Hello guys, i am back with the new episode. Thanks to all those who commented on my story.

So 2nd episode is here……

Swara hurriedly reaches the office and runs in office as she was late for her interview. When her turn comes she goes in….

Swara- may i come in sir……
Sanskar- yes plz( guys let me tell You sanskar was facing the other side as of swara so both were not able to see each other)

But then sanskar turn his chair and both were shocked….

Swara- tum, tum yaha kya kar rahe ho, ur following me how dare you ha…

sanskar- look ye mera office hai mujhe koi zazurat nai hai tumhe Follow karne ki samjhi. Dont you dare mess with me.

Swara- whatever
Sanskar- (seeing swara qualifications) ok your selected
Swara- (while making faces) Thank you and goes
Sanskar smile seeing this…….

So swara is given her cabin and she start working seriously.
sanskar admire her seeing this (As both there cabin are next to each other so)

Then a new girl is shown entering sanskar cabin. She is Tia (sanskar fiance and a rich daddy’s girl, sanskar doesnt like her and is marrying her due his mother as he is never attracted to any girl, instead all girlz love are attracted towards him due to his charm, but he doesnt pay heed to anyone).

Tia- hii sanskar baby, kya baat aaj koi phone nai kuch nai ha, didn’t you miss me baby…

Sanskar- (looking irritated) tia i was busy. See you in evng go now.

Tia- arre par( sanskar while pushing her out of the cabin)

Sanskar- bach gaya and continue his work.

After sometimes he packs his stuff to leave the office and goes and see that swara is still working……

Sanskar- miss swara is quit late you should go home
Swara- sir a little work is remaining.
Sanskar- you can complete that tomorrow.
Swara- ok sir( thinking that he is not that bad)

Sanskar- i drop you to your home come fast after raping your things
Swara- no thank you sir i will go.
Sanskar- miss swara its late now i will drop you and no more arrguements( in a bossy tone)
Swara- ok
Swara hurriedly collects all her things and goes out and see sanskar already waiting there.
She sits and sanskar starts driving
There was a complete silence for a while which was later broke by Sanskar……..
sanskar- so miss swara who all are there in your family.
swara- thinks something
Sanskar founds her lost and feel little strange by the time swara hostle comes where she lives (guyz remember she is an orphan so lives in hostle)
Swara moves out of the car……

Thats it for today bye bye……..

Precap- swasan meeting in a park

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