Swasan – my journey to love (Prologue)

Hii guys !!!!! I m new here !!!!! Hope u all will like my story

Prologue :

The story will start from the time when swara and laksh ‘ s engagement took place …..

Swara Bose – Known as SB in the whole business world …. Know one knows anything about her … Not even her family …. Only one person knows about her as being SB …… Owns a multinational company ….. It is the second best company in asia

Sanskar Maheshwari –  Known as SM in the whole business world….. Know one knows about him anything . .. Not even his own family … For them he is dead from 4 years …. Owns a multinational company …. It is the first topmost company in Asia …..

The scene 1  starts at swara’s home in badi  :

Swara was calmly sitting on the couch near her window … Thinking something deeply …. She said in mind holding a pic in her hand

SWA – how could u do this … I never in my mind thought that u will do like this with me … Was this our love …. Was this your trust ……. The way u have behaved with me was not I asked from u …. I thought u will be with me in all my bad and good time but u just …….. Leave it … I just can’t think also …  By thinking all this she got up from the couch , kept the photo in cupboard … And slept on the bed …

The scene 2 starts in Sanskar’s room in MM :

Sanskar was sitting on the bed thinking something …

Sanskar’s POV :

How my life is going … I never thought that I will do something like this  ever in my life … What I thought and what is taking place ….. But I need to stop this marriage …. This marriage should not take place …. I know I m thinking of my own…. But I can’t help it …

This was for prologue !!!!!

I hope u guys will like it !!!!!

Do comment on my story !!!!!!

If u will like the story I will surely continue it!!!!!!!


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  1. Nice..continue soon..tc..

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  3. Awesome..continue soon

  4. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Nice prologue dear ☺️

  5. Neha_01

    Amazing concept..continue sooooon!!

  6. Nice dear

  7. Sweety26042001

    Thanks all …. And I Weill be posting soon …..

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    OK next soon…
    wanna read the story…
    it looks interesting…
    will be waiting….

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