Hii guys, samiksha here as i said i will write a story but let me tell you i am not a writer, just wanted to give a try….

So here is introduction…..

Swara- a sweet, caring, loving and fearless girl yet sometimes sensitive.

Sanskar- a very rude businessman bt only with those who cheat him or insult him and good for the rest
In short he is good for good people and bad for bad people.

So these two are main character of my story. My story is very simple hope you like it and other characters will be introduced later……..

Its a story of these two, a journey start from hatred turned to love and then sepreation and again Becoming one.
So here is 1st episode….

A girl is shown running to catch the bus as she is late for her office
Yes she is swara (swara is an orphan grown up in an orphanage and now living independently) but unfortunately she miss the bus, now searching for an auto and just then she see a car coming that was going to hit a small child, she runs nd save her.

The car stops and an handsome man comes out hurriedly to see whether the child is save or not
(Yes That is hero of our story i mean its sanskar ) but before he could say anything swara starts to shout on him….

swara- where the hell is ur mind. Agar gadi chalani nai aati to ku chalate ho haa. Agar kuch ho jata uss bachi ko to. Tum jese bade logo ki yahi problm hai,
hearing this sanskar get angry

Sansksr- look miss i knw it was…

swara- what it was ha what. Do u think that u cn do whatever u want, then so sorry mister u cannot she doesnt let him speak
Now sanskar gets evn more angry nd twist swsra hand and swara shouts due to pain

Sanskar – tum apne aap ko samajhti kya ho kabse boli ja rahi ho mujhe bhi to bolne do. U dumb
Head stop speaking. Tumhara muh dard nai karta kya aur ha meri car hai meri marzi mai jese chahu wese chalau tum hoti koun ho mujhr batane wali, just get loss., mujhe aur bhi zaroori kaam hai tumse ladne ke alawa.

Before swara could say anything sanskar left in his car.
Swara frowned seeing this.

Both were seing each other with hatred and going on their resp. Ways.
so thats it for today……

Precap- swara shocked to see the new boss.

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