SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 4


Hey guys!!! Well I cant find any other actress better than ADAA KHAN….She will be playing the role of Akira….

RECAP: swara goes to sanskar at night.Sanskar leaves her.Swara clashes a car.



Akira steps out of the car wearing a blue short dress and curly hair.
Akira:m so sorry.r u ok?
Swara:yes thank u
Akira:u r hurt…plz sit in my car…i will take u to my place…plzz
Swara agrees and leaves with her.they reach her place and swara gets bandaged.
Akira:u look upset and scared
Swara bursts out crying.Swara feels Akira a nice person so starts speaking
Swara:he has created my problems for me
Swara:that man made my mms and blackmailed me
Swara tells whole story and Akira doesn’t bother.
Akira:nothing..why r u upset now??he spared you
Swara doesn’t say anything
Akira:wts his name?
Swara: Sanskar Maheshwari
Akira is taken aback

Akira smiles
Akira:yeah he is a disgusting person.I know.He cant spare any girl
Swara:no nothing like that
Akira is surprised
Swara:he spared me.It means there is humanity in him.He wanted revenge from me but he didn’t take it.he spared my virginity.
Swara gets call and looks on tensed

Swara: Maa
Akira takes the call
Akira: Namastey Aunti….swara z making the project nd iz bzy…plz dnt wrry
Sumi:ok beta
Akira cuts call
Swara thanks her and Akira asks her to sleep
Swara sleeps and next morning leaves thanking Akira

Akira leaves towards sanskar’s home
Akira:u r so cheap
Sanskar:thnx….i kept calling u last night….where were u?
Akira:I was bzy
Sanskar pulls her towards him
Sanskar:was ur work more important than me?
Akira:shut up and tell me why were u calling
Sanskar:actually neha…
Akira: Its Akira…call me akira
Sanskar:sorry…akira…i will call u Akira…akira I wanna talk abt a girl
He narrates swara’s story
Akira:yeah yeah I know
Sanskar:what do u mean??
Akira:I was with her last night
Sanskar: Really??

Akira tells him her meeting with swara
Sanskar:she is so sensitive
She hits him.
Akira:she z nice…and understands u
Sanskar:understands me??
Akira :I badmouthed abt you and she defended u
Sanskar:how can she do it??I did so bad with her
Akira looks at him
Akira:u do more bad with others
Sanskar laughs

Sanskar:but I cant understand her.All girls love money and lust for me.thats why I gave her chance to become more rich by spending a night with me but she refused!!I mean really??why??
Akira:she is perfect….she can set u
Sanskar:set me??I will never change…i just wanna take revenge from her….she slapped me
Akira sighs
Akira:marry her
Sanskar is shocked
Akira:yeah marry her

Sanskar pulls her closer and keeps a hand on her waist
Sanskar:u marry me
Akira:no not at all…
She pushes him
Akira:I cant handle an animal like u throughout life…i have to fulfill my dreams and if I marry I cant fulfill them
Sanskar:so this is the only way??
Akira:yes baby
Sanskar smirks
Akira thinks:yeah I know swara that he will hurt u as he wants to avenge u but I feel its only u who can bring the old sanskar back…

After few days

Swara gets shocked as if someone has stabbed her thousand times when sanskar comes to her with marriage proposal.Swara wants to slap him again but controls herself.she gently refuses as sanskar expected
Sanskar comes close to her:I know how to make u agree
Swara gets scares
Sanskar pats her face and leaves

Next day

Swara’s father informs his family about business loss hearing which swara’s mind clicks about sanskar
Swara is tensed and tries to help her father and bro in business but in vain
Swara wishes to tell evrythng to ragini abt her brother but wards off the thought


Sumi meets an accident and swara gets to know that sanskar’s manager did it as per his order
Swara is outraged and furiously goes to sanskar
Sanskar:welcome beautiful
Swara:what the hell r u doing to me just because of one slap??u r hurting my parents….why the hell dnt u now try to kill ur sister??answer me damn it??
Sanskar gets damn furious and breaks glass in her feet
He steps forward and holds her neck tightly

Swara chokes
Sanskar:I told u thousand times not to involve my sister in this….ok let me make my sis life more perfect by killing ur bro and getting my sis married to another big family
Swara sis shocked
Sanskar leaves her neck and she coughs badly
Sanskar:I will do what I have said..mgo and meet yr bro for last time
Swara is shocked and instantly bends on her knees and holds his legs and cries
Swara:no no plz forgive me…i got furious and opened my mouth…i m bad m very bad plz forgive me…i will do wtever u say but plz plz spare my family plzz
Swara cries aloud

Sanskar is amused
Sanskar:beg me for marriage
Swara looks at him
She folds her hands
Swara:plz marry me…plz…i had slapped u…u can slap me too but plz marry me
Sanskar is relieved and happy
Sanskar:I just wanted ur begging…go home now
She goes home and is surprised to hear her father telling that business is about to come to normal
She wonders how fast sanskar is
Swara takes care of her mom and as she gets fine sanskar comes with proposal.Her father happily agrees as sanskar had been helping him in dealing business.The marriage is fixed….



swara:so our marriage is fixed.I dnt know how will I spend my whole life with u sanskar but u have to do it for my family
Sanskar calls her
Sanskar:hi still awake
Sanskar:thinks abt me?
Swara stays quiet
Sanskar:just open ur ears and listen to me…tomorrow is marriage and before u enter my life I wanna tell u sth…my rules….i hate it if someone disobeys me.so always do what I say.before marriage I was ur wish wt kind of clothes u wear but after marriage u will wear wt I say.i hate to listen no from anyone’s mouth.and yeah prepare urself for tomorrow night as u have to face the reward for ur slap
He cuts call and swara cries and sleeps

Next day sanskar gets ready in white sherwani and swara gest ready in beautiful red and golden lehnga.sanskar comes with Akira and ragini only.
Swara’s family is surprised to see sanskar with ragini and Akira only and ask abt his family
Ragini sees sanskar irritated and signals laksh
Laksh:maa baba…leave it
Shekhar understands that its a family problem so they just welcome him
Ragini brings swara downstairs and sanskar is mesmerized to see her.

Swara is lost in her own thoughts so doesn’t see Akira
Marriage happens and tears roll down her eyes
Shekhar:we have always taken care of her.she is my chulbuli bubbly daughter.very special and a little stubborn….plz take care of her
Sanskar:I will
Swara hugs laksh
Laksh:I will miss my princess….he will keep u happy
Swara cries more
SwaSan leave and reach sanskar’s mansion

Sanskar calls out chanda
Chanda comes running
Chanda:yes sir
Sanskar:swara….this is Chanda the care taker of my house and Chanda this is my wife swara
Chanda blesses her
(Chanda is a woman of 46 years and had been working in sanskar’s home for 10 years)

Sanskar:prepare our room as its first night
He smirks and winks at swara
Sanskar:get ready miss swara gododia
Swara looks at him
She gets scared

Swara thinks:what will he do??

NEXT EPI: horrible night ??

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