SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 5

Hi guys….ok many of u r tensed abt sanskar’s behaviour towards swara.But guys he will be an ANIMAL with a SOFT CORNER….

Thnk u for ur comments….


RECAP: Akira helps swara and she turns out to be sanky’s frnd who advises him to marry swara for revenge believing that she can change him.swasan get married.


Chanda prepares room for swasan and seems tensed
Swara:r u ok kaki?
Chanda eyes her emotionally
Chanda:I hope night passes quickly
Swara is boggled
Chanda keeps her hand on her head and sighs.she leaves.
The room is beautifully decorated with flowers.swara wonders what will happen next.she hates sanskar but had to spend whole life with him now.
Swara:why me?”why God??what will he do now?I know he wants revenge but how will he take revenge via marriage??what is he upto?
Just then Sanskar comes and is a bit drunk.
Swara gets tensed to see him.
Sanskar:so my dear wife is in front of my eyes.u know who u r??swara !!!! The girl who slapped me.how hurting it was!! I married u to take revenge.all ur freedom,joy is over now and I will show u what i am.right here right now u will know what is hell!!!
He holds swara’s face hardly and she gets terrified!!!

Sanskar:my lips need to get fresh and they have become dried after speaking so much
Swara can smell alcohol and feels disgusted
Sanskar joins his lips with hers and sucks it hard.swara feels pain and tries to stop him but he holds her tight and sucks like a vampire.he pushes swara and she collides with the cupboard and hits the back of her head with it.she is shocked,her lips bleed.sanskar comes close to her.
Sanskar:I need to quench my thirst swara
Sanskar puts finger on her lips
Sanskar:sshhh….dnt say anything as now u will scream only….TONIGHT IS HORRIBLE
Swara is scared and doesn’t understand what to do
He pulls out her earrings and she screams as they start bleeding
Swara:its hurting me sanskar
Sanskar:its beginning

Sanskar grabs swara by hair and she screams
Sanskar:nobody ever dared slap me.u hurt my ego so pay for it….all girls are same…
He slaps swara hard and she falls on bed.swara cries.
Swara:I am sorry….don’t do this plz…forgive me plz
He comes close to her and holds her face
Sanskar:come on baby.Today is our wedding night how can we spoil it??lets start now
Swara forces against him but he holds her hands tightly and bites her on neck.she screams.
Sanskar undresses her and kisses her everywhere.
Sanskar:proud on beauty is harmful
Swara cries a lot
He keeps kissing her belly and bites it and she clutches at bed sheet
Sanskar takes a knife and sits on her back
Swara feels breathless not able to bear his weight
Sanskar carves an S below her right shoulder while swara kicks her legs and punches at bed sheet and screams badly!!!
Swara:Ahhhkkk!!!! Plz no plzzzz stop it plzz!!! Maaaaaa
Sanskar is unaffected
Sanskar:this shows u r mine only….S for sanskar
Swara grinds bed sheet in her teeth to bear the pain
Sanskar licks her blooded shoulder and she weeps more and more

He picks up alcohol bottle and throws alcohol on her face and romances her face and moves his tongue over it
Swara pleads him to let her go but he is in full mood to make love so doesn’t bother abt swara’s pain…
He mercilessly enters into swara and she gives a scream of extreme pain!!!!!
He keeps pushing himself and gets tired making swara lifeless and sleeps.

Swara lies lifeless.AFTER 10 mins w goes to washroom , sits under warm water and weeps
Swara:why sanskar??why did I do??just a slap and u turned my life!!I hate you…I just hate u
She screams:: I HATE U SANSKAR
Sanskar knocks: I HATE U TOO
now get out.m still hungry
Swara helplessly comes out covering herself with a towel
Sanskar whistles after seeing her
Sanskar:wet beauty
Swara screams while night and begs for mercy but he doesn’t care…he at 6 eats his sleeping pills and doses off while swara sits in a corner and curses her fate and cries badly

At 7 30 a.m
Swara takes bath gain and wears simple salwar suit.she hardly comes out of the room feeling pain in her whole body.chanda rushes to her and asks if she should bring milk,tea or coffee
Swara understands why Chanda said that she wishes night passes quickly
Swara asks for tea.chanda rushes down to bring it.swara couldn’t sleep at night and was hungry for last two days due to marriage tension.she feels as if someone has broken her whole body.she tries to go down the stairs but feels dizzy and falls down.chanda hears the sound and comes to see and is shocked to see that swara had fallen from stairs hurting her head and is lying unconscious now??????

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  1. Similar to saba’s swasan a path hate to love..

    1. Aila

      Not completely similar.i told in my prologue not to say that cause it is adapted from a novel which me and Saba have read and portrayed swasan in it…. I have bundle of changes waiting ahead….so keep reading and commenting dear,,,, thnx

  2. Rabia

    Omg ????

  3. Awesome update plzz update next part soon can’t wait….

  4. mou(swasan lover)


  5. Cutiie

    how heartless sanskar but nice epi

  6. Oh my god.. ? he is a beast..
    You writing is awesome.

  7. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Please update soon… Eager to read further

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  9. Mica

    he is beast… omgg

  10. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  11. Oohhh…!! He is really a beast…!! Interesting…!! Waiting for next part..!!

  12. Wonderful ff.. But felt really bad for swara.. But im damn sure sanskar will start loving her like anything.. Waiting for next update.. Amazing writer u are

  13. Sooo horrible epi… but loved it… coz i know this is the starting of their love story…m eagerly waiting for d next one…??

  14. awesome

  15. No way its not similar to saba’s ff…….???????
    This ff is sooo scary……?????
    But i love this ff?????
    Feeling bad fr swara??????
    Awesome+scary part dr…..superb…
    Waiting fr next part….??????

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  17. intresting

  18. Awsm…lved it….plsss continue…

  19. Arshaanya

    Oh no yr dis much torture…hez such a beast…feeling so bad for swara… i love ur story n try to post nxt part ASAP

  20. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Very nice

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    oh god….i hated sanskar in this chap

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    Awesome dear… Loved it .. My poor swara

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    such a beasy sanskaar.but post next epi soon

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