swasan: justice is for everybody…. (pat-3) SS


Next morning sanksar wakes up first and saw that swara is sleeping peacefully but she is looking pale.. he pecks her forehead and goes to washroom after half hr swara woke up but she remained on the bed…. Sanskar came after taking shower he saw swara sitting on the bed with closed eyes he goes towards her and rest his hand on her head she opens her eyes and gave him a smile but sanskar is looking towards her with angry face in real he is showing fake anger but swara thought it w=is real so she gulps and said januu??

Sanky: what janu han?? I’ve u lost your mind?? U don’t know how I felf when I saw u with ragini on the door with pale and weak face…

Swara after listening ragini got confused and said ragini??

Sanky: ya the one who take u the hospital and also drops u at home

Swara: I was not in my senses that’s why I didn’t thanked to her do u have any contact number of her??

Sanky: don’t worry I already invite them for a dinner tonight..

Swara: them??

Sanky: ya my frnd laksh which is with me tomorrow is ragini’s husband but u r not in your senses that’s why you din’t notice..

Swara: u never told me about laksh??

Sanky: actually 2 days before we both met he is going to hit by a car so I saved him after that he became frnd..

Swara: ooo okay chalo it’s good u invite both of them I will meet them

Sanky: yaa but know have your breakfast and take your medicine and don’t u dare to neglect your health next time otherwise u see worst of mee said by giving her a death glare..

Swara gave him a sheepish smile and said okay januu..

At night:-

Raglak came to their house swara is feeling much better soo she also received them…

Swara: thankuu soo much ragini for helping me yesterday and im sorry I was not able to thanku u yesterday..

Ragini: it’s totally okay swara I knw what is your condition yesterday and im happy to see to much better today

Sanky: ya thankuu soo much ragini for everything and let’s go guys remaining talks we will do while having dinner..

Laksh: let’s go..

At dining table…

Ragini: swara u r a famous fashion designer I read your interview once in which u told that u can do anything for providing justice to anybody what its means??

Swara: actually ragini me and sanky also run an ngo but not everybody knows about it… in that ngo we provide justice to those people who r unable to fight for themselves or who r not able to get help due to rich people pressures..

Laksh: u both r doing a very great work but what u can do if somebody needs help which is not visible??

Sanky: what do u mean by this laksh??

Ragini: sanky he means to say that what if someone who is dead need justice??

Swasan looks at each other and said justice is for everybody weather they are alive or dead but why u r asking all this does anybody is dead to whom u know and they need justice??

Raglak looks each other and smiles and said noo nothing like that we are just asking

Swasan gave them a confused look but nodes and like this the dinner got over and after talking for some time raglak left..

At night in the room swasan talking to eachother..

Swara: sanky I don’t know but I find something missing in ragini’s eyes…

Sanky: u r right I also feels the same whenever I look towards lucky eyes I feel that both r hiding something behind their pain..

Swara: yes u r right but I just hope that all their problem’s will solve..

Sanky: yup know let’s sleep

Swara nodes and both sleep by taking each other in their embrace but only they are sleeping outside their house two pairs of eyes seeing their house and said

Person 1: what will be going to happened next?

Person 2: let’s hope for the best by saying this both vanish in the air….

After three days swara go to her office but she left early because it is sanky’s order he said to her if she again work more than her capacity he will close her fashion house and swara knows’ how much sanky is possessive about her soo she left the office early and that day she is in the same lift and again she heared the same voice this time she feels something different.. she told sanky about this and he assures that he will try to find out this lift’s mystery.. same at night while sleeping swara is getting the flashes of lift she is thinking that she heared the voice somewhere which is coming from the lift suddenly she got up with a jerk in this process sanky also woke up and he saw that swara is full of sweat and she is breathing heavily he shakes her and ask her whats happened??

Swara: san…san…sankyyy…. Th.e….eee.ee. vo……..iiiii…..ccccceeee whiiiii….ccchhhh I heared in lift is…sssss…. Same…..eeeee assss….sssss

Sanky: same as what swara??

Swara compose herself and said the voice is same as mee sankyyyy

Sanky becomes shocked after listening this and become numb…. But they become more shocked after listening the voice of someone they freezed at their placed after seeing the 2 person in front of them inside their room…

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