swara) “I do not have a laptop or a PC at home, all notes are handmade, so you have to compile everything would that be fine?”

(Sanskar) “Don’t worry Swara, anyways whatever we discuss, I will make sure, I would make a fair copy of that on the same day, so next day we could take first fifteen minutes to go through that and then discuss the new topics.”

(Swara) “Thanks a ton for the help Sanskar. I am really sorry that I have to make you do all the Draft work. You could mail it to me and I will check in the Library whenever I have free time, so that I can also share my inputs and make necessary changes if needed.”

(Sanskar thought for a second and said) “Ok, Deal done. Stop being so formal Swara, I can make a draft at least when you have all the notes completed, it is really not a big deal for sure. Though we have not started on a good note, I would like to be your friend.”

He raised his hands towards Swara for a shake and Swara accepted gladly. This was for the first time that she had made friends in such a quick time with boys. First it was Sahil and secondly it was Sanskar. Sanskar had dropped Swara till the library and walked out towards parking where Sahil and Kavita were waiting along with Khushi.
In the meanwhile, when Sanskar was talking to Swara, Kavita and Sahil were waiting for him as he had already informed them that he wanted to talk to Swara about the project. So both were waiting for him near his car,

(Sahil) “So Kavita, how is your project buddy, is he any good?”

(Kavita) “He is fine, it is just that the topic is super boring”

(Sahil) “Then you shouldn’t have taken up this course, you knew that it would have World Economics and Crisis.”

(Kavita) “Oh please Sahil, just cut the crap. You very well know I have purely taken up this course because Sanskar took it.”

(Sahil) “Stop being obsessed about Sanskar”

(Kavita) “What’s your problem Sahil, he is mine and will always be mine. Even my parents are family friends of the Maheshwaris. So one day or the other he has to get married to me. Not that he is going to fall for that Swara who is his project buddy”

(Sahil) “Hold your thoughts my dear Kavita. Why is Swara in this topic? What makes you so sure that Sanskar would select you? Don’t pressure for a relation for which he wouldn’t be ready. Mind that. I would not let you harm either Swara or Sanskar for your benefits. Though we both are friends, I wouldn’t budge if I have to protect them.”

(Kavita angered) “Why would you do that Sahil? Why are you protecting Swara, who is she to you? No one can touch Sanskar, he is mine just mine. Even you can’t stop him.”

(Sahil) “You for sure need a psychiatrist. Lately you have been over obsessed with Sanskar. I beg you stop your madness Kavita.”

Before Kavita could just burst out in anger at Sahil, Khushi had come to Sahil’s rescue.

(Khushi) “Hi Guys, hope I am not interrupting.”

(Sahil trying sound calm) “No not at all”

(Khushi) “Actually Sahil I wanted to talk to you, it is relating to project”

(Kavita) “Hey girl, it’s after university hours don’t be all jumpy about project. You could do it later. Isn’t it Sahil?”

(Sahil ignoring Kavita) “Yes Khushi, what did you want to talk”

(Khushi) “Sahil, I am not the brightest of all, so if we could work extra hard on our project, please”

(Sahil) “Don’t worry Khushi. We can go Post College to some café or a park and complete our project. Just trust me.”

(Khushi) “Thank you Sahil, thanks a ton and sorry for disturbing you and Kavita”

Sanskar walked in front of them

(Sanskar) “Hi Guys, what’s up. How was your day? Hi Khushi, how are you?”

(Kavita) “It was good, the only bad thing was that you are not my partner for the project. I do not like you being partner of that Ms.Arrogant and I hate it. I do not know how will manage that b*t*h”

Khushi who was standing there felt angered as she bad mouthed Swara. Before she could react, Sanskar spoke

(Sanskar) “Kavita, she is not a b*t*h. I am happy that she is my partner and she is a great person. So just chill, Kavita”

(Sahil) “Guys, it is getting late, let’s leave. I am hungry and tired after the PE (Gym) class”

(Sanskar) “Ok Bhukkad, let’s leave. Khushi why don’t you join us”

(Khushi) “Thanks Sanskar, but I got to leave, my driver is already waiting.”

(Kavita) “It is good, we will get friends time without someone intruding.”

(Sahil) “That’s rude Kavita. Even she is our friend”

(Khushi was hurt from Kavita’s words and both Sanhil felt bad, but being an innocent soul) “I will leave. Please do not fight over me. Bye”

As soon as she left,

(Sahil) “That was rude Kavita, you didn’t have to tell her that. It was Sanskar who offered her to come with us, she didn’t even voluntarily want to tag alone. Change your attitude Kavita else one day even I will cut off my talks with you.”

(Kavita)”Whatever Sahil. It is enough even if Sanskar is with me. I know Sanskar would never leave me. Am I right Sanskar?”

(Sanskar sensing the tension between his friends said) “No one is going to break our friendship. Kavita just be a little calm, she is a very sweet girl and also don’t talk anything bad about Swashi (Swara+Khushi). In fact both our really very good girls, in fact Swara has also accepted my friendship. Swara is a gem and Khushi she is such a innocent soul.(Turning towards Sahil with a puppy face) Never say you are going to break friendship, please. Now let’s have a group hug and forget about the past, please guys.”
All three gave a group and were walking towards Sanskar’s car,

(Sahil) “Sanskar from tomorrow I am bringing my own car, because I have to sit with Khushi for project post college, so excuse me guys from tomorrow till the project ends.”

(Kavita) “Sanskar will anyways pick and drop me as both of us won’t stay post college”

(Sanskar) “Sorry Kavita, but even I have to stay back as I have to do research because from Swara’s side, she is already ready, so I need to do extra hard-work so I guess you also have to come and go alone.”

(Kavita irked but gave a fake smile) “As you say Sanskar”

All three sat and moved to a café. All in some thougts

(Sahil’s POV) I was hurt when Kavita spoke rudely about Khushi. I felt bad but what is this feeling that I have towards her? I thought I had feelings for Swara, but it is totally different. It’s like I am attracted to Khushi and with Swara it is more to protect her like a brother. I think I am falling for Khushi (and he smiled on that thought). (Looking towards Sanskar) He has changed and I am happy about it. Is it the music or the Swara effect, I don’t know. But he is changing for good. The way he stood for Khushi and Swara after that incident that he had gone through is something great. Hopefully Sanskar gets Swara and Kavita’s madness just stops.

(Kavita’s POV) I hate Swashi. They are taking my friends away from me. They are b*t*hes and I have to do something about it. More than Sahil, how can Sanskar talk about those two b*t*hes especially Swara, he is mine and only mine. I have to convince Sujatha aunty to instigate Sanskar against that poor girl. Only she would support me and no one else.

(Sanskar’s POV) Why did I support Swashi, I don’t know but they are nice. I was wrong about Swara when I first met her. But I guess opinion can change. Khushi is such an innocent and a cool girl, I like her. Seeing those two girls I don’t know but I have a sense of calmness that I don’t get when I am around mom, Uttara, Kavita or any other girls I have met. This feeling of calmness I get only around Sahil and Dad. These girls have magic. After that incident when I started hating girls, these two have completely changed my opinion. I would want to know more about them and I just know where to start from and that is Khushi. She being an innocent soul, will let her guards down and in case of Swara, I guess she wouldn’t be comfortable so, I will start with Khushi. I have seen in Sahil’s eyes, he is falling for Khushi and that is very evident. I want to make sure that even Khushi feels the same, because Sahil is really a good person. I am going to surprise Swara by staying back in the library from tomorrow. i do not know why but i want to do that for Swara. I must make sure to write all this in my diary. It is something I have to cherish lifelong. This feeling is something I would not want to hide from anyone.

Recap : Not thought of but something nice, hopefully bonding of Swasan and Sashi (Sahil+Khushi). Jealousy of Kavita. Some family time

Guys I am sorry that this is not fully of Swasan though I have named the story like that, but I feel that they are characters that are going to important in Swasan’s life.. I am sorry if you are not liking it. Please forgive me. If you want I will change my story and concentrate more on them .. it is all your wish and I will try to abide by it.

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