SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 6

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Recap: Horrible night


Swara fell unconscious and Chanda screamed her name.
She tries to wake her up.sanskar comes and is shocked to see her.he picks her up in his arms and asks Chanda to call doc.he lies her on bed and remembers what he did last night.a layer of guilt comes in his heart but he ignores it.
Doc comes and checks swara
Doc:Mr sanskar.r u mad??what kind of person r u?I think u r an animal to treat ur wife like this
Sanskar was getting angry as doc was hurting his ego
Swara got conscious and heard it…
She said in a heavy voice
Swara:doc plz behave as u r talking to my husband
Sanskar was surprised and a tear escapes chanda’s eye
Doc:mam m so sorry but what he did is unbearable for a woman.u r sensitive and weak.haven’t u eaten anything for days??
Swara:no actually
Doc:how many days?
Swara:2 days
Sanskar is taken aback
Chanda:plz tell me what she should eat and I will make it right away
Doc gives prescriptions and asks her to take care
Doc:Mr sanskar plz maintain a distance from her
Sanskar doesn’t concentrate and leaves
Sanskar:blo*dy doc

Chanda makes food
Sanskar:keep it here and leave
Sanskar brings food to swara and asks her to eat
She eats silently
Sanskar:good.obey me like this only and I will think to keep u happy
Sanskar goes and swara after taking two bites stops and cries.chanda goes in and caresses her head.she cries hugging swara

Chanda:swara my child its a jail…u r unlike other girls.u r sweet and so is sanskar
Swara smiles sadly:he is a devil kaki
Chanda:no mam.he is a nice guy but this shade of his has overcome his good side.u will know by the passage of time
Swara wipes her tears
Swara:call me by name as u r like my mom
Chanda:then plz eat sth
Swara:m not hungry
Sanskar was standing at the door and thinks wt to do to make her eat?she has to be at peace right now….

He calls her family and they come after sometime
Laksh:where z she?
Sanskar:in her room.she z not feeling well and is not eating anything…plz ask her to have food
Ragini:dnt wrry bhai…i will make my bhabhi fine
They go to her room and she gets delighted
Swara:when did u come?
Laksh:mom dad r also here….and ragini called her mom too as its ur mun dikhai and yeah first rasoi as well
Ragini sees teeth mark on swara’s neck and coughs
Ragini:my bro’s love mark is still fresh
Swara forcefully shys so that they don’t doubt her but she knows that its hate mark
Laksh:make her eat sth
Ragini gives her food
Swara thinks:both bro and sis r so different
Ragini:u have to get ready now
She opens her cupboard and sees beautiful dresses….lehnga salwar suit but no sarees
Ragini sighs
Swara:sanskar arranged the cupboard….u must be looking for sarees but there r none
Ragini smiles sadly
Ragini:bhai hates women who wear sarees
Ragini:cause people keep looking at their bare waist and Bhai hates it
Swara thinks:he himself looks at them and takes every girl on a night with him but hates the guys who do it….wt kind of person is he??
Ragini selects a beautiful pink lenhga for her
Swara has pain in her body but she needs to go…she hardly stands and changes
Ragini:why r u limping?
Swara:m not well
Ragini:bhabhi…should I call doc or give u meds?
Swara:no m ok
They hear horn sound
Ragini:mom came
Swara thinks:except ragini nobody came in our marriage from sanskar’s side as he has clashes …. And now her mom is here…why??
Sanskar sees AP and gets angry but ragini comes and holds his hand and asks him to calm down
Sumi and shekhar greet her bht dnt ask sanskar as they know abt their differences
Ragini:lemme bring bhabhi

All see swara descending down with ragini’s support dressed beautifully and wearing heavy jewellery.Sanskar makes her stand in front of ap
Sanskar:she is swara my wife….
AP hugs her
Swara tries to bend but feels pain in her back and lets out a painful scream and holds her back
Sanskar holds her and she looks at him.both have an eyelock
AP:u ok
Sanskar:she z not fine…no need to bend
AP hugs her
AP:much beautiful than her and hope so better also
Ragini shouts:mom
All dnt understand what happened
Sanskar:lunch time
All go

AP goes to sanskar
AP:sanskar beta does swara know that
Sanskar shows her his finger:stay out of my matters mrs maheshwari
AP is hurt but she knows she has to bear it as she has been bearing for 2 years
Sumi:swara make sth sweet beta
Swara tries to walk but limps again and sanskar holds her.

Family smiles
Sanskar:she is unwell…rituals r not important than her health….she needs rest
Shekhar:take care of her like this always
Ap comes to him and all continue lunch
AP:lemme stay here fi she z not fine
Sanskar looks for a while
Sanskar:fine but dnt show me ur face again and again
Swara is shocked to hear sanskar talking like this to his mom

Night comes and all have left
Sanskar:its night time mrs maheshwari go and sleep
She leaves with tears
Sanskar comes in room and sees her still dressed beautifully
Swara:I will just change
She stands up and her anklets’ sound make him crazy.he again comes closer to her forgetting her condition and gets lost in her…he touches her face and caresses her hair and lips and finally makes love with her again….
Swara leaves herself on his mercy as she knows he wont stop whatever she does and she is already tired….she neither screams nor forces against him as she doesn’t have power to do so and bears it all silently………

Only tears make way through her eyes….

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  16. Hi is this story inspired from Saba – Swasan a path hate to love… there are too many similarities in both the stories… http://diariesforfantasy.blogspot.in/2016/01/swasan-path-hate-to-love-ep-20.html

    1. Aila

      Hi… No…. Mine and saba’s story is inspired from a novel….
      I told it in my prologue already
      And there will be many changes… U will know once u read it

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