swasan- journey of love- episode 7

Recap- sanskar telling d story to swara.. He tries to convey his feelings to swara..

Sanskar n swara sleeps on d same bed coz of dis story telling incident..

In the morning..
Sanskar wakes up n shocked to see d swara sleeping on his hand..
N he remembers abt the last night..
He smiles looking at her innocent face..
He slowly tries to take his hand out.. But swara holds is hand..
(N blabbers in d sleep) plz dnt leave me.. I can’t live without u.. I love u..
He takes her hand in his. N tightens d grip (he assures her in dis way that he will never leave her.)
Swara sleeps peacefully..

After some time sanskar takes his hand out..
Sanskar (in thoughts she dnt love u.. She loves him.. U r nothing in her world..u r only best frnd for her.. Dnt involve dis much in her.. It will become difficult)..
He becomes sad cause of the thought only that she will leave him..
He goes to washroom.. Takes bath.. Becomes ready.. N comes out.. ( he thoughts his happiness belongs to her happiness )
He sees swara is awake..
Swara- oh u become ready.. Hmm.. Kk.. I will become ready in few min..
Good morning sanskar..(smiles)
Sanskar- good morning swara..
(Smiles back).
Sanskar goes out of d room..
Swara becomes ready.. N she also comes towards kitchen..
Swara- good morning aunty.. May I help u??
Sujata- no beta I will do it.. U go.. (She looks @ swara n says). Swara beta u forgot to put sindoor in mang.. One minute..

She tooks the bottle of sindoor in front of god n says(noticing sanskar @ kitchen) . sanskar beta fill her mang wid sindoor.. My hands are dirty so u do it..

Sanskar looks at swara n tooks bottle from sujata n fill sindoor in swara’s mang.. Dey both share an intense eyelock..
Dey comes to senses whn sujata says that swara beta plz take all dis dishes towards dining table..
@ dining table.
All r eating..
Swara is lost in thoughts.
Parineeta teases her- devrani ji u r dreaming abt devarji at d time of eating also..;-) u hv to spend whole life wid him so stop dreaming.. πŸ™‚
All laughs..
Swara comes out of the thoughts. N eats..
11 am..
Sanskar is going to office.
Swara- wait sanskar! I will tie ur necktie..
Sanskar in thoughts ( it will become my habit yar.. But when u will go from here den how I will live without u..)
Swara- sanskar u r looking good .. All girls r going to die after watching u. Killer look ha .. πŸ™‚
Sanskar- oh but one girl is not falling for my look na!
Swara- did u say something.
Sanskar- no yar… πŸ™‚ ..
K bye.. Take care frnd..
Swara- I will miss u yar ..
Sanskar ( in thoughts u r always in my heart yar)- miss u 2 dear..

Next episode-sanskar becomes sad coz of flashback( abt marriage)

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  1. Arey it is superb!! Sanskar wants to tell swara but not able to and just thinks in his heart!! Hmmm…It is superb…Waiting for next epi…

    1. thanks likhitha πŸ™‚

    2. thanks likhitha πŸ™‚
      read next episode.. πŸ™‚

  2. interesting, but i have arequest- can you pls show swara’s POV?

    1. main secret is in swara’s pov..
      all secret will reveal after swara’s pov.
      so u have to w8 dear .. k??

  3. actually I m thinking to end my fanfiction in 2-3 more episodes…

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