Swasan The Journey (Two Shots) Part 1


Hey Frnds this is L Khan…….I tried writing a two shot hope u will enjoy it……..this is my first time I’m writing so plzz guys encourage me

So here is the first part second part I will post till tomorrow………..so let’s start

Sanskar Maheshwari is a sole heir of his father Durgaprasad’s business empire. They r very rich. He was not at all interested on his father’s business ( here this doesn’t means that he doesn’t know anything or he is a lofer type guy but I wanna say that he wants to do something different in his life). He was kind hearted loving caring nd always helped the needy. One day when he was going to temple with his family he saw a girl nd was awestruck to see her beauty innocence. He never knew that destiny will make them meet again.

But they met on his friend Kunj’s birthday party. She was his cousin. He was standing on the balcony nd saw her coming with her friends. When she was entering she saw a delivery boy who came to deliver the birthday cake. She took it from him nd gave the cake to the poor children playing there. Sanskar saw this nd was now more impressed with her.

She came inside nd greeted Kunj. Nd Kunj made them meet each other. Then Kunj got a call nd he came to know that cake was delivered but he did not received it. Sanskar came to her nd said taste she should have not given that cake to those children as now they can see how tensed Kunj is. But she gave a dam care to it nd said that he should now grow up as the years of celebrating birthdays anol have ended nd they should show some maturity now. Now they both started talking casually.

Swara told him about her course of rural development nd the dream aim of her life that she wanted to improve the living conditions of the villages nd people living there. She was a very down to earth person nd so as Sanskar. So both were very attracted to each other nd Sanskar was now more impressed to listen her dream of life nd now he too joined the same college where she studies. A friendship blossom between nd nd as time passed they both become attracted to each other nd loved each others company.

When Swara through a magazine learns taste Sanskar is Durgaprasad Mashehwari’s son she starts avoiding him.

So hope you enjoyed it nd i have not bored u. I know it is not very nce but I just wanna share this story so I wrote it………both good nd bad comments r excepted……whatever u wanna comment but plzz do comment guyzz nd i will post my nest part most probably till late tomorrow….so till then enjoy

Credit to: L Khan

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  1. Yaar it was so sweet but of course a short one…….leaving that plzzzzzzzzzzzz update next as fast as you can……

  2. I think it’s the story of some Telugu movie…Srimanthudu

    1. Guys its the same story as of srimanthudu….mahesh babu

  3. It’s seems lyk a film story of mahesh babu srimantudu

  4. U expressed it very well dear …actually its very difficult to put dis story in words but u did well….so finally u watched dat so did u watch in hindi or telugu

    1. Hindi nd i loved it but I have not thought of the same concept there is no villan like that

  5. Is it from a movie?

  6. It’s super,selvanthan film

    1. Yes…banu it’s sprrr..

  7. Nice waiting for next part dear

  8. Did you write the story of srimanthudu it is a Telugu film released last year

  9. Its the story of srimanthudu movie of mahesh babu nd sruthi hasan in telugu??

  10. Good..i love mahesh babu’s movies

  11. Yes it’s a mahesh babu’s srimanthudu but believe it’s not fully same hope u all will like the next part there is no such villan in this story……….nd it was hard for me to describe this story in words………nd thnx for all ur comments I can’t comment individually plzz pardon me for that

  12. Nice story… Waiting for second part..

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