SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 9


Hi guys… Sorry for late update but I couldn’t wrote during Eid … Eid holidays are still on and m in my aunt’s home…. And my lil naughty cousin sisters have eaten my brain?
How can kids be soooooooooo clever?????????
Right now m suffering from a little fever ? but I need to update… So here we go…

RECAP: sanskar talks to Akira and makes a plan to know whether Akira’s closeness will have effect on swara or not


sanskar: When one partner cant fulfill other’s need then outsiders have to help
Swara is shocked
Sanskar:what??why e u looking at me like this??isn’t it true??
Sanskar is surprised
Sanskar:what do u mean??
Swara:doesn’t matter what is the situation…husband and wife are like each others soul who take vows that they will stay together till last breath no matter what happens and m there for u…. If there z any problem we will handle it together and be each others support cause we r family and outsiders are no one to us….
Sanskar is hell shocked to hear her
A voice echoes in his mind again “outsiders should fulfill the need If partner cant do it”

Swara:if u need me for tonight then…
Swara:then I am all yours…
Sanskar comes close to her
Sanskar: yes swara… No matter what u r always mine
He holds her in his arms and she shuts her eyes.he leans to kiss her but remembers doc’s words and smiles to see her face with closed eyes.he kisses her forehead.swara feels sth strange and tightly holds his shirt
Wind blows and her hair flutter.sanskar is mesmerized and wants to quench his thirst but controls himself.he asks swara to sleep who is surprised that he left her easily,he takes pills and leans on bed.swara leans by his side
Sanskar:what r u thinking??
Sanskar:Say it swara
Swara:can u spread ur arm plz?
Sanskar:but why??
Swara doesn’t say anything
Sanskar looks at her confused and spreads his arm
Swara leans on his chest and covers herself with his arm.sanskar smiles to see her act and kisses her forehead and husg her tightly.Swara feels pleasure and both dose off.Swara thinks about his different shades.

Next day swara wakes up and goes down.she gets angry to see Akira and Akira orders Chanda to make breakfast
Swara:what r u doing here??
Akira:good morning swara
Swara:I asked sth
Akira senses swara’s anger
Akira: I was asking them to prepare breakfast
Swara:and who r you to do that??
Akira:what do u mean??
Swara: I mean who r u to sanskar ??
Akira:I …. Actually …
Swara: What??
Sanskar comes from behind
He comes to her and holds her by waist nit caring about who is around as he knows she is all hers and he has full right on her
Sanskar:what r u doing here??I told u to be in front of my eyes when I am home
Swara:vo… Actually u were sleeping…so …
Sanskar:hmm… Morning akira
Sanskar:so what were u both talking
Akira coughs and smiles
Akira:she was asking about our relation
Sanskar looks at swara who gets a little afraid.he then looks at Akira and signs her from eyes to tell swara
Akira:swara…before marriage few times me and ur husband shared sth…
Swara is confused
Swara:shared?? What did you share??
Akira sighs: Bed
Swara is shocked out of her wits
Sanskar coughs and says that he has to change.swara is numb.Akira keeps hand on swara’s shoulder
Akira:listen swara.before ur marriage he had many girls in his life.his past led him to wrong way…he shared bed with many girls but only once… We share a special bond that’s why m a little close to him so made love with him more than once…i cant give u detail but just know one thing that now he is urs and only u have right on him… So…
Swara jerks her hand and wipes her tears.she silently goes into kitchen and helps Chanda.sanskar comes back and so does AP.ap blessed Akira and swara brings breakfast.sanskar talks to Akira about party preparations to avoid talking to swara as she may need some time.
Sanskar doesn’t want to talk to her but forcefully speaks
Sanskar:whats ur problem??
AP:ur wife is sitting…give her attention…
Sanskar looks at swara who is just playing with her food and its untouched
Sanskar feels bad
AP:what happened swara??
Swara:nothing maa…m fine… U plz go back to ur home
All are surprised
Swara:plz dnt mind maa… Try to understand
AP:its ok beta
Swara stands up
Swara:Chanda kaki… M not hungry
Sanskar:where r u going swara??
Swara: file z in room
Akira and sanskar look at each other and understand how she felt
Swara goes in room and cries
Swara:how many tests will I have to face
AP comes and hugs her
Swara: M sorry ma..plz forgive me
AP:its ok beta
Swara: Ma trust me..whatever m doing is for us…is u want ur sanskar back then give him time
AP:its been 2 years
Swara:let me handle this now
AP nods and goes to pack her bag,they come down
Swara:if u r going then drop maa to her home
Sanskar:driver will come
Swara:please drop her urself
Sanskar knows he has already hurt her by giving a news of Akira so doesn’t wanna refuse her so agrees surprising AP

Few days pass and sanskar doesn’t quench his thirst and swara at night sleeps in same position lying on his chest and he hugging her.swara is a little happy as sanskar tries to care for her and doesn’t bring Akira at home
One day he goes to office and swara decides to prepare food for her.he has grown a bit lenient towards swara
She cleans whole house and prepares special food for him working hard.Chanda tries to stop him but swara is stern,
Swara:u want to do sth for my husband
Chanda smiles
Swara gets dressed in a beautiful red salwar suit and wears bangles.she also wears her anklet.she looks amazing.she hears the sound of horn and hurriedly descends the stairs.she stands still and her heartbeat is growing fast.she doesn’t know why is she behaving like this but she wants him to come soon and see her.she wants him to praise her hand made food and give her importance but her smile vanishes when……


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    1. Aila

      Its aila

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    May be…. Sorry if i hurt anyone…………… But it was very Nice….

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  5. Abirsha

    Dont take me bad…. U and saba have adapted the ff from novel but we already read saba ff and ur ff too going in the same way…. Pls show different things… I m not saying u copied from saba ff…. But everything is same…. Its like we are again reading the same ff….. sry if i hurt you

    1. Aila

      Hi m not hurt at all…if u read saba’s ff then u wnt be able to find such scenes that I have added…. The plot might be same which will be different in upcoming epis but the scenes are different….keep reading and u will know ?

  6. Rosey

    I think sanskaar comes home with Akira

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    I knw akira is gud bt i dun lyk hr…
    Plz dun gve hr more imprtnce..
    Loved d chppy

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