Hii guys thnks a lot for ur valuable comments and as zelena asked me for a episode in which sanskar is ill nd swara takes care of him so here is yhe 6th epi………..

Swasan were very badly wet now and swara was feelinv cold even sanskar but as we knw boys dont express, so sanskar also didnt showed it and thn sanskar noticed her shivering so he thought wht to Do and see a hut made
Sanskar- swara see der is a hut lets go
Swara nodes and both go
They find no one there but observed some cloths kept so decide to change and swara had a saree so she wore it and sanskar was mesmerized seeing her…….

Sanskar thn litted a fire and they both were sitting near it….
Sanskar thought how should he Says his feeling to swara
sanskar- ( turning away from her) swara i want to tell you something but i dont know how to say, what will be your reaction, whtever it may be but plz just dont slap me ohk……swara actually i love you, do u?
Waiting fir answer but not getting reply he turns and see her sleeping peacefully and cover her with blanket and sleeps.

At midnight,
swara wakes up due to someone noise and see sanskar shivering so she goes to him and while covering him blanket finds tht he has high fever

Swara tried to wake him up….
Swara- sir wake up….sir
Then Swara immediately search for water and cloth and luckly she gets it and then keeps tht on his forehead, then she rubs his legs to Give him heat, she even took his cellphone and called on laksh no but no one answered…..she did this whole night and in this process didnt realized when she slept

In morning,
swara waked up and first she checked sanskar forehead and and the fever was reduced a little bit she relaxed……
sanskar phone ringed it was laksh

She answered it…
laksh- helo bhai whr r u i was so tensed
swara- helo sir i’m swara speaking sanskar sir employee and i only called you first but you didnt answered
laksh- ok swara where is bhai
Swara- sir sanskar sir is having fever and we are stuck in the jungle
laksh- ok swara i am coming take care of bhai…..

So thts it for today.Bye…bye…..

Precap- suspense

So this episode was specially for you zelena let me knw wether you liked this episode or not as this was not planned but as u asked i made it

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    omg… you accepted my request….. thank you….. and absolutely loved the episode… update the next one soon… cant wait…

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