SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 3


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Sanskar blackmails swara


swara cries badly
Swara:I have to do this…or else papa , ma… Bhai? No….
Swara z not able to do any work.finally night arrives and she is shattered from inside but poses to be happy.she comes dressed beautifully.
Sumi:where r u going?wt abt project?
Swara:ma…me nd my frnd will go out on a dinner with our frnds and then will stay at her home for project
Sumi:ok but be careful

Ragini:will miss u….will get bored
Laksh:I will b there 2 give u company
Ragini shys
Swara hugs her mom
Sumi:u ok Shona?
Swara:I love u maa
She hush shekhar
Swara:u trust me?
He kisses her forehead and she leaves

Swara reaches sanskar’s residence.she knocks and he opens door.he is awestruck to see swara’s beauty.
Sanskar:so u have come.i thought u wnt come.but now if u r here then I should ask her to leave
Swara gets boggled
Just then she is shocked as she sees a girl wearing knee length dress steps out of his room
Girl:I wish u could have given this night to me
Sanskar:later babes
He gives flying kiss to the girl and she smiles while swara is disgusted
Sanskar:come in
Swara is nervous and sees decorated bed.A champaign bottle with two glasses
Sanskar:so u r wise.u took right decision.So ready….

He looks at swara and touches the dupatta in her neck.swara keeps hand on his hand as she doesn’t want him to take it off.sanskar looks at her annoyingly.she removes her hand.sanskar takes off her dupatta and throws it away
He moves forward but she steps back
Sanskar is surprised.
Sanskar: I am much more rich than ur father.if u agree to me willingly then I can join business with ur dad and u can become millionaire too.what say??
Swara stays numb

He moves forward and pins her to wall.she shuts her eyes.sanskar moves closer to kiss her but stops seeing her tears.he leaves her and swara opens her eyes.sanskar looks at her surprisingly.
Sanskar:who r u??what r u??wts the problem in spending night with me??I am giving u a chance to be millionaire.wts wrong??
Swara bursts into tears and sits in his feet
Swara:a girl’s respect is everything for her.plz dnt snatch it from me.let me go…plzz
Sanskar reminisces a voice
“Respect??seriously??if I dnt care abt my respect then why do u care?? In return of respect m getting money so wts wrong?”

His thought is disturbed by swara who still pleads him
Sanskar pats her face
Swara is taken aback:what?
Sanskar:just go
Sanskar:just go I said
Swara doesn’t know wt happened but she leaves silently

She walks on road with blank mind and is about to collide with a car but dodges.the girl comes out of the car.The new entry is AKIRA….



swara:u r mysterious sanskar.that girl helped me after u asked me to go or else it would have been problematic.thnk u unknown.but I wish somebody saves me from u now…..

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  1. awesome.. update soon

  2. Soumya27

    Nyc nyc…. Fr d role surbhi jyoti or roop durgpal

  3. Awesome yaar but isnt it a ff of piya rangrez

    1. Aila

      M the same writer

    2. Aila

      Hi…. Heheh…. Ok u can become akira?
      No dear she z positive in my ff

  4. Tamanna

    Awesome…. You can choose madhura Naik or sara Khan or adaa Khan for akira….

  5. Hey aila i thnk m 1st 1 to cmnt….yipeee…. cz i cnt c any cmnt till now….well d chappy waz fab……n i thnk dr z sm past of sanky due to which he has bcm a jerk…..bt i know he vl soon turn postive….so no worries…..update soon dear…n plzzz along chappy cz its tooo short….hope u don’t mind…

  6. Mica

    waaa… 2 episode in a row.. thanks God Sanskar still have a heart…
    sorry Aila, i can’t suggest u anyone, how about me ? 😀
    naaa… akira will become villain for swara and sanskar, rite ?
    soo awesome, luv it so much ty

    1. Aila

      U can become akira?
      No dear she z playing positive

  7. G.Chandu

    awesome…!! How about tania sharma??!!

  8. Thank god sanku took nice decision Awesome

  9. Superb awesome waiting for next

  10. Awesome dear?… somewhere Sanskar ‘s heart is melting… eagerly waiting for d next one.. n for Akira u can take Krissann Barretto…??

  11. Thamiazh Magan


  12. Soujanya


  13. Too good

  14. Arshaanya

    Sanskar is melting… gud to see he let her go… only swara can change dis devil… loved it

  15. Niku

    Nyc n about character Akira u can try wid “Charlie Chauhan”

  16. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome and for akira u can take AADA KHAN

  17. Vyshu10

    nice…how abt krystle d’souza for akira

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