SwaSan a journey from hate to love (s) EPI 20


hey guys…hope u missed me
lets begin


sanskar went back to the farmhouse and feels pain as he remembers hsi time with kavita…
he calls ragini who was crying in her room thinking abt her brother
ragini:bhaiyya… where r u?
sanskar:i need ur help
ragini:tell me bhai
sanskar:i need 20 lacs…can u give me??
ragini:yes bhai…u may go to bank and i will call manager…u can withdraw money

swara:why didnt he access to his account?
akira:after sanskar left house with kavita…dp sealed all his accounts so that he doesnt take any money
swara sighs
akira: sanskar called his friend who offered him a job once but he had refused…
sanskar:hi vicky
vicky:hey bro
sanskar:is ur job still available?
vicky:so u wanna do it?
sanskar:people left with no choice
vicky:ok m coming to pick u up…
he picked up sanskar and both went to an office where a lady was sitting
vicky:this is the boy
lady:he looks nice … so ready to become a toy boy??

lady’s name was geeta
yes guys he has decided to become a toy boy…he had seen the worst faces of people and society…now he knows that all are fake and betrayers…he needs money and wants to be rich by hook or by crook and he will do it by trapping blo*dy people of society due to whom inncent people like sanskar have to face such disgusting problems

swara~:what is a toy boy?
akira sighs
akira: sanskar decided to make love with richest woman of society and trap their property
swara was shocked

akira:he was given a flat by his company to live…he paid all his loans with those 10 lacs
sanskar did research on this job and learnt how to woo every woman of every age
his first meeting was with a woman of 45 years and sanskar was just 24

sanskar:hello mrs verma
mrs verma:hi handsome
sanskar:we r here for a deal
mrs verma:u have to impress me first
sanskar:pay me first
mrs verma smirks
mrs verma:geets knows i like tough people..u suit my taste…how much do u want??
sanskar:1 crores
mrs verma gets shocked
mrs verma: are u mad??why this much??
sanskar: m not a joke…m hard to get
she smirked and agreed
sanskar’s first night was with that woman…he was extremely hesitant but then he thought abt everything happened to him in past and became stern…he did it… he spent the night…woman slept and he came out of room and cried miserably…his head pained as he did it for the 1st time…he vomited and wept… he couldnt sleep all night and saw alcohol bottles…he gulped them and drank whole night…. it was the beginning of his new disastrous journey
he became normal in doing it when he trapped few more women… mrs verma was deeply impressed by him and wanted him for another night but he refused as he uses women for one night only…she begged him and was lusting for him…he asked her to sign on blank papers and she did so blindly…after that night sanskar printed on those papers that all the property of mrs verma is of sanskar’s now
swara gets shocked

akira: he met a girl who posed to be very good and traditional…sanskar was impressed by her and wanted to marry her but he came to know that she traps boys by accusing them of playing with her respect and took their money….sanskar made her drink alcohol and she accepted her crime which he recorded..he blackmailed her to spend a night and he even took all the money she got to teach her a lesson to know how it feels when actually respect gets played…

sanskar used to feel a severe headache and get restless at nights he consulted doc who advised him to marry…he refused…doc told him that he had become a s*x addict and he cant stay up at night without alcohol cigarette or a girl and he can sleep only by taking sleeping pills….

its been four years he had not met his family and neither did they contact him
he met me three years ago and was shocked to see me in hospital…he took me to his home where we both told each other our stories and he consoled me and advised me to take revenge from those bastards…he helped me and called all of them to his mansion… my professor and those teachers… they were shocked to see me… i took out the gun he gave me and i felt so peaceful when i heard their screams…i remembered my screams but they didnt pity me so i even didnt pity them and shot them

u must be thinking i should have taken police’s help
swara:i understand why u did it…. society wouldnt have believed u as u both had seen their faces and people dont respect law../

akira:hmm… that night after killing them i cried and we drank…we came closer as he consoled me and made love…we became close friends in a year and he used to share everything with me..he told me abt u and i suggested him to marry you… sorry but when u came in front of my car and i took u to my home u were the only one who could understand sanksar…u came to know abt his pain through his eyes… i thought that only u can bring him back… i couldnt do it as u r a pious soul and me… i have changed a lot.,..m not the old girl anymore…

swara hugs her: dont worry… i will bring him back…

can i ask sth else??

swara:now ap maa has changed and asked me to bring back her son
akira:a year ago dp had a great loss in business and had hear attack… they were suffering… ap met an accident and they received secret help…they were being treated peacefully and ragini stayed with them in hospital,., when they were cured after 2 months they went back to their mansion which was saved from being auctioned and their business was established in a new way…

later they found out that all this was done by sanksar….they reminisced what they did to him and felt ashamed….even they had faced bad time not much hard like sanskar but it made them realise their mistake…sanskar is still same from heart …it had just got dusted…it needs to be cleaned…he is still yearning for his parents’ love

swara cried thinking about sanskar….
akira hugs her to console her
swara:i love him akira… i will bring him back
akira smiles
akira:i know dear… i trust u…

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    Awww baby u also had soooo much

    1. Sethooty

      Hey Dr..she is copying someone work…its saba story….

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    Awesome aila…Post next soon

  10. Dhara

    Hi aila this is just copy of Saba’s FF. I will complian to tu to remove this ff. You just changed raglak characters and Shanaya to Akira. Plz tell me from which novel you have inspired this story. I am gonna inform saba about this. We love her work a lot.

    1. Sethooty

      Yes dhara… I saw your post in fb….so thought to comment here…

      1. hi dhara and setoothy… from the beginning of my first epi i already informed that my ff resembles to that of saba but i will make changes… if u start reading from first chapter you will be able to see thousands of changes… few more people thought the same as u and when i told them to read their views changed…and m tired of explaining it …. most of my story is far different than that of saba… i know saba as well….u wanna tell her go ahead… i know that when she will read it …she will also come to know that storyline is same but scenes are totally different….
        anyways thnx for ur comment

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    You r copying someone work…I will report this to tellyupdates…a path hate to love is my fav its ‘saba’ s creation..don’t ruin it by changing characters name….you said that in one comment its inspired from fifty shades if grey excuses me..there is no similarly in that novel with Saba’s …fifty shade just contain mature s*x content…
    Readers if you want read you can read from Saba’s blog…don’t encourage this….

    1. Simin

      Dear its not like that
      She is not copying from anyone
      Its her story
      I know she and saba have adopted it from same novel bit trust me she is not copying anyone’s idea
      Plz dont say so
      She is tired of explaining this to everyone since the very beginning
      I think u will understand

      1. Sethooty

        Hey simin did you read Saba’s novel?,.. Then you will never say this….which novel she inspired from story…there is no such novel..if it fitft shades of grey….plz do me a favour read that novel..then only you can understand…..
        If some situation or some part of idea is copying I can understand…. But she is copying everything…..and you people are supporting her…am also writing a story its very hard to write a single paragraph need lot of effort….
        Saba is writing season 2 also…I think she will also copy that story …going to say its inspired from other novel?….

    2. Dhara

      Thanks sethooty. We will have to show Saba’s fandam power here. We can’t allow anybody to copy our fav FF.

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      Did you read Saba’s story..? Am not an insane to accuse anyone unnecessarily.I read her novel from start to end .how could you say storyline is little bit same…even tittle also have similarity. If it the case of story or some situation I can understand.yes one thing is right she didn’t copied exact words.

      1. Deeksha gupta

        I read saba’s story n though plot is same but story is not ..have u read it ?? First read it properly n then blame others …I’m a big fan of saba n i even read her season 2 but that doesn’t mean u will accuse others fr copying …only theme is same not the story …n what u said u will complain ..ask saba to herself read d story , she will come to know dat this is same or not …i dont want to be rude but first read it carefully then accuse others …

      2. storyline is same but scenes are totally different…kindly read first and then accuse anybody,…as for my confession,,,its nt new,,,,i had already told in my starting chaps that I had read saba’s ff and m gonna mold it…. if u had not read all that stuff then its not my cup of tea…stop spreading violence… even I know saba…wanna tell her??go ahead… she is sensible and will come to know that my story and its scenes are entirely different… u wont find my moments in her ff and I can make u count thousands of differences…. just wide open ur eyes and mind….storyline is same I agree but my plot and scenes are different….. now I dnt need to say anything to u and ur possessive fandom power…even m her fan…. kindly stop polluting minds and giving others a headache without reason… thnk u

    2. Niku

      I m definitely sure dear u r going to reply me….I wanted to tell u I also read that ff just on tu only n as much I remember that ff is still not complete on tu …..n jaha tak mn saba’s ff story padhi h their is lit bit similarly….n ty for agreeing with me in last ….I m not taunting or something like that i m just sharing my thoughts with u genuinely….

  20. Sethooty

    Alia atleast you accepted, you adopted it from Saba’s story and you read it before…. thanks…..bye

    1. i had already accepted in my beginning epis that I had read saba’s ff already and I will mold it…if u had nor read the previous then do it and if u have read but didn’t come to read my explanations to those who thought its that of saba’s but later realised that its different the g and get ur eyesight checked….I dnt need to explain myself for sth which m not responsible for to the insanes… bye…

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    Awesome dear loved it but I dont like that sanskar should Patch up with his parents beacuse they Ding Deserve him

  23. We all know how wonderful these stories are they are really inspiring some ppl belong to that fandom now a days woman really need such stories where s*xual abuse is plenty husband are casanovas lustful men women are abla naris they are forced as if women are toys and yes we love these stories such fans . If it happens with us u all are woman u get laptops u get I phones then also u ppl think like this rape is a crime no it is not but yes Whom to blame ? Now coming to her she is also following same path whats wrong in that she said it she is inspired

    1. U should show strong females strong females doesnt mean bold scenes short clothes english speaking but self respected woman. Divorce is necessary evil sometimes

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