Helo frnds, i am extremely sorry for late update as i was busy with my project submission and thnks to all those who commented, here is the 7th episode…..
In previous episode we saw laksh was coming to take swara and sanskar………
So they reach home laksh and swara take sanskar to room
Swara- sir can you tell me where is the kitchen
Laksh- straight nd thn right but swara wht will you do

Swara without answering goes from there and comes with water and a cloth and even called the doctor
Doctor checked sanskar nd prescribed some medicine
Laksh went to bring it
Till thn swara was taking care of sanskar

Next mrng
We see swara and sanskar sleeping very close to each other
Siya comes there and wake thm up
Siya- swara aunty chachu utthona
Swara waking up sees siya ……..
Swara- good morning siya baby
Siya- gd mrng aunty and kisses her cheeks

In the meantime sanskar wakes up and smile seeing this…
John(servant) comes there……
John- sir someone has come to meet you

Sanskar- okay im cming tell thm to wait
Whn sanskar, swara and siya comes down, swara gets shocked because the people who came to meet sanskar were actually came there for swara……they were her frnds…..

Milli- (running to swara and hugs her) swara dii whr were you i was so afraid where you went yesterday
Sanjana- (in angry tone) swara what is this, do u hv any idea how tensed we were
Riya- (in angry tone) yes swara tell us whr were you we even tried calling you but it was switched off
Swara- (trying to calm thm) relax guys i am fine wo sanskar sir ki tabiyat kharab thi so

Sanskar looking at in shock and thn swara introduced sanskar to thm
Sanskar- helo guys i am sorry because of me swara also got late
Milli- its k sir
Sanskar- call me sanskar plz no formality
Milli- ohk but i will call you sanskar bhai k
Sanskar- cool so i hv a sister now

Swara smiles seeing this…….siya was seeing all this and was a little sad and started crying…..
Swara a little worried came to her…..
Swara- siya baby wht happened why r u crying ha?
Siya- (while crying says) all forgot about me no one loves me you all left me alone
Swara- awww baby so this is matter no problem come i will introduce you to all ok
Siya nodes and swara introduced her to all
After intro siya ran to sanskar and He lifted her………

so thts it for today….. bye……bye

Precap- more fun with all and tia to jealous

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