swasan- journey of love- episode 4

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swasan- journey of love – episode 3

Precap- swara’s 1st rasoi and sanskar helps her..
@ dining table
Parineeta- plz ma give one gold bangle to sanskar also.. πŸ˜‰
Sanskar- instead of bangle if u give me chain, I will accept it. πŸ™‚
All laughs.
Same morning 11 a.m.
Sanskar- oh god! I m running late today for office..
He starts running from here to der. He wears shirt.. N tries to tie a tie(necktie) but he can’t.. He is just struggling with tie.
Swara enters in the room n see him .. She smiles and comes towards him..
Swara- oh sanskar! Still U didn’t learn it. U knw na @ the time of our campus interview u dnt knw how to do it.. Dat time also I helped u..
Sanskar( in thoughts . actually I wanna learn that but whn u helped me to tie a tie.. From that day I stopped learning.. Coz I wanna u to do this for me everyday)
Swara- sanskar ok done!
They both understand how close they are.. Swara goes away 4m him..
He grabs file n keys.. N goes to the garage.. And heads towards his office.
Swara is seating in the room..
She checks her phn after few minutes.. But no notifications.
Sumi calls swara.
Swara beta
Swara- yes ma!
Sumi- u forgot us (in fake anger) in 2nd day of ur marriage only.
Swara- ma I m sry.. I was busy in cooking halwa.
Sumi(surprised)- u cook it..Really? How are the family members? Ok na? I think after eating the halwa made by u, they will suffer..
Swara- ma all are OK
Sumi- keep them in under observation dear.. SomEthing will happen dem for sure.
Swara- ma! Sanskar helped me..
Sumi- ok! Den it will be good..
Swara- ma..
Sumi- love u swara.. Just spread happiness..
Swara( in tears)- miss u ma.. Love u 2
Sumi- ok bye beta! Take care
Swara- bye ma..Tell papa n dadi dat i m ok..
Sumi- I will.. C u..
After few hrs ..
Swara feels lonely..
In office sanskar feels that swara is lonely.. So he calls her.
Sanskar- hi frnd..
Swara- Hi sanskar.. Thank god u called me. I m feeling lonely.
Sanskar(in thoughts.. I knw dear dats y I called u) – y swara?
Swara- actually I m nt mixed here na.. So its difficult to spend time.
Sanskar- I understand.. Ok had ur lunch?
Swara- no. Not feeling hungry.
Sanskar- go n eat something ..
Swara- na yar
Sanskar- I m hungry.. But if u dnt eat anything I will also not eat anything.
Swara- ok .. M going to eat..
Sanskar- k..
Swara- bye sanskar
Sanskar- bye dear..

Next episode-
Swara n sanskar go to hotel.. N some people staring at swara in wired way..

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