swasan- journey of love – episode 2

good morning frnds.
thanks bhuvi, abi, Maya and rabi for supporting me.
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precap- swara and sanskar’s marriage..
n sanskar assuring her he will be her frnd only even after the marriage..

same wedding night
@sanskar’s home..
swara is seated on couch..
n her frnds r surrounding her.. n teasing her about 1st night..
her frnds- oh ho! 1st night .. hmm..;-)
swara- nothing is going to happen.. shut up..
her frnds- oh really? 😉
swara- u all go out from here..
her frnds- she is dying to meet jiju dats y she is sending us outside… 😉 😉
her frnd- ok baba we r going ( still teasing her).
sanskar is also in same situation… his frnds r pulling his legs..
after few min
sanskar enters in the room..
n shuts the door..he is tension (wht to say her)..
swara moved towards bed.. n seats on the corner. creaking sound. (prank played by the frnds ;-))
swara sanskar both laughs ..
both- oh god.. this frnds..
the tension reduces between dem..
suddenly sanskar looks at the door.. he thinks how the light is coming through the door( door is closed then how?? )

he goes near the door n observes it . there are few holes to the door..(another prank_;-) )
both- oh god.. dey think dey will spy us through dis..
sanskar fills the holes wid mseal..
still both r laughing abt there crazy frnds..
suddenly there phn rings simultaneously ( another prank to disturb them)
swara sanskar looks at each other..
while smirking they switch off phn simultaneously..
after this swara goes to change is some comfortable dress.meanwhile sanskar cleans the bedroom (papad :-p)
swara comes out after changing n slips .. she closes her eyes (hoping to the pain..)
but nothing such happens . she opens her eyes n sees sanskar holding her into arms..
swara- thanks.
sanskar- in frndshp no thanks no sry.. I m going to change .. u sleep on the bed.. I will adjust myself on couch..
swara- but this is ur house.. I will adjust.
sanskar- (in thoughts..now this belongs to u also) plz.. for our frndshp..
swara nods..
he comes out after changing n see that swara is sleeping peacefully.. he goes near her.. n covers the blanket over her.. n silently wishes her good night..
he seats on sofa.. while staring her ..

after sometime he also sleeps peacefully..

next episode- 1st rasoi of swara.. n sanskar helping her… parineeta teases him.. n says to ap.. plz give one gold bangle to sanskar also.. 😉

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