SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) PROLOGUE


Hey guys this is aila back with new ff….
U guys might find it similar to saba’s ff but as Saba stated that her story z adapted from a novel and I have read that novel as well therefore I will write it but my story will be a bit different in between as I wanted some changes….u will enjoy it for sure,…
Plz do comment….

The episode starts with a girl wearing orange lehnga.she z sitting on bed looking at the engagement ring in her hand with teary eyes.its SWARA
Swara:why?why me?
She stands up and picks the wedding card from the table
Swara:1day only and then it will be true….


Swara goes in flashback


A pretty girl wearing a blue colored salwar suit is getting teased by some boys in her college.the girl is RAGINI.
A bike enters college and a person gets off from it wearing a yellow shirt with jeans and takes off his helmet to reveal his dashing face….he is SANSKAR.
He beats the boys and hugs ragini
Sanskar:don’t u dare touch my sister again
Ragini:thank God u came bhaiyya
Sanskar:I will always be there for y when u will need me
Ragini:lets go now
Sanskar drops ragini in front of a house

Ragini:wont u come in?
Sanskar:ragini…not again…u know the reason well
Ragini:I wish we were living like before
Sanskar kisses her forehead and leaves
Ragini gets teary eyed and goes inside
AP had been watching it by standing at the balcony.she also got emotional to seer sher
AP:I am sorry beta….
She keeps crying

A ouse is shown where a girl decends down the stairs wearing jeans and long green kurta
Its Swara
Swara:good afternoon maa
Sumi:afternoon child
A handsome man enters.its Laksh
Laksh:good afternoon siso
Swara hugs him
Laksh hives choco to her and they share cute bond adored by their parents
Laksh:u remember all the things u need to buy??
Swara:relax bhai I know its ur wedding….i wnt leave anything behind…
Sumi:we r lucky to get ragini as our daughter in law
Swara:world’s best bhabhi
Laksh:and wife

Swara:someone is blushing
Laksh:u naughty
Swara:wt abt his bro?
Laksh:sanskar maheshwari
Laksh:dnt know whether he comes or not
Swara:its his sister’s marriage….why wnt he come??
Lakah:-its a family problem Shona.
Swara:ok ok

Phone rings
Swara smiles
Swara:bhabhi’s call
She picks it
Ragini:hi shona
Ragini:whole preparations done?
Swara:yes bhabhi
Shekhar:ask abt sanskar

Swara:will u both stop asking same questions??all z fine
Ragini:thank God…make sure there z no fault
Swara:dnt worry bhabhi
Ragini:my bro z coming
Swara:he had too…after all its his sister’s wedding
Ragini:u wont mind his presence her
Swara:of crse not,…he z most welcome


Swara:I wish I would have said that his presence is a problem
I wish I could have have not allowed ur bro to attend our marriage…
I wish I could have not let him enter my life….

My wish….

Done with a short 1st epi….will upload next soon
Throw comments….,?

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