Hii guys here is the next episode and plz tell me where there id a lack…..

After reaching home……..sanskar and siya were questioned by raglak as to where were they and then they told wht all happened…….raglak were shocked especially laksh and then He teases him
laksh- kya baat hai bhai, do u love her?
Sanakar was shocked nd said love and me no way
Laksh- yes bhai you do…….
Laksh went taking siya and here sanskar was thinking abt it
At night…….
Sanskar was trying to sleep but not able to as the thought which lucky told were disturbing him

Sanskar pov
Is it really true, do i love her and then what about tia, no i cnt bear tia thn how will i live with her whereas i like to spend time swara. It means oh my god it…. it means i love her, yes i love her, i love you swara

On the other hand swara was thinking about todays incident which happened with her…….
Swara pov
Sanskar sir was so good, so caring, he protected me, i think i should say thanks to sir for protecting me but how i think first of all i should give him a bookie or chocolates or a different gift……

Next day at office everything went as usual thn when sanskar was returning from office he sees swara standing and looking gor auto but fails to stop the one

Sanskar stopped his car in front of her …….
Sanskar- swara get in i will drop you
Swara- no its ohk sir i will manage
Sanskar- (in bossy tone) swara i said get in the car now
Swara- (hesitating got in the car)

And sunddenly after somethimes
Car stops
Swara- wht happened sir, why you stopped the car
Sanskar- i didnt stopped it happened on its own only i think car broke down i will check u sit ohk
Swara nodes…..

Sanskar comes to swara and tell her tht car have some problems we have to search for some mehachnic, but tht was difficult as it was a lonly road no one seems to be der

They keptt walking for a long time thn swara sat at a stone
Swara- sir now i cnt walk u go plz
Sanskar- r u mad common swara you can do it ohk come chalo get up lets go
Sunddenly its starts raining sanskar runs to take shelter under the tree and found swara no where and then see her enjoying in the rain and was just keep starring her ……thn
Sanskar- swara wht r u doing cm Here dont be in rain u may catch cold
But swara was not ready to come instead even bought sanskar in the rain and both enjoyed…….

Precap- dont knw

so thts it for today guys, if der are some mistakes or any kind of thing which i can improve si plz tell me i will be obliged
Thank you

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  2. Awesome ?

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    1. Samiksha_29

      Thnks sorry 4 late reply i thought to tell all at once only thann you bt thn thought to say

    1. Samiksha_29

      Thnks nd sorry 4 late reply

    1. Samiksha_29

      Thnks nd sorry 4 late reply

  4. Malika

    awwwwww … hahahhah bhai kyaa baat hai!! when laksh said this line i truly love it !! awwwwww sanskar pov was lovely !! and swara pov also!! swasan scene was fabulous when sanky said swara in bossy tone to come inside the car it was soooo cute!! hahahhaah dancing on the rain its really enjoyable !! i was imaging swara dancing in the rainn…!!btw its soo short !! please next time make it little longer!! and this ep was awesome!!

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      Thnks a lot malika it means a lot next episode will be long and very soon

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