swasan: justice is for everybody…. (part-4) SS

Part 3


Swasan were seeing the persons with wide open eyes after few minutes sanky is the first who came in senses and said..

Sanky: how u both get into our room??

Person 1: we don’t need any barrier to enter in the house

Sanky: what???? What do u mean by this??

Person 2: we means that we don’t want to ring the bell or knock the door for entering in somebody house…

Swara came in her senses and said what u both r talking?? Please laksh ragini tell us (yes the people are raglak)

Laksh: swara and sanksar we are not alive

Swasan said what???

Ragini: yes shona we both are dead..

Sanky: what rubbish is this and how do u know that swara’s nick name is shona?? Tell me who the hell are u if not than im going to call the police… by saying this he take the cell but it got snatched from his hand… both swara and sanskar get shocked after seeing that laksh snatch the cell from sanky hand with some power…

Swara: how did u do that?

Raglak: we are spirits so we can do anything

Sanky: but what do u want from us?

Ragini ignores his question and said shona don’t u remember your childhood frnd laado?

Swara: laado?? Ragini: ya laado

Swara thinks for sometimes and said that yaa my childhood best frnd is laado but when we are in 5th class her family got settled in abroad that’s why we didn’t have any contact number of them but why r u asking about her?

Ragini: don’t u knw her real name?

Swara: laadoo real name??? she thinks for some time but get shocked and look towards ragini and said her real name is raginiiii

Ragini: yes your laado name is ragini and that is mee

Swasan got shocked after listening this and said what?? Swara have tears in her eyes she gets up and ran towards her for hugging her but couldn’t hug her and passes out from her body…. She got shocked and turns toward her and said laado??

Ragini in tears and said sorry shona we cannot even touch each other because we both are dead…

Sanky: but if u both cannot touch us then how did u saved swara and how did u both shake hand with us??

Laksh: I’ll tell u actually when we have to help someone or we need any help we can touch anyone but if there is no need then we are just a shadow for others…

Swara: but how all this happened how u both dead?? And why u both came to us?? How did u find us??

To be continued…..

Guys I will post the next part and also the long part if I’ll get the positive response please guys do comment and once again thanks to all to comment previously…luv u all…


  1. Vidhi

    Wow… I actually loved it… The concept is amazing dear… Plz post next part soon… I will be waiting for it…..

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