swasan: justice is for everybody…(part-6) SS

Part 5


Thanku soo much guys for your comments…. Now let’s start the story…

Ragini: swara I think u r forgetting something??

Swara: forgetting?? I don’t understand u ragini please tell mee naa why the voice is same as me pleaseeeeeeeeeee..

Sanky: ya ragini please tell us

Ragini: sanky your swara is such a dumb head…

Swara makes a puppy face after listening this

Ragini laughs and said okay I tell u…

Ragini: swara u remembers when we were in class three I met with an accident??

Swara: yaaa due to that accident your vocal cord got damaged…. And wait wait now I remember why that voice in the lift is same as mee…

Ragini: thank god

Sanky and laksh can anybody tell as what is going on please can u both stop your side talks and tell us the main part..

Swaragini: okayyy okay don’t get hyper..

Swara: actually when ragini’s vocal cord got damaged she lost her voice and doctor said that we have to do her voice surgery and they demand any video or recording in which there is ragini’s voice but unfortunately there is no such recording is there so all family members of ragini and mine decided that doctors can give her my voice because she and me were age fellow and ragini also don’t have any problem because we both loves each other… but ragini if in lift I heard your voice which is same as me then why now u sounds different??

Ragini: swara it is because I’m now dead so that’s why im speaking in my actual voice

Sanky: but what happened next when that beasts stabs u both??

Laksh: we don’t know sanskar what happened next..

Ragini: yes sanky we don’t know and I also don’t know that when I start calling someone for help on that time we alive or not I don’t know how much time I spend for calling someone for help…

Swara: but why I only heard your voice?? Why nobody else listened??

Ragini: because u r pure soul swara and also u r my soul mate that day when u heard my voice in the next moment our souls came out from that darkness and that day also we came to know that we both are dead but we didn’t release from this world because we didn’t find justice for our deaths and when we came out we both got to know about u both from our powers and also got to know that it is only u both who can help uss she said all this in tears…

Swasan feels very bad after listening all this and they both decided in their hearts that they will do anything for them…

Sanky: laksh,ragini I know u both gone through from too much pain but I promise that I will go to any extent for providing justice to u both.. it’s my promise..

Swara: yes sanky is right we both will catch the culprit… but tell me can u both visible to all??

Laksh: no swara we can only visible to u both and that day ragini saves u with the help of her powers and we can use our powers only for helping u both because swara due to u we released and sanskar is also a very good hearted person and also your husband so we can help him also…

Sanky: forget all this know first we have to find out the secret of that night what will happened after they stab u both..

Ragini: I think we have to find that Chief architect first

Swara: what is his name ragini??

Laksh: rajat kumar

Sanskar: rajat kumar??? he thought for some time and smirk after that and said swara he is the same person who is requesting me from the last 6 months for any project because he is facing financial problem now I think it’s payback time for him

Swaraglak all smirks after listening this and said now rajat kumar your count down has begun all smiles and screen freezes on their determined faces…

to be continued….
guys please tell me u r liking it or not pleasee 😉


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