swasan: justice is for everybody…. (pat-2) SS



1 month have passes swara never listened the voice again from the lift soo she thinks that it was just her imagination…. One day swara was feeling very low but he didn’t told sanskar about that because he became worried for her soo she after doing breakfast goes to her office.. at evening when she is returning she feels dizziness and before she fall down someone catches her from her hand and pulls her toward her (yes the one who pulled swara is a girl not any boy or sanskar) the girl who pulled swara hugs her in a secure way and swara who is little bit in her senses say thanks to her… girl ask her if she is alright??

Swara: yes I’m fine just a feeling a little bit dizziness

Girl: come I will take u to the doctor

Swara: its alright I’m

But before she complete her sentence she faints in the girl arms..

Girl: heyy wake up?? She pats swara’s face but no use..she takes her to hospital…… she takes swara to the doctor after that she also takes her to swara’s home.. till then swara gain conscious but feeling very low…..

The girl rings the bell.. sanky open the door and surprised to see an unknown girl but suddenly he got panic after seeing swara’s state he immediately grab her from girl’s embrace and takes her inside and said what happened to u??…. in the hall there is a boy sitting with sanskar who surprised to see a girl and passed a smile to her she also smiled back…

Sanky: swara what happened to u tell me please??

Swara who is not able to answer him back due to weakness points toward the girl..

Girl: she faints outside her office building I grab her in the nick of time and took her to the hospital.. doctors said that her bp drops to much low due to work load that’s why she fainted and here are the medicines and injection which doctor gave and said that to give her one injection in night and also said to her to not do any office work for at least 3 days…

Sanky who is listening silently gave swara a death glare but mels after seeing her state and excuse from girl and boy and said u wait here I will be back after settling her in the room by saying this he go and lay her down on the bed and pecks her forehead in the meantime swara sleeps due to weakness..

When sanky came back to hall he saw that both the girl and boy were talking to each other and by seeing their way of talking it looks like that they know each other…

Sanky: hello laksh (yes the boy is laksh) do u know each other??

Laksh: yes sanksar I know her because she is my wife ragini (yes the girl is ragini)

Sanky: oo wow what a pleasant surprizze and ragini thankuu soo much for bringing swara

Ragini: noo need of thanku sanksar I think anyone if in my place can do this.. soo please don’t say thankuu and who is she now??

Sanky: sleeping due to weakness..

Ragini: don’t worry she will be fine by tomorrow and I think we should leave know but we will come tomorrow for seeing her said with a smile..

Sanky: smiles and said ya off course in fact u two please come for having dinner tomorrow with us..

Laksh: okay then meet u tomorrow sanskar by saying this he hugs him and both bids by to sanksar…

Sanky drops them at door and locks the door and goes towards the room to chck swara he saw and she is sleeping peacefully but with a very tired face he gives a kiss on her forehead and after checking the prescription of her medicines and injection give her one injection and after that he also sleeps by taking her in his embrace…

To be continued…

Guys I know that this part is little bit boring but trust mee there are many twists waiting for u soo guys please support mee and place comments thankuuu 


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