swasan: justice is for everybody…. (pat-1) SS

Salam guys rabia here again thanku soo much for liking my prvious OS and SSs once again i cameback with a new SS i hope u all will like this too….

let’s start…..

A girl is going in a lift of a very big mall she is alone in that lift and hearing songs in her ipod… suddenly the lift stops but she didn’t care and sits on the lift floor while listening songs she heard that somebody is calling her it’s a girl voice she saw here and there but didn’t find anybody she thought it was her imagination but again heard the voice as if somebody is calling someone for help she stands gets up and start patting the lift walls she is a very strong girl that’s why she didn’t get afraid she is patting the walls when she pat the back wall of the lift she again heard the same voice she put her ear near her and said hello anybody there?? Noo voice… she again said is anybody there??… again no voice but this time she listened sobbing sound of some girl and after that she again heard that she is saying please somebody help us…. Before the lift girl said something the lift starts again and she came out… she goes towards the security guard who is aged and knows her very well…

Lift girl: kaka can u please tell me what is behind the lift from which I came??

Kaka: beti there is nothing behind the lift only walls are there. But why r u asking this??

Lift girl: thought something and said noo.. nothing kaka I was just wondering that the other 2 lifts are having glass walls but this lift is having steel walls..

Kaka: beti I think it is in the corner so that’s why it is having steel walls otherwise I don’t know anything because when this mall is constructed I was not there im in the other branch of this mall which is in the other city..

LG(lift girl): its okay kaka I was just asking okay now I shall leave u take care okay..

Kaka: u to beta god bless u..

LG: reached home while thinking about the lift incident when she rang the bell someone open the door there is a boy standing there and he said..

Boy: ooo madam ji aap aagai?? U knows I’m waiting for u from half an hr he said with a cute pout…

LG who is bzy in her thoughts came in senses and see the boy with cute pout and smiles..

LG: ooo my cutie sweetie hubby im sorry actually the mall’s lift stops due to some problem and I’ve to stay in the lift for 25 mins.. said with a sorry face..

Boy melts after seeing her expressions and said..

Boy: ooo darling im just joking u don’t take tnsn not tells come have some dinner kaki made a very delicious dinner.. LG nods and said I come after freshing up..

Both settle down for the dinner but the LG again is thinking about the lift incident.. boy notes her and said what happened swara?? (yes the girl is non-other than swara)

Swara: who is lost didn’t answered him back..

Boy: loudly swaraaa???

Swara: comes out from her thought and said what happened sanskar?? (yes the boy is sanskar swara’s husband)

Sanky: nothing happened to me something happened to u where u lost?? Is there any problem??

Swara: hmm.. sanskar today something very unusual happened..

Sanky while eating said what happened today my jaan??

Swara: sanky I told u na about that lift gets stop??

Sanky nodes

Swara told him about the whole incident..

Sanky: hmmm strange but I think it is just your imagination or due to workload

Swara: may be okay forget it and tell about your today’s meeting??

Sanky: yaa we won the deal

Swara: congrats my dear hubbyyy..

Sanskar Meheshwari: age 26 a successful business man living in Mumbai posh area with his wife both their families living in abroad and comes to meet them in vacation or they both goes to meet them..

Swara sanskar meheswari: age 24 a fashion designer runs a fashion house in a very big and expensive mall of the city… sanky tells her that he can make her a fashion house separately but she denies and said she wants to do by her own hand and struggle on her this decision everyone proud on her and sanky accepts her decision whole heartedly..

To be continued……..

What is the secret behind the lifts incident?? is this is only swara’s imagination or something else?? U all get to know in the next part till than thankuu soo much for reading and please do comment.. luv u all…


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