Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 10

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Recap : Swara’s mesmerizing singing

SanKavhil were talking when they were moving towards parking

(Sanskar) “So how was your activity class?”

(Sahil) “It was good. I enjoy being in Gym Class. But Kavita here is all huffs and puffs. You should have seen her face, it was amazing when in Gym Class we were asked to do Push-Ups”

(Kavita in all anger) “Oh just shut up Sahil, How can they ask girls to do push-ups it was so difficult and that to for a continuous period of three minutes. Ridiculous”

(Sahil) “Really Kavita, it was just three minutes and moreover you were not the only girl in the class. Did you see our class mate Khushi, she was amazing. She didn’t even show any budge and she did it with ease. So stop complaining about being a girl.” (The activity classes in the university are common for all the MBA Student be it whatever group/stream they have taken)

(Kavita) “Whatever Sahil, Why are you anyways supporting that girl, you know she is not of our standards. You always either talk about Swara and now Khushi. Why So?”

(Sahil) “I am not supporting, I am just saying that these girls have given me inspiration that no matter what you are, you can achieve anything. Be it rich or poor, male or female. These two girls are unique. Swara is poor but she is bold, fearless, straight forward and hardworking whereas Khushi, let me tell you Kavita she is rich and she is upto our standards as she is one of my relative’s friend’s daughter. So you can stop judging her by her looks. Khushi as far as I know is a sweet, bubbly and a talented girl. Both these girls prove to be like an inspiration in never to back down from challenges and that girls are equal to boys. I guess Kavita fashion is not everything sometimes other things also matter. You should also look upto them”

(Kavita) “Oh Cut the Crap Sahil. Even I have brain that is why I have got admission in this college and I am beautiful and rich. That is more than enough I do not need any inspiration”

(Sahil) “At least learn simplicity, stop being a snobbish person Kavita”
Seeing their talks, Sanskar knew it is going to end up in a fight and therefore decided to step in,

(Sanskar) “Guys, please stop discussing all this and let’s not fight. It is a request. Anyways you please wait here I have to go to the Library and issue some books for the project”

(Kavita) “We have enough time to complete our projects, what’s the hurry.”

(Sanskar) “We might have enough time Kavita but I need to start to stay in the competition among our fellow students.”

Saying this Sanskar left, he entered the library and saw that Swara was glancing through some books; he thought that she is a very hardworking girl indeed seeing her dedication towards studies. Then Sanskar went to the librarian and asked for the list of books that he needed to issue.

(Librarian) “Swara, can you please come here.”

(Swara) “Yes Ma’am”

(Librarian handing the list to Swara) “Sanskar wants these books, kindly get these books and bring them to me, I will issue the same”

(Swara) “Sure Ma’am”

Sanskar was just staring at Swara, as he was confused as to why is she getting the list of books. Breaking his thoughts, the Librarian spoke.

(Librarian) “You know boy, this girl Swara, she is a gem I tell you. After she has joined as a part timer, my work has reduced so much. I hope she gets all success and happiness.”

Meanwhile Sanskar did not know what to say, but at the right time and the place, Swara came back with the books that Sanskar wanted to issue. After getting the books issued in his name, Sanskar went back to the parking lot where his friends were waiting for him.
While walking towards the Parking Lot,

(Sanskar’s POV) “This girl, always surprises me. Apart from being a good student, she works part time, how is it that as single person can do so much. She is good in studies, good in music and now she works too. How does she manage to do everything? Doesn’t she get tired? God I wish I could be like her too, the hardworking factor that is missing in me. Sahil was so right about Swara. She is not that arrogant as she seems like. But anyways I can never trust a girl again no matter what.”
Both Swasan had left towards their respective homes. Both had left with too many thoughts in their mind. After their dinner, both had gone to their favourite place, where they could share the feelings and thoughts and that was their diary.

(Swara to her DIARY) “I have felt too much of complex joining this university. I have felt so downgraded in this university how much I have never felt till date, Why does God always have to test me? Why can’t he test people like Kavita, Sahil and Sanskar. They are all so well bred, but whatever it is, it is always me who have to hear the taunt. Why God, Why me? Just because I am poor, does that mean I always hear people talk nonsense about me? Is it my family’s mistake that Dad had left us and gone for the other lady? Anyways though I fight back, it is difficult to stand all this because my heart breaks more and more. It is as if how much ever you prove to the world, it is less. I feel that I shouldn’t have taken up the course. I have also realized one thing that I have got a good friend in the form of Khushi who understands me and she is a person who I can say as my friend. She looks at me beyond status. She has no arrogance and attitude though I am poor and I am happy about it. I also learnt that though Sanskar is rich, smart, arrogant and a chauvinist, he is having sadness that is clearly visible in his eyes. Sahil again being rich is kind hearted but the same does not go for Kavita. After coming to this university I have been having too many contradicting thoughts and I seriously do not know why. Let’s see what’s in store tomorrow. Good Night my Dear Diary”

Swara went to her deep and peaceful slumber. On Sanskar’s side

“Hi my dear best friend. I had an really interesting day. This university has opened a new chapter in my life and I hope that I can be away all my hatredness. I love enjoying with my friends and also the university has taught me that just friendship and enjoyment is not enough. The university has taught me how to work hard and be competitive no matter what hurdle you get in your life, just like Swara. Oh wait a minute did I just mention her name. I certainly did. From the day I have enrolled in here, I have only Swara in my thoughts. First because I hated her as I thought she was too proud but after realizing her situation, I like her hard-work but nothing beyond that. She always keeps surprising me. Will I ever be able to overcome my hatred towards women? Will Swara be able to change my thoughts about women? Or is she already changing my thoughts. I don’t know but I just know one thing and that is she is the biggest competition in the class be it in studies or music and I need to buck up. I had a very tiring day. So good night my best friend”
Both Swara and Sanskar went to their beds and had a good night sleep.

(Third Person’s POV – After three months) The weeks and months in the university just flew by. Many things happened in their lives.

Swara and Khushi became tough friends. Khushi and Swara both knew each other’s weakness. Khushi used to visit Swara’shouse frequently though Swara was hesitant in the beginning but Khushi also being adamant made sure she visited Swara’s house. Sharmishtha loved Khushi a lot, she became her fourth daughter. Nandini and Khushi together used to tease Swara. Khushi also knew about Ragini’s psychological phobia and she introduced Swara to one of her psychologist friend who agreed to treat Ragini. Swara was elated to have Khushi beside her.

Swasan as usual fighting in the class be it academics and music. Swara topped in her class in any assignment that was thrown to her and Sanskar was always second. In the music their practice was reaching its peak. They made a lovely band. The band that Sanskar and Swara were part in, they named their group as the VI”DESI” Beat. But Swasan never spoke to each other until and unless it was related to work. They knew there was some chemistry between them, but they always chose to ignore. They behaved very professionally towards each other.

DP as usual used to brag Sanskar whenever he was in his cabin and Sanskar never left a chance to irritate DP. DP kept visiting the Maheshwaris when he had time. He loved spending time with Uttara and Sanskar. He loved RP, he was a true friend in sadness and also happiness. He liked spending time with Sujatha too as she used to listen very patiently to DP especially when it came to economics about the world and political science. She had deep interest in those subjects.

Swara was DP’s favorite student because he liked her sincerity and hard work. Swara had shed out her family situation to DP and DP being kind hearted treated her as daughter. In the mean time DP also had started visiting Swara’s house and was happy to meet her family. He also had seen Shekhar a few times and he was displeased with the way he used to target Sharmishtha and the three girls. DP had always told Swara to change homes and shift to other locality but Sharmishtha was against the idea.

Sharmishtha was promoted as the Correspondent in her school and her pay check had increased. Sharmishtha was very happy with these and knew that she could fulfill her children’s dream. Sharmishtha loved Khushi .Sharmishtha was happy seeing Swara change a little towards her thinking about the male community as a whole. She knew that this change her was because of DP and she also knew that Swara treated DP as father figure. Sharmishtha never objected for the same. Khushi had also informed Sharmishtha about his psychologist friend who was ready to treat Ragini for free of cost. Sharmishtha was very happy and she was indebted to Khushi for her help. Khushi’s parents also knew about Swara’s family and they didn’t have any problem with Khushi being friend with Swara. In fact Sharmishtha was like a sister to Khushi’s father.

Khushi’s parents were Anurag and Shweta Mittal. They loved Swara a lot and were happy with Khushi’s choice of friend. On one occasion, Khushi’s parents had invited Swara’s entire family to spend a weekend with them though Swara was hesitant; she gave in to the request of Shweta. Due to this, there family became close and Anurag treated Sharmishtha as her own sister. Though he knew the family condition, he never judged and was ready to help them in any way possible. Shekhar was irked that Sharmishtha was friend with Mittal and DP. Anurag and Shweta were a big fan of Sharmishtha’s handmade food and they often self invited themselves to Swara’s home just to taste the food prepared by Sharmishtha and also Ragini.

Ragini did not know anything about her treatment but she was happy in her own way. She took care of the entire house and took tuitions for the kids. As Nandini’s final exams were approaching, she made sure that she relieved Nandini of all the students, she started taking care of her students too. Ragini was so sincere that she was literally a mother to all including Sharmishtha. She took care of their needs and everything. She did not over burden Sharmishtha. She made sure she completed her work perfectly.

Nandini was busy in her studies as her finals were approaching. She wanted to give her best as she wanted to be a scholarship student. She wanted to do engineering as she liked to build stuffs. That was her aim and she was working hard for it.

Sakshi and Shekhar, always taunted Sharmishtha if at all they met at any common place. Sharmishtha made a point to ignore their talks. Sakshi and Shekhar’s son Aditya was a frequent visitor at Sharmishtha’s house. Sharmishtha always treated him with kind heart and never neglected him. Aditya was the boy who used to give all the gossip of
Sharmishtha’s house to his mother.

Sahil had become close to Swara and Khushi. Even they became good friends but never did Sahil abandon Sanskar and Kavita. Kavita being snobbish, she always hanged out with either her school friends or Sanskar and Sahil or the university mates who were rich. She never liked mingling with Swara. Though she tried being friend’s with Khushi but she politely ignored her offer because Khushi hated the way she treated Swara. Khushi had fallen in love with Sahil but Sahil only treated her as friend. Sahil actually had a little feelings for Swara but he never confessed it to anyone.

Uttara and Rajat were handling the business very nicely. Once RP had warned Uttara for not treating Rajat like a scumbag or a douche bag, he scolded Uttara in front of Sanskar, Sujatha and Rajat. He wanted to make a point that treating someone like a scumbag is not right especially when he happens to be your would be husband. Uttara had gone quiet after that conversation and started taking care of Rajat. She treated her properly. Though she still few times ignored Rajat and took him for granted. But she gave her best. When it came to Rajat’s parents she thought they were very orthodox and never liked them much. So Uttara always ignored his parents and spoke rudely to them. This was disliked by Rajat but he never had any say in this matter. He always remained quiet and was hurt whenever Uttara spoke ill about his parents. He was quiet because he didn’t want their relationship to break and he always thought that her attitude towards her parents would change once she gets married and stays with them.

RP and Sujatha’s relation was always filled with fights as RP felt that she was ignoring kids for her career. RP was not against her career. He just didn’t want to set bad relationship examples in front of his kids. He also proved Sanskar that his father was capable of setting things right. RP just was not able to set things right in Sanskar’s life for which he tried hard.

Sujatha ignored RP’s talks and did what she felt right. She just wanted to establish her career. Sujatha likes Kavita and she was planning to talk to Kavita’s parents for marriage proposal with Sanskar. When she discussed the same with RP, he rejected saying that he would think about it only after one year of his college is over and till then this topic should not come up.

Precap : Music Battle.

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