swasan: justice is for everybody…(part-5) SS



Raglak after listening swara’s question said calm down we will gave u all your answers…we will tell all from the beginning..

Flashback of raglak past:-

Ragini: when we all shift to abroad I’m very much sad because u r not with me laksh is my class fellow in school he supported me and bring back smile on my face our families also a business partners so that’s why both families came closer to each other.. I become architect and laksh becomes civil engineer he also done a diploma of electrical engineering we both are besties and somehow love each other our families get us married after 6 months of marriage we both got a contract of some huge mall in India I appointed as an architect of that mall and laksh also having the work in that mall whole contract in given to our company so we both decided to shift to india for 3 yrs because of that project..our families first denied but later agreed so we both came to india…… 1 yr of the project go very smoothly and when the 2nd yr started after 2 months of 2nd yr I felt something wrong is going on in that building and I also start feeling that someone is eyeing mee… I told about this to laksh and he ensures me that he will chck what is going on but after investigation for 2 weeks we found nothing.. soo I thought that it was due to work load soo we take a break of 2 weeks from the work and goes out for vacations. When we came back we found that there are many changes in the structure of the building we investigate and we came to know that the company appoint one more chief architect due to lots of burden on our company first we denies to agree to this condition because they didn’t tell us but later we accepts because we also wanted to complete that project as early as possible because im feeling very strange due to this project…. 2 months later I found out that I’m pregnant we both are very happy and we decided to complete the project as soon as possible… but we didn’t know that this project snatch everything from us…

One day I was not feeling well but I didn’t told this laksh because he was also very bzy due to the project… at evening around 5 pm I was in the 5th floor checking out the map and few things related to that building and laksh is gone for a meeting to the owner’s he is on the way coming back suddenly I felt someone hand on my waist I got scared and turns around and found the new chief architect in standing there with one of the son of owners both are looking towards me with full of lust I look around and found that there is no one is there all the labors were working on the 1st floor I somehow composed myself and said what you both our doing here??

CA (chief architect): ooo com’on darling u r not so innocent that u don’t get it that what r we doing here? By saying this he starts laughing evily..

OS (owner’s son): yes darling I have an eye on u from past many months but u got a doubt and your husband starts doing investigating so I stopped and waiting for the the right time… and look I found the CA also wanted you so we both joined hands and today we got the opportunity because all the labors were on 1st floor and your dear husband also gone for a meeting with my dad… when they both are talking ragini secretly dialed laksh number… which he received and listened all there talks he got panic but before he do something he got hit by a car because of not paying attention on the road… on the other side C.A and O.S starts walking towards ragini… ragini is getting more sacred and starts sweating..

Ragini: please don’t come near to mee please..

C.A & O.S: if we don’t come near to u then how can we enjoy?? Both laughs evilly..

Ragini: please spare mee I beg u please im pregnant please have some mercy pleaseee she is crying bitterly..

Both beasts said ooo wow aik k sath aik freee they didn’t payed any head to ragini’s begging and grab her and lay down her on the floor…

Ragini is crying and screaming loudly for help but due to noises of the machines nobody listened to her they both tries to molest her but before they do anything someone grabs them from the collar they turn and saw laksh is standing there with blood flowing from his forehead his eyes are red due to anger both gulps in fear after seeing laksh and before they do anything laksh starts beating both of them black n blue ragini is crying bitterly laksh is beating C.A and taking this as an opportunity O.S grabs an iron rod and goes to hit laksh but ragini sees this and she runs toward laksh O.S stabs the laksh at his back but ragini comes in between and the rod stabs on her stomach she screams in pain and fall down laksh pushes C.A and grab ragini and starts patting her check but O.S stabs him from the back and he also screams in pain and fall down both raglak holding their hands and crying and seeing each other in pain both C.A and O.S stabs them on their heads and they both fainted…

Flashback ends….

Swasan is having tears after listening all thiss swara is crying bitterly after thinking her best frnd’s state…

Sanky: what will happened next??

Laksh: first tell me do u know about which mall we both r talking??

Swasan both nodes their head in no…

Ragini: the mall in which swara is having her fashion house

Swasan both get shocked after listening thiss..

Swara: it means the voice which I listened in the lift is yours?? But that voice is same as me…

Ragini: yes the voice is same as u swaraa..

Everybody become numb after hearing that…

To be continued….

Guys confused??? That how the lift voice is same as swara then u all came to know in the next episode and please do comment please…………… and sorry for the mistakes…

thanku guys for the comments sorry for not replying due to telly updates error…


  1. Vidhi

    O god…again suspense…. It’s killing me… Plz update soon dear…. Loved it 😍😘😘😍😘😍

  2. anu

    awesome.. update soon.. how will the voice is of swara? how swasan fight for justice to gave raglak..

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